Friday, October 20, 2017

Review ~ A Sunrise in Rio

A Sunrise in Rio by Rachel Matthews
Eric Jansen was aware of the reputation he gained as a cold-hearted playboy. As a widower with a mysterious past marriage, work is his only solace…that is until the company investors threaten to pull out of the deal. With a new luxury hotel in Rio de Janeiro and a housing development for underprivileged families on the line, he needs a way to prove to the investors he is serious. The beautiful new photographer, Jayla Mitchelson, is perfectly outside of the media’s eye. Not only will she help the deal, he just may find himself asking her to stay after the job is done.
Jewelz Review~
I loved Jayla from the start - she's genuine, down to earth, and a true romantic. I'll admit had some mixed feelings about Eric Jansen at the beginning. He seemed to be all about the next deal and making money. But, I began to see there's more to Eric than he originally let on. He's a typical guy who kinda blows it, but then realizes his mistake because he has super amazing friends who tell him how it is. I love how their relationship developed with no expectations because it was only a "business relationship." While it's not something I would necessarily condone in real life, it was a fun set up for a story and I loved how their relationship unfolded. They had ups and downs, which I appreciated - if there's no conflict or difficulty it feels like a piece of the story is missing. This is one book I very well may pick up and read a second time through just for fun!

FYI ~ clean read
Honest disclosure ~ I received a review copy

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