Saturday, October 14, 2017

Review ~ Finding My Charming by Brittney Mulliner

Tick. Tock.

Everything was going fine in Elise's life.
Still a family outcast? Check.
Surviving her summer job? Double check.
Leaving for her dream school in the fall? Triple check.

Weird family charm changing color the night of her birthday forcing her to hunt down the one guy who's supposed to be her one true love and finding two who fit the bill? Yeah, so not part of the plan. Or any plan for that matter! Suddenly Elise is forced to balance work, school, family, internships, and both guys!

How's a girl supposed to choose, especially with the clock ticking towards her doom? After all, if she doesn't choose, and choose correctly before time runs out--her one true love is lost forever.
No pressure or anything.
And she thought college applications were hard.
That is, until Vincent and Dalin walked into her life and changed the course of her heart forever.

Tick Tock.

Jewelz Review~
This one is kind of a mixed bag for me. I really did enjoy the storyline of this book, but I got a little hung up on issues that should have been caught in editing. I'm hoping that since my copy of the book was an ARC that the issues were resolved before publication.

#1 plus for me - this was a super clean and super fun book! I can't tell you how refreshing it is to read a contemporary story of falling in love that is not peppered with foul language, sexual innuendos, and/or descriptive intimate scenes. I know a lot of people like the explicit stuff, but the main character is 18 years old. There's no need for that kind of stuff IMO. This story was a breath of fresh air and I am so happy to have found a new author of good, clean literature.

The concept is fun (if not entirely unique, but really, what storyline truly is?) Elise has a necklace charm that will turn from clear to red when she meets her soulmate. Only problem is she doesn't notice when it changes, and so she's stuck trying to figure out who "Mr Right" is before the end of the lunar cycle. There are several different possibilities ,and she's never really dated before this, despite the fact that she just graduated from high school.

I enjoyed the various relationships Elise had with her friend Ari, her coworker Sherrie, her family members, along with both Vincent & Dalin (the two top contenders for the position of Elise's soulmate). All the characters were unique and well developed, which created a vibrant story that kept me reading well into the night when I should have been sleeping.

A lot happens in a short time, which made for a fast-paced read. There never was a lull where I felt I needed to put the book down. Definitely a promising new author. I look forward to future books.

FYI ~ clean read!
Honest disclosure ~ I received a review copy

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