Monday, June 26, 2017

The Pirate and the Princess by Author Liz McCraine (Great Summer Reads Countdown Blitz Day 6)

The mischievous Princess Jules of Aggadorn has been pampered and protected her entire life. More than anything, she longs to experience challenges and adventure. But with her mother’s threat to marry her off hanging over her head, Jules fears she will never have the chance. All that changes when she’s kidnapped by pirates.

Forced to labor for her passage aboard Captain Jaymes’ vessel, Jules learns more about life than she bargained for. Captain Jaymes doesn’t fit Jules’ idea of a thieving buccaneer. Beneath his rough exterior lies a man of honor desperate to save his people from a murderous sorcerer. Jules never expects to fall in love with the handsome young captain or to involve herself in the pirates’ plight, much less have the power to save an entire kingdom.

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Liz McCraine is an outdoor enthusiast, military spouse, and mother. She loves to ride horses and go hiking with her family. When she isn't writing or corralling children, Liz enjoys relaxing with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Her motto is: If it doesn't have a happy ending, I don't want to read it.

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The sailor threw back his head and looked up. “The mast—she’s breaking!” he cried.

A groan, deep and deadly, rent the air above the shrieking wind. Men scattered across the deck like mice from a cat. Jules spotted a mess of wood and ropes and canvas falling toward her from the sky, just before wrinkled, bony hands shoved her backward.

She tumbled across the deck, sliding into the railing. A heavy wave washed over her, submerging her in water, stealing her air and drenching her in panic. She reached out to grab the only object she could find—a piece of rope. As the ship dipped and the wave receded, she was carried with it up and over the railing, then down toward the angry, ravenous monster that was the ocean.

Her grip on the rope was all that kept her from falling into the black clutches of the water. She felt a draft of icy wind beneath her legs as it swept along the waves below. Her breath came in rapid, shallow spurts. The world around her ceased to exist except for the rope in her hand and the nightmare at her feet.

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