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Accidentally in Love by Author Shannon Guymon (Great Summer Reads Countdown Blitz Day 5)

"A funny and bittersweet look at grief, love and families who maybe love each other too much. 

Letting go of the past and facing the present and future is harder said than done for Kam Matafeo. Getting over his wife’s death isn’t something on Kam’s list of things to do.  But when Grace Jackson, his new Sous Chef walks in, life is turned upside down. And not just for him either.  Anne, his mother-in-law, is not open to the idea of anyone new in Kam’s life and will do anything to stop his romance from blooming. But when the ‘Love Witches’ step in to protect him, the battle lines are drawn. Fircrest is in for some fireworks when the fight for Kam’s heart not only affects his family, but his friends’ lives too.

Things get so crazy that Grace has to make the decision to stay and fight for herself and Kam or to give up and let Kam slip back into the darkness."

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I live in Rocky Mountains with my husband and children and love my home when it’s not snowing. I’m the author of 36 books so far. I also write YA Paranormal Romance under my pen name, Katie Lee O’Guinn.  I enjoy the outdoors, reading and being with my family. I’m a huge believer in happy endings. Scarlett really should have been happy with Rhett and it’s a darn shame Leo and Kate didn’t float safely into New York on the Titanic. Don’t even get me started on Romeo and Juliet. To find out the latest on my books, check out my blog at or 

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I’m also a supporter of Operation Underground Railroad. Check out their website at to learn more.

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Top Ten List:

1.)  If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? First wish: My kids would all be safe and happy, Second wish: my paranormal books would all be made into movies directed by Joss Whedon, and all of my romances directed by Jared Hess/Nick Cassavetes. And I’d love to spend a whole summer exploring Ireland and Scotland.

2.)   Where do you write? I write on my couch when the kids are in school and in my room when I need some quiet – no cool office, sorry

3.)   How long does it normally take you to write a novel? It used to take me a couple weeks (not including editing) but now it takes me about a month or so.

4.)What are your inspirations? I have a couple – I’m truly inspired by August Landmesser, the man who was surrounded by men giving the Nazi salute and refused to join in.  It reminds me to do what’s right no matter what pressure surrounds me. My other inspiration is Tim Ballard from the organization O.U.R., he rescues children from sex trafficking. Amazing

5.)  How did you come to write this particular book or series? I wrote, Accidentally in Love because I’d received dozens of emails asking me to. Plus, I couldn’t leave Fircrest hanging.  Kam deserved his happy ending and I wanted to give it to him, but I just had to wait for the story to come to me.  I tried a few times to force it, but it never worked.

6.)  What was the hardest part of writing your book, and how did you overcome it? The hardest part of writing this book would be the writers block that stopped me for about a year and a half. That and my new husband who was a very sweet and very cute distraction. I overcame it by just letting life and the book happen when they were supposed to.

7.)  What is your writing drive? I was a single mom for four years and so putting food on the table and a roof over my baby’s heads was a very big drive for awhile, but this last book, Accidentally in Love, was a good reminder to me that I stinking love writing. It is a pure joy to sit down and see a story unfold before my eyes. I love getting surprised by what my characters do and I of course love finding out that my stories touched someone’s heart or helped them through a hard time.

8.)   How did you come up with the title? My title comes from one of my favorite songs from the first Shrek movie. I was watching it with my kids and it was like a thunderbolt – bam! It was perfect.

9.      Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family member?  I would have to say my biggest support in my writing has always been my Heavenly Father. My writing came out of the blue when I was 26 and has been a blessing to me ever since.  Writing has saved my sanity, saved my family financially and brought me great joy. Everything I’ve done has come from God – I really can’t take any credit for it.

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