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Review ~ The Rise of Miss Notley

The Rise of Miss Notley by Rachael Anderson 
To escape an undesirable match, Miss Notley must give up her riches for rags. 
When Miss Coralynn Notley’s father barters her off to the first titled gentleman to come along, she realizes she must flee her home or be forced to wed a despicable man. Driven by desperation, she applies for the position of housekeeper at Tanglewood Manor, the home of the handsome Mr. Jonathan Ludlow. The moment Jonathan sees Miss Notley, he is intrigued. She is far too young and inexperienced for the position, yet there is something about her that that inspires a certain hope within him. Does he dare offer her the position of housekeeper or will doing so result in catastrophe? The Rise of Miss Notley is the delightful tale of a mysterious gentleman and a determined young woman, caught together in a web so tangled it begs the question: Will they ever get out?

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Author Rachael Anderson 
A USA Today bestselling author, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can't sing, doesn't dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.

Jewelz Review~
This is book two in the Tanglewood series, a wonderful follow up to The Fall of Lord Drayson. However, it does read as a stand alone. I highly recommend reading The Fall of Lord Drayson, but it is not necessary to appreciate this story. While Lord and Lady Drayson are characters in this book, this follows the story of the precocious Miss Notley.

Miss Notley has found herself about to be betrothed to the dreadful Sir Gowan — proving that she is, in fact, nothing more than a pawn in her parents' game to move up the social ladder. Finding the arrangement completely unacceptable, Miss Notley turns to her dearest friend, Lady Harriett Cavendish, for help. Thus ensues the story of Miss Notely's quest for independence.

I thoroughly enjoyed Miss Notley's adventures (or perhaps misadventures is more apropos) in Askern at the homes of the Shepherds and Mr Ludlow. Her kind and generous nature allows her to influence both servants and peerage alike — though it may not appear that way at first. However, she does learn that "turnabout is fair play" — when you expect others to take pause and seek understanding, you need to do so as well.

Ms Anderson has crafted a delightful tale that is far from "run of the mill." Her characters are well constructed and the plot moves enjoyably along twists and turns, ups and downs, that endear you to our heroine. She is far from a perfect debutante, but you can't help but love her and hope that all will turn out right in the end despite some of her more imprudent choices.

FYI ~ clean read
honest disclosure ~ I received a review copy from the author

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