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Jessie's Bargain by Kate P. Dawson ~ Grandma's Wedding Quilts 12 Book Blitz (Day 3)

I am a stay at home mom, who loves to read and write clean historical romance. I enjoy thinking back to a simpler time, a time when men and women were true heroes. I also believe that a good romance can be told without needing to know all of the details;)

All of my stories will tell of people who find true love, and who find their happy ever after. Sometimes the road might be rocky, but that makes it all worthwhile!

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Cora left England for a new life in America as a mail order bride - only to find the man she’s come to marry has been killed in a gunfight. She has a sister in Kansas, but how can she get there?

Jesse needs this job driving cattle to Kansas so he can marry the woman who’s given him an ultimatum - buy land and settle down, or she’ll marry someone who will.

But, his cook’s been killed in the same gunfight, leaving him without anyone to drive the chuckwagon. His right hand man, an old cowboy with a soft heart, has a solution for both Cora and Jesse - one he might not like.

Dressed as a boy, Cora heads off with a team of cowboys, led by a man who isn’t happy about her being there. Kansas is a long way away…and a lot can happen before they get there.

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Snippet #3

"It's beautiful, Grandma."  He smiled up at the woman who was looking at the quilt with pride.
"It's for you.  I made it for when you marry.  It's meant to be a symbol of a love that can't be unbroken.  The pattern is an Irish Chain."  Her eyes stayed on his as she sat in the chair across from him.  "Marriage is a serious commitment, and not one to be taken lightly.  Love is meant to be forever, and it should be given freely, without conditions."
He swallowed hard.  His grandma always seemed to know his thoughts.
"You know I've always told Harriet we’d marry.  We've known since we were kids.  I gave her my word, and I'm not a man to take that lightly."
"Do you love her?"
At the blunt question, he felt his heart lurch.
"Grandma, what kind of a question is that?"
"It seems a simple yes or no answer to me. Do you love her?"
He looked down at the quilt in his hands, trying to find the answer he searched for.

"That quilt is a symbol of the love you will share with the woman you marry.  You need to know that the woman who is under the quilt with you every night, is the woman you want to spend your days with for the rest of your life."

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