Friday, December 2, 2016

Review ~ The Viscount of Maisons-Laffitte

Single moms are not supposed to fall for rich French aristocrats!
There's just no way he will ever choose her.

Is there such a thing as Prince Charming? Chastity didn't take a teaching job in France to find hers, but a woman can dream, n'est-ce pas? If the father of one of her students--the Viscount Charles Jean Anne Monorie de Brase--is the best local example of princes, Charming or Otherwise, Chastity is ready to put aside any thought of falling in love again. 

She's had enough of his arrogance and would prefer him to keep his distance, yet it seems there is no avoiding each other. With the ongoing pressure of a repentant ex-boyfriend, a nefarious drug dealer, and an art heist that spans the decades, Chastity and the viscount are thrown together by circumstances she would soon rather forget.

As the intimacy between Charles and Chastity deepens, they must decide if their love is enough to bridge the gap between their disparate worlds, and if happily ever after can exist outside of fairy tales.

Jewelz Review~
A modern story of love and loss, the struggles of being a single parent, along with a little drama and mystery all set in beautiful France.

I enjoyed the real life struggles this book portrayed - the difficulty of being a single parent, of struggling to know if you're making the right decisions in raising your child - trying to find the perfect balance between being involved and letting him learn from his own mistakes. Being a parent is hard - it's even more difficult when doing it alone.

Chastity and Charles have much in common, but their lives are worlds apart. Even though they are an unlikely pair, and things begin with a rough start, they are able to bring out the best in each other and provide the love and support they both need.

The mystery that is woven through the story likewise brought unlikely characters together seamlessly. I enjoyed seeing how it all unfolded - how all the pieces and characters fit together in the end.

An enjoyable, diverting read.

FYI ~ clean read - a teenage party scene including drinking and drugs, but not portrayed in a positive light.

honest disclosure ~ I received a review copy

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