Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hope of Israel by Thomas Papa

As Miriam is drawn to Elisha, sensing that he is a holy man, she is forced to face the disappointments of her past as they collide with the hope for her future. Struggling with the conflict of life's failed expectations, Miriam's faith is tested even further when Elisha promises her a great blessing. "Do not lie to me!" Miriam pleads, knowing that a lifetime of sorrow lives behind the very thought of such a promise. Yet the blessing proves true. 

Joy and happiness fill the void of emptiness, and nothing can take that from her. Or can it?

Hope of Israel shares with us Miriam’s journey and how, when all she holds most dear to her is taken away, she does not abandon her faith but instead runs to it.

Author Bio~
As a young man I read a story that had as its main character a young boy who at one point in his journey had to climb to the top of a mountain. I do not remember the title or the author or anything else about this story except for the images that came to my mind as I read of this boy's solitary climb up the side of that mountain. I remember seeing in my imagination the boulders that stood as obstacles and the rocks that slipped from under his feet causing him to stumble. I also remember the cliff face that stood as the last challenge before he arrived at his destination and how it required multiple attempts to scale that wall. Then, I remember the view in my mind as he reached the top and peered out from where he now stood. He was able to see out into places that he could not see before, but he was also able to look down and see where he had come from.

Now, every time I am out driving or hiking or anything else that takes me near a mountain, a hill, or mesa, I envision what it would be like to climb that mountain and what I would see when I reached the top. At times I have even stopped in my travels and made that climb, while at other times I have only envisioned what it would be like. All this in part because of the adventures of a character in an unknown story that I read in my youth.

I love where my mind takes me when I read.

In many ways, writing Hope of Israel: Miriam's Journey was like climbing that mountain. There have been boulders and cliff walls to climb, and at times I have even slipped and fallen because of the loose terrain. However, as I look out from where I now stand, looking back along the path I have traveled as well as to the unknown that will come tomorrow, I am grateful for what I can now see.
I am a computer programmer by trade. I have degrees in Math Education and Computer Systems Engineering. At one time I was even recognized as a Maroon and Gold Scholar Athlete at Arizona State University for the sport of Baseball. But more importantly I am a father of six and have been married for twenty-plus years. Now I am honored to be able to add Author to my achievements.

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