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Official Book Tour: Now & Forever: A Collection of Romantic Short Stories

"These awesome authors have put together five romantic stories guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings. Whether you are young or old, or somewhere in between, you will fall in love all over again."

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Isabella Norse scored major "cool mom" points by playing the same video games as her sons and their friends. In these virtual worlds she slayed demons and destroyed machines bent on galactic extermination while simultaneously wooing cocky assassins and sexy aliens. She fell in love with the make-believe worlds and rich characters that inhabited them and now writes her own tales of love, romance, and adventure.

Still a gamer – and still cool – Isabella lives in Georgia with her husband and a herd of rescue cats. She loves to hear from readers!
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Madge Gressley lives in Missouri with her granddaughter and three dogs – Pixie, Lily, and Milo. She started her writing career in 2013, when she decided to trade her brushes, paints and canvases for pen and paper but, in this case—computer and keyboard. She works from home and squeezes writing in between jobs for her graphic design business and letting the dogs in and out—a full-time job in itself. She published her first book in the “Inescapable” series “The Beginning” in May of 2014, and the second book “Remembering” in June of 2014 and followed by book three “Tomorrow,” in July of 2015.
Recently, she has started a new series—‘Sophie Collins Mysteries’—Young Adult books about the adventures of Sophie Collins, a modern-day Nancy Drew. The first edition “The Red Coat” is available in the Kindle Store on Amazon.
The second book “The Secrete of Trail House Lodge,” will be available shortly.
Not only is she an author, she is an accomplished, award-winning visual artist. She is a Signature Member of the Missouri Watercolor Society and a Best of Missouri Hands Juried Artist. Her work can be found in the collections of numerous corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Great Britain, and China.

She is also co-owner and graphic designer for Art & Graphic Innovations, LLC, a Missouri based graphic design firm, and owner of MEG Originals Fine Art.
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Carole McKee is originally from Pittsburgh, but moved to Florida in 2002, after the death of her son. Most of her books take place in the Western Pennsylvania area, the place she will always call home. Being adventurous, Carole changed careers more than once. She holds four degrees in four different fields. She began writing in 1996, when she wrote a tribute to her black Lab after he passed away. Her first novel, “Perfect,” debuted in 2006. When “Perfect” won an award, and was well-received by so many readers, it became a turning point in Carole McKee’s life. Although she had always written stories, she never thought that she could actually become a writer. Her second novel, “Choices,” became a series, followed by “The Bushes are Red” “The Full Nelson” and “Consequences.” She has written four eBooks: “Maddie’s Garden,” “Kisses from the Heart,” “Second chances,” and “Going Home.:” Her trilogy “Testosterone Poisoning,” is available in an eBook format as well as paperback. She is currently working on what will end up being another series, “Angelface.”
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Debbie White resides in northern California with her husband and two rescue dachshunds. She’s an avid supporter of animal rescue and gives a percentage of all book sales to rescue groups. In her spare time, she likes to be with her family, work in the garden and take mild to moderate hikes, go wine tasting, and travel. She also loves to read.  She’s always enjoyed reading, but it wasn’t until she landed a job as a library assistant that her love for reading exploded. Surrounded daily by great authors, Debbie was exposed to a whole different world revolving around books. 
Debbie categorizes her books as inspirational romance and women’s fiction. Her female characters are strong and independent, and when faced with adversity, overcome the perils that stand in their way by focusing on the positive when dealing with grief and unhappiness.
Her stories are all fiction with threads of truth woven throughout them. In addition to sharing some real life experiences, she uses her 20+ years as a military wife also as inspiration.

If you’re looking for something different in the way of romance or women’s fiction, consider selecting one of Debbie’s books. Check out her signing schedule as well. If you’re in the area of any of them, she’d be happy to sign a copy for you.
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Brandi enjoys writing romance in as many genres as she can. Creating characters people can relate to and are drawn to is her goal. She hopes it keeps you coming back for more.
She would love to hear from you. You can email her at

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Jewelz Review~
This was such a great compilation! I really enjoyed each of the novellas included.

Saved by the Belle - The story of Dot and Russell isn't a story of young love. Dot is middle aged and has never been married. Instead, she has travelled the world meeting a variety of people and serving those around her. She finally settled in  the small town of Kudzu Korners as a hair stylist. Russell is a widower and the father of one of Dot's dear friends. It doesn't hurt that Russell is the spitting image of Dot's favorite heart-throb actor. But love doesn't come easily for two people from such diverse backgrounds - Russell has unkept promises to his dearly departed wife and Dot might be a little set in her ways. But anything worth having is worth working for.

Be My Valentine? - Cooper Trask is one of New York City's most eligible bachelors, but his father sends him to the little town of Cora Mills to open a new office for their company, Trask Linens. Trish Tripper is a successful interior designer who is still grieving the lost of her husband a few years past. A misunderstanding leads to a very awkward first meeting that might mean this relationship has ended before it even begins. 

Pitch Perfect - Cierra is probably one of, if not THE biggest San Francisco Giants fan. She always has season tickets and rarely misses a game. She's also an author who plans to incorporate her love for baseball into her newest book. Her sister suggests that Cierra interview her favorite player, pitcher Colton Diaz, for the book and pretty soon Cierra is trying to figure out if her story is more fact than fiction, and what that might mean. Is Colton truly the man of her dreams? Or is there someone else that's her happily ever after?

A Design For Love - Maddy Whitcomb is the only female architect at Bleeker Architecture and she has just landed her first big job with Cornish International. But somehow, Derek Nichols, office heart throb and fellow architect, has managed to get a second change at the bid. Jason Cornish has made it clear that he favors her design and also seems to be attracted to her. Unbeknownst to Maddy there are things going on behind the scenes that she's not aware of - things that could not only impact her job, but her life.

Bound by Marriage: Looking Through Your Eyes - This is the first in a series that tells the story of three couples that become contracted to marry one another because of their meddling parents and grandparents. The gentlemen run Eternal Love, a matchmaking company and the women run Taking the Plunge, a wedding planning business. If they want to continue with their businesses, they have to marry - and they have to do it by February 14th! This first installment introduces everyone and tells the story of Melodie (head of cakes and desserts) and Roy (VP of advertising) and how they discover they were perfectly matched.

FYI ~ Clean reads, some mild language. Bound by Marriage does have an intimate scene.
Honest Disclosure ~ A review copy was provided by Loving the Book Launch

Snippet for Saved by the Belle by Isabella Norse

“Well, now that you’ve got a little more free time, I have a project I could use your help with.”
“Oh?” He stepped closer, his arms just brushing hers. “You know what I think?”
“No, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to tell me.” Dot stepped back. She found his nearness more than a little appealing but, it was best not to go there.
“I think you just want to spend more time with me.” He took another step, narrowing the gap. “I think our daily lunches have left you hungry for more than food.”
“Russell Phillips!” Dot gasped. “Just what are you implying?”

Interview with Author Isabella Norse
1. Describe yourself in 50 words or less.
I am a wife, mother, gamer, crazy cat lady, writer, and child of God.
2. What do you love most in the world?
My husband, of course. However, chocolate runs a close second.
3. What do you fear most?
Spiders. Definitely spiders.
4. What is your largest unfulfilled dream, and what are you doing to reach it?
My largest unfilled dream is to someday be a USA Today bestselling author. In order to reach that goal, I am continuing to write the stories that touch my heart and make me smile – I hope that they will do the same for others.
5. What is the hardest thing you've ever done?
The hardest thing I’ve ever done is to deal with the death of my father in February of this year. Grief is sneaky, it likes to blindside you when you least expect it; dealing with it is a day-to-day process.
6. Now that we've gotten to know each other, tell me a story. It can be long or short. From your childhood or last week. Funny, sad, or somewhere in between. Just make sure it's yours. What's your story?
I fell in love with creative writing in high school and longed to write. However, my perfectionism kicked in: what if I couldn’t come up with any story ideas or, even worse, what if I wasn’t any good?
It took stumbling across the world of fan fiction several years ago before the desire to write became strong enough to bind and gag the perfectionism and shove it into a mental closet. I wrote a few stories based on my favorite video games, threw myself on the mercy of the internet and posted them. Much to my relief, responses were overwhelmingly positive! The feedback I received gave me the courage that I needed to begin writing original stories.
However, even though I had discovered my passion, I kept my writing hidden from my family. Our loved ones have the ability to hurt us easier than anyone else. At this point, my dreams could have easily been derailed by a wayward comment – even one spoken in jest.
I continued to write and began to believe in myself and my dreams. As my confidence grew, so did my doubts about my decision to hide my writing from those closest to me. After all, my parents were getting older. Did I really want to risk them dying without ever knowing my secret? After some soul-searching, I realized that wasn’t a chance that I wanted to take. Once again, I drew a deep breath and took a leap of faith – this time I laid my dreams at the feet of my friends and family. Once again, the response was overwhelming positive. (Those that may not be supportive have at least been quiet!)
My parents were so proud of me! They couldn’t wait to tell everyone they met that their daughter was a published author. Even when my daddy was in a nursing home in failing health, he continued to tell the nurses, therapists, aides, and anyone else who would listen about his daughter and how proud he was. Seven months after I revealed my big secret, my father passed away. I know that when (I’m thinking positively here) I reach my goal of being a USA Today bestselling author, my daddy will be celebrating with me. I can almost hear him telling the other residents of heaven, “Let me tell you about my little girl…”

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