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Official Book Tour: Finding Mrs. Right, Romantic Destination Series Book 1

What do you do when you’re one of the wealthiest bachelors in New York and can’t seem to find your soul-mate?

 Tired of being alone but fed up with being set up by his friends, Gabe decides to take a break from dating when Rose enters his life. Could she be the one he’s been waiting for? But after a heavy blow to Gabe’s ego, he meets Veronica in the park and something about her resonates with him. And then there is Sally, Gabe’s loyal assistant. Gabe never saw her as a romantic partner until…
Rose is beautiful, smart and climbing the career ladder. Having a permanent relationship may not be in the cards for her. Veronica has a secret she’s been carrying for a while and when she decides to let Gabe in on it, it may hurt their chances of a relationship. Sally’s life is complicated and Gabe could complicate it even more.
Will any of these women be the soul-mate Gabe has been waiting for or will they just be another disappointing attempt in his search for finding Mrs. Right?

Debbie currently resides in beautiful Sonoma County, California, where the jagged Pacific coastline meets the rolling hills cascading with vineyards. She writes romance novellas that feature strong, independent women, who when faced with adversity, or tragedy, fine strength and overcome the perils that stand in their way. She’s an avid supporter of animal rescue, and happily donates a portion of sales from her books to rescue organizations. She has two adult children, and two granddaughters. In her spare time, she loves to garden, travel; enjoy family, and her beloved rescue dogs, Dash and Briar. Her real passion of course is writing, and she uses her 20+ years as a military wife as inspiration for her stories. The Salty Dog takes places in Bodega, a small fishing community she has the pleasure of visiting often. The project she is currently working on involves travel to exotic and foreign places, another area she has experience.

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Jewelz Review~
Finding Mrs. Right was a fun contemporary romance from the guy's point of view. It's so rare that I come across a romance from the man's perspective; it was a nice change.

Gabe is a wealthy middle-aged man living in New York City. He's realized that despite his seemingly perfect life, he's lonely. Thus he embarks on a search for Mrs. Right. The journey definitely has it's ups and downs. It seems that everyone has someone they'd like to set him up with. More often than not, those dates end in disaster. There are a few women he seeks out on his own as well, but for some reason it seems he may actually remain alone.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read and I really enjoyed the characters. Cooper, Gabe's personal assistant, is probably my favorite! I think all the readers will want his cookie recipe if it's as good as it seems! The women Gabe gets to know through the course of his search for Mrs. Right are each unique - some you hate, others make you laugh, and then there are a precious couple you love. Finding Mrs. Right is a journey you'll want to take!

FYI~ a couple swear words and a couple fade-to-black intimate scenes
Honest disclosure~ I received a review copy in connection with this blog tour

They watched some love story, and they chatted in between scenes over pizza and wine. Seemed neither one was truly interested in the movie. They cuddled on the couch, and in between bites of pizza, they kissed. When the movie was over, he helped clean up the crumbs they’d made and rinsed the glasses out in the sink. He wanted to show her that he too could be a good guest.

They stood inside the kitchen with locked gazes, making for an uncomfortable setting. Gabe wasn’t sure what he should do. He glanced at his watch. When he looked up, Rose was making her way toward him. “Can you stay the night?” she asked.

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Book Blast ~ A Kiss and A Dream by Linda Andrews

Kiss and a dream A Kiss and a Dream by Linda Andrews She escapes with a dead woman's name and finds sanctuary with a widower reeling from his wife's betrayal. Can a love built on lies survive the truth? Gretchen Foltz honors her late father's request and ends up locked in the workhouse by her greedy brother. Dreaming of a home and freedom, she embarks on a dangerous winter journey. She awakes in a stranger's home. Hiding behind a lie, she discovers a man worthy of her trust. Kian Bryne is struggling to feed his four children. The last thing he needs is to rescue a woman stranded on the ice and running from her own demons. With his rich in-laws threatening to take custody his children, he'll make a desperate alliance to keep his family together. When a simple kiss shatters their agreement, he's left yearning for more. Can they untangle the lies before someone separates them forever? amazon get it Excerpt: In this scene, Gretchen learns that Kian has a secret dream to be a carriage driver on the island. She has a dream of her own and knows the power of them, so she is determined to help him achieve his goal. "It was a stupid dream. I should sell it, ta pay ya." Kian jerked the covering into place and turned away. "Nein. No." She followed him. "Dream is not stupid. Dream is good." She slowed down to hit the correct sound at the end. Just so he understood. He yanked pieces of oak from the pile near the door and dropped them into her pail. "I help you vith your dream." She pulled out the bigger pieces and returned them to the stack before tugging the handle from his grip. Selecting the right size for the cook stove, she filled her bucket. "You see." "Why?" He stared at the wood pile and huddled in his jacket. She didn't want to think too hard about the why. Instead, she clasped the pail to her chest and hustled for the door. He beat her there and pushed back the snow, so she could squeeze through the opening. Before she exited, he stayed her with a hand on her arm. "Why?" "Because I have the dreams, too. And you are helping to make them true." She ducked under his arm and walked into the cold. More than he knew. Maybe more than was safe for her heart. add to goodreads Linda AndrewsAuthor Linda Andrews Linda Andrews lives with her husband and three children in Phoenix, Arizona. When she announced to her family that her paranormal romance was to be published, her sister pronounce: “What else would she write? She’s never been normal.” All kidding aside, writing has become a surprising passion and she’s followed that passion into history, the future, and beyond. Sometimes, she incorporates her science background and other times, she allows the magic of love to take center stage in sweet historicals.
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Doing it Over by Catherine Bybee

Most Likely To Series, Book One
Montlake Romance, Contemporary
April 19, 2016, First Edition
Paperback & Kindle

One small town. Three close friends. True love to last a lifetime.

Voted Most Likely to Succeed, Melanie Bartlett ended up anything but. The down-on-her-luck single mom wants a complete do-over—is that too much to ask? With her family long gone from River Bend, strong, independent Mel is as surprised as anyone to end up in the quaint small town she once called home. But with her friends, Jo and Zoe, by her side, and a comfortable room at Miss Gina’s quirky bed-and-breakfast, she just might have turned the corner on a new life.

Wyatt Gibson never liked the big city. River Bend suits the ruggedly handsome builder just fine. Wyatt knows he’s home, even if that means being charmed by the appearance of Melanie and her spunky, adorable daughter. Is Wyatt’s calm devotion—even amid a coming storm—enough to convince Mel she may have found a home to call her own, a family that never leaves, and a true love to last a lifetime?

Praise for Doing It Over
“The romance between fiercely independent Melanie and charming Wyatt heats up even as outsiders threaten to derail their newfound happiness. This novel will hook readers with its warm, inviting characters and the promise for similar future installments.” –Publishers Weekly
 “This brand-new trilogy, Most Likely To, based on yearbook superlatives, kicks off with a novel that will encourage you to root for the incredibly likable Melanie. Her friends are hilarious and readers will swoon over Wyatt, who is charming and strong. Even Melanie’s daughter, Hope, is a hoot! This romance is jam-packed with animated characters, and Bybee displays her creative writing talent wonderfully.” –RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars


Jewelz Review~
How many times in our lives do we wish we could hit the REWIND button and do things over? In life, we don't really get that opportunity in the truest sense. Even Mel, in Catherine Bybee's newest book Doing It Over, doesn't truly get to hit REWIND, but she does get a chance at a fresh start - and that's the next best thing to a do-over.

Mel was supposedly "most likely to succeed," but when her parents divorce as she graduates college, and then both decide her expensive college education isn't worth their investment, her perfect future begins to crumble. Days away from her ten-year high school reunion where she promised to reunite with her two best friends, Mel finds herself as a single mom stranded eighteen miles out of her hometown. Her beater car has died, it's pouring rain, and her funds are seriously depleted. So much for success.

Enter Wyatt Gibson.

Wyatt didn't grow up in the small town of River Bend, but he quickly found himself at home amongst the locals. Every year the high school reunion brought in a group of former residents who usually only stayed for the festivities then headed back to their new lives away from the small town. So, despite his immediate attraction to and curiosity about Mel, he was hesitant to pursue any kind of relaitonship. But rules are made to be broken, are they not?

Doing It Over is one of those books that make you want to curl up beneath a blanket with a cup of cocoa and settle in for a few hours. It's what I'd call a feel-good story. There are ups and downs, there are moments of stress, fear, frustration, tenderness, and passion. Mel and Wyatt's story isn't an easy path to true love - there are plenty of obstacles and detours along the way. But, over all it's a story of survival, of making the best of the situation you find yourself in, of fighting back when you've been wronged, and allowing your friends and family help carry you through those difficult times. It's a story about second chances and realizing you don't have to do it all on your own.

I loved going on this journey with Mel and look forward to more stories about the residents of River Bend.

Honest Disclosure ~ A review copy was provided
FYI ~ language and open door intimate scenes


New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee was raised in Washington State, but after graduating high school, she moved to Southern California in hopes of becoming a movie star. After growing bored with waiting tables, she returned to school and became a registered nurse, spending most of her career in urban emergency rooms. She now writes full-time and has penned the Weekday Brides Series and the Not Quite Series. Bybee lives with her two teenage sons in Southern California.


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Change of Heart Blog Tour

  Change of Heart Change of Heart by Jennifer Moore This summer, Nathaniel Cavanaugh vacations in Lobster Cove to spend quality time with his kids after his estranged wife’s tragic death. Successful and well-connected, he is on the fast-track to the highest legal positions in the country, but his family life suffers. After an accident throws Val nearly into his lap and costs her a job opportunity, Nathaniel surprises himself by overlooking her outlandish appearance and lack of qualifications to offer her a job as his nanny for the summer. Valdosta McKinley wishes for an internship at a Paris Art Institute to use her newly acquired art-history skills. She knows Nathaniel could never develop feelings for a girl from a trailer in a rural West Virginia holler—a lesson she learned the hard way years earlier. Will pursuit of their professional goals require Nathaniel and Val to give up the dream of being a family?

    The crashing of waves soothed him and let him relax as he enjoyed the warm drink. His eyes drifted shut.
    “Mr. Cavanaugh?”
With a start, he opened his eyes. “I really think you should call me Nathaniel.” He was starting to getdrowsy.
        “Sir, that would be completely inappropriate, not
when I’m working for you.”
    “That’s true, but sometimes you don’t seem like an
Val raised her eyes and their gazes met. “I don’t act
very professional, do I?”
    “That’s not what I meant. Sometimes, you seem
more like a friend.” Nathaniel could tell that his guard was down. Why did talking to someone at night free people of their inhibitions? He needed to be careful not to say anything he’d regret.
Val picked at her nails. “I need to thank you again for coming to get me. It’s the second time you’ve rescued me. I’m not doing very well in the whole ‘being an independent woman’ department, am I?”

    “That’s what friends do.” He closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the chair. Moments later, he sleepily registered Val had moved the blanket to cover him and took the empty mug from his hand, but he was too tired to do more than mutter,     “Thanks.”

Jewelz Review~
I simply adored reading this sweet love story.

Nathaniel Cavanaugh is a jet-setting attorney from Boston who decided to take a much needed vacation up in Lobster Cove, Maine with his two young children, Ruby and Finn. A widower of nine months, he's trying to balance spending some quality time with his children and meeting the never-ending demands of work.

Valdosta McKinley couldn't be more different than Nathaniel. Hailing from Millford Creek, West Virginia, Val is about as southern country-bumpkin as they come. After getting a degree in Art History from the local college, her family insisted she go up north to get some work experience so she could get an internship in Paris. Unfortunately, Val doesn't seem to fit the mold that the art galleries are looking for in an employee. She's on her way to interview with one final gallery when fate steps in.

Just as Val is about to cross the street to the Venus Gallery, little Finn Cavanaugh steps into the street chasing after seagulls and right in the path of the approaching trolley. Of course, Val scoops him up to get him out of the way, but in the process she is hit by the trolley. Nathaniel can't help but feel horrible about what happened. In the aftermath of the accident, Val manages to connect with his children better than he has been able to - so, what's a guy to do, but offer her a job as his nanny? And thus begins an unlikely friendship that develops into an unexpected relationship.

It's always enjoyable to read a book like this that just makes you feel good. It's sweet and uplifting and gives you hope that even when things look bleak (even if that's because of your own misguided choices) things can and will get better.

Honest disclosure ~ I received a copy in exchange for my honest review
FYI ~ clean read

   amazon add to goodreads

  JenniferAuthor Jennifer Moore Jennifer Moore is a passionate reader and writer of all things romance due to the need to balance the rest of her world that includes a perpetually traveling husband and four active sons, who create heaps of laundry that is anything but romantic. She suffers from an unhealthy addiction to 18th and 19th century military history and literature. Jennifer has a B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Utah and is a Guitar Hero champion. She lives in northern Utah with her family, but most of the time wishes she was on board a frigate during the Age of Sail.
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The Matchmakers Playbook - Release Day Launch


VanDyken-TheMatchmakersPlaybook-21818-CV-FT-v5Wingman rule number one: don’t fall for a client.

After a career-ending accident, former NFL recruit Ian Hunter is back on campus—and he’s ready to get his new game on. As one of the masterminds behind Wingmen, Inc., a successful and secretive word-of-mouth dating service, he’s putting his extensive skills with women to work for the lovelorn. But when Blake Olson requests the services of Wingmen, Inc., Ian may have landed his most hopeless client yet.
From her frumpy athletic gear to her unfortunate choice of footwear, Blake is going to need a miracle if she wants to land her crush. At least with a professional matchmaker by her side she has a fighting chance. Ian knows that his advice and a makeover can turn Blake into another successful match. But as Blake begins the transformation from hot mess to smokin’ hot, Ian realizes he’s in danger of breaking his cardinal rule…

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Blake let out another pitiful groan. “I don’t think it fits.”
“They measured you. It fits. Just, tell me if it looks okay so we can go.” I checked my watch. “Gabi said dinner was at six, and it’s already a quarter till.”
“This is too much pressure.” Her voice was frantic. “I can’t do this. I mean, how do I know if it looks good? They’re boobs.”
I groaned. “Boobs always look good. Believe me.”
“Boobs are gross!”
Said no man ever. Even the gay ones.
One of the salesladies eyed me up and down. “Are you two okay?”
“Great,” I chirped. “Just having a very heated discussion about the beauty of breasts.” I dipped my chin to Blake’s chest. “What are you? A double D?”
Scowling, she marched off.
Thank God.
“Blake,” I hissed.
No answer.
I’d never had such a difficult client. If anything, they jumped when I told them to, asked how high, and then kept jumping until I was satisfied. Blake fought me at every turn.
“Open the door before I crawl underneath it. I’ll pick the bras, you can close your eyes if you want so you don’t have to watch me look at you, alright? My stomach literally just ate my liver. I need protein. Open. The. Door.”
The door slowly creaked open. Taking advantage of the small crack of air, I pushed it farther, then clicked it shut behind me and turned around.
Blake was facing me, hands on hips, face beet-red, body . . . freaking perfect. My tongue almost lolled out, like a dog.
Most girls starve themselves to have abs like that, which was disgusting. But her abs? They had muscle, actual muscle, but still appeared feminine.
She also had a nice tan, just enough to show that she spent time outside or maybe just had naturally darker skin.
My throat went completely dry as I continued to stare.
“Well?” Her voice was weak. “How awful do I look? On a scale of one to ten?”
I’d convinced her to buy some new workout clothes to replace her old ones. I knew I’d never get her to actually completely change her style. She liked workout clothes? Fine, at least buy the kind that fit and actually point to the correct gender. I tried to steer her away from the boyfriend sweats and sweatshirts, but she eventually wore me down, so I told her if she bought at least five new Pink outfits that had spandex in them, I’d let her get one pair of ugly slouchy sweats. You’d think I’d just given her a million dollars, from her reaction.
Currently, she was sporting a short pair of bright-blue yoga shorts.
And a black push-up sports bra that did wonders for her boobs.
And the world just in general.
Holy shit.
I gulped as I became more and more irritated with the fact that my body was reacting as if it had never seen a girl without her shirt on before. “Blake, it’s great.”
“You sound bored!”
I had to, damn it! What did she want me to do? Sound interested? Turned-on? Intrigued? Curious? I was all those things. I just tried to ignorethe insanity bouncing around in my head and blurted, “Your boobs look really good. Perky, happy, just . . . awesome.”
Did I just call her boobs “happy”?
“You think?” She stared down at her breasts, then grabbed them.
Holy shit, was she seriously feeling herself up? I braced my hand against the door and sucked in a breath.
“They still feel comfortable,” she said.
“Do they?” I managed to choke out while she continued bouncing them a bit in her hands. Dear Lord, did she know what she was doing? Waving a flag in front of a bull. My jeans suddenly tight in all the wrong areas, I tried to envision Lex naked, anything to get my dick to clue in to the word “client,” meaning I was in a no-play zone.
Another first.
It was because I was hungry.
And Marissa? Melissa? Hadn’t satisfied me. I’d gotten off, and made sure she did too, but the entire experience left me feeling empty, bored, and—if I was being completely honest? A bit depressed. Besides, her tits paled in comparison. I had to wonder what the hell I’d been doing all my life if this was the first time I was having such a strong reaction to boobs.
Something about Blake had me wondering if I’d been satisfied at all up until this point. And I had no idea what the hell was so confusing about her, and about the situation. I was unable to put my finger on it, and the more I thought about it the more my head hurt.
Hunger does weird things to guys.
“Yeah.” More bouncing, then turning and staring in the mirror. I wasn’t sure what was worse. Her staring at her own boobs or touching them. “I’m just no good at this stuff. I didn’t grow up with a mom, and I hit puberty really early. The girls made fun of me, and the boys pointed.” Her shoulders slumped inward again.
Could we please go back to the bouncing? I was a fan of that Blake. The one that rolled up like an awkward armadillo? Not so much.

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rachelborderRachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor. She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers! Want to be kept up to date on new releases? Text MAFIA to 66866!

You can connect with her on Facebook or join her fan group Rachel's New Rockin Readers. Her website is

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Cover Reveal - The One by Kristin Vayden

Title: The One
Author: Kristin Vayden
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing
Releasing: May 10

Cover Design by Jena Brignola

When your best friend is also your boss, ‘great ideas’ aren’t always optional.
After all, when you run the largest fashion, gossip and trend blog in the country, you got to take risks to keep it edgy.
Believe me. This is edgy.
The idea? For one week, date every male fantasy.
The list?
The Jock
The Rock star
The Billionaire
The Stepbrother

See how they are all crossed off except one? That’s because he’s Satan.
And Scottish.
And my best friend’s stepbrother.
And there may or may not have been an incident in Jr. high that he hasn’t forgiven me for…but that’s history.
Or so I hope, because I’m at his mercy for the next week…


Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA

iBooks | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords

“I hate that you were right.” But I took another bite, loving how my stomach was growing fuller and fuller by the minute. I hated being hungry.
“Think of it as simply expanding your education.” He gestured broadly with his arm.
“Or I can just give credit to William,” I said after I swallowed.
“That too. But I’ll still take credit.”
“You would.”
We finished our haggis, and Kirby stood and collected the plates. “I’ll wash, you dry.”
“If I must.” I sighed.
“It’s the least you can do after I buy yer supper.”
“So you’re saying that if I pay you, I won’t have to do dishes?” I badgered, following him back into the kitchen.
“I’m saying if you are a brat then I’ll leave you to do the dishes alone.”
“Threats. Empty threats,” I teased.
Kirby turned on the water, and grabbed the hand sprayer, cleaning off the last of the haggis.
“You do know that while there was no sheep’s bladder in the haggis, there was liver, kidney, and heart. Right?” he asked calmly, handing me the clean dish.
“Say what?” I asked, pausing mid wipe with the towel.
“All William said was that there was no bladder. And truthfully, it’s quite easy to omit the bladder, since the bladder is what you cook it in —  rather that’s the traditional way to cook it.” He handed me other dish.
“I ate liver and heart… and what else?”
“Oh.” I wiped again.
“Ach, Merry. Where’s your sense of adventure?” A stray spray of water smacked me on the cheek.
“Kirby…” I warned, glaring.
“Honest, that was not intentional.” He held up both hands, one with the sprayer. “But this is.” He squeezed the handle and I ducked, but not soon enough. Warm water saturated my head and started dripping down my shirt.
“Kirby!” I shouted, then reached for the water handle to turn it off, but he blocked my attempt, spraying me directly down the back.
“That’s it,” I shouted and lunged for him, not caring the sprayer was aimed at my face.
“Shit.” Kirby squeezed the handle again but it was too late. My palm covered the nozzle, and the water flowed around my hand and trailed water down his shirt, and pants even as I wrestled him for control. Water sprayed in all directions from my hand blocking it. As Kirby tried to get away, I jumped, wrapping my legs around him, holding on to his neck with one arm while the other hand held the sprayer.
“Merry!” he shouted as the water continued to flow, soaking him through, and me in the process. “Fine!” Kirby yelled and reached out, turning the water on full cold, and squeezing the spray handle as it continued to soak us both.
“That’s freezing!” I gasped, letting go of my viselike grip on the nozzle and darting to the sink. My cold and wet hands slipped so I wasn’t able to turn the knob, but before it was completely shut off, Kirby’s arm snaked about my waist and hauled me back.
“Like hell you will!” I kicked my legs, fuming as his laughter echoed in the sterile kitchen. Then, he wasn’t laughing, rather he was swearing like a sailor as his feet started to slip on the wet tile.
“Don’t you take me with—” We crumpled into a heap just in front of the sink.
“I ken ye broke my legs, lass,” Kirby groaned.
“You’re fine. My ass is going to be black and blue tomorrow from landing on your knees. Seriously?” I moaned as I slightly adjusted my position.
“At least you had something to break yer fall,” Kirby groaned.
I glared. “Yeah, and your knees are so much softer than the hard ground…”
“You have more padding.” He arched a brow, challenging me.
“You did not just—”
“I did.”
I stared him down.
“Are you going to try and kill me with that glare or do you have something to say?” He leaned forward, taunting me.
I couldn’t back down… it would mean he won.
And he could never win.
But I couldn’t think of any sort of comeback that wasn’t completely lame.
“It’s okay, Merry. I didn’t actually expect an intelligent response.” He shrugged.
That. Was. It.
I stood, found my footing, and grabbed the discarded nozzle. Kirby was slow getting up and even as he shouted a warning, I turned the water on cold and sprayed him once more. “I’m more of a actions speak louder than words girl.”
“And here I thought you were all talk, no balls.”
“That’s you.” I shrugged and turned off the water. “And I think that about sums it up.
Kirby wiped his hand down his face, shaking off the excess water, then slicked back his dark hair away from his eyes. There was no way I could ignore the way his blue eyes sparkled, or the way his long-sleeved Henley clung to his torso, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.
Damn, he looked good wet.
Down girl.
I took a deep breath, pried my gaze away, then tried to give an easy shrug as I set the nozzle back in the sink.
When really, all I could do was think about how the water had somehow magnified his cologne.
How? I hated that nickname, yet when he said it… somehow I didn’t hate it as much.
He made me like it… want it.
Want to hear him say it.
Over and over and over again.
I didn’t turn around. I didn’t trust myself to.
“Merry,” his voice was closer.
My body was finally registering the cold, and when mixed with the charged atmosphere of the kitchen, had me starting to shiver. A warm hand reached around my waist, pulled me back gently. For a moment Kirby’s soaked shirt felt freezing against mine, then the cold evaporated into an inviting heat. His other arm reached around my waist as well, holding me tightly as he rested his chin on my shoulder. If I closed my eyes, I could feel each breath he took, every shift of his body.
And even though ten seconds ago I was freezing… I was now on fire.

Kristin’s inspiration for the romance she writes comes from her tall, dark and handsome husband with killer blue eyes. With five children to chase, she is never at a loss for someone to kiss, something to cook or some mess to clean but she loves every moment of it!


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