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Suddenly One Summer by Julie James ~ Review

From the New York Times bestselling author of It Happened One Wedding comes a novel about a man and a woman whose summer is about to get very, very steamy…

Divorce lawyer Victoria Slade has seen enough unhappy endings to swear off marriage forever. That doesn't mean she's opposed to casual dating—just not with her cocky new neighbor, who is as gorgeous and tempting as he is off-limits. But once she agrees to take on his sister's case, she's as determined to win as ever—even if that means teaming up with Ford…

Investigative journalist Ford Dixon is bent on finding the man who got his sister pregnant and left her high and dry. He's willing to partner with Victoria, despite the fact that the beautiful brunette gets under his skin like no other woman. He might not be looking to settle down, but there's no denying the scorching attraction between them. Still, the more time he spends with Victoria, the more he realizes that the one woman as skeptical about love as he is might be the only woman he could really fall for…

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Victoria and Ford are at once and unlikely pair and yet destined to be together. Suddenly One Summer starts off in a sprint then gradually settles into a comfortable pace, but the constant push/pull between Victoria & Ford keeps things moving along. The snarky comments, flirting, and assumptions they jump to about one another provide for a dynamic relationship.

I enjoyed getting to know Ford & Victoria - they are well developed, strong characters with realistic flaws. While significant time was spent developing the connection between Victoria's past experiences and her current struggles, that aspect was left out of Ford's character development. Since his mercurial relationship with his alcoholic father is only briefly addressed, it seems that the whole funeral scene in the beginning set up false expectations for the journey Ford would take. That said, the subplot surrounding his sister Nicole provided a unique method to bring our couple together, and the variety of minor characters (including Tucker, Charlie, Brooke, Will, Rachel, and Audrey) kept the story light and fun.

I've read most of Julie James' books and have loved each one. Suddenly One Summer is a great addition to my Julie James collection. I've noticed a trend in Ms James' books that they are becoming noticably more graphic sexually and in language. That may not be a problem for most readers, but I prefer my reading material less explicit, so I'm disappointed that this trend continues with this newest book. I don't like to have to skip over scenes, but found myself doing that a few times with this book. However, the book was compelling enough that I did continue reading despite the language and sexual content.

Honest Disclosure ~ Received a copy in exchange for my honest review

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