Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Review ~ Veils and Vengeance

When wedding planner, Adrielle Pyper, goes to Hawaii to orchestrate a destination wedding, she isn't prepared for what she finds.

After the trauma of her previous event, the beautiful isle of Kauai is the perfect place for Adri to unwind and do what she does best – plan. She even lets herself indulge in the attention of the groom’s handsome brother. But just when everything seems to be perfect, an afternoon snorkeling trip turns to murder when Adri discovers the body of a young woman.

Shaken, but unable to let it go, Adri’s sleuthing leads her into more danger than she could imagine. When a number of “accidents” threaten her own life, it soon becomes apparent that someone will do anything to keep Adri from interfering with their vengeance.

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Jewelz Review~
The beautiful island of Kauai is the perfect backdrop for Malia & Kyle's destination wedding. Adri is at her best - she manages to find time to enjoy the island while making sure that all her perfectly laid plans for the event come off without a hitch. Unfortunately there are some unexpected bumps along the way, but Adri manages to stay positive and come out on top.

This was such a fun book to read! Adri is such a great heroine. She's spunky, talented, and fun despite her difficult past. She carries pain, anxiety, and scars (both physical & emotional) from a past boyfriend who almost killed her. However, she manages to press forward and has a great outlook on life and not only puts her heart on the line to test new relationships, but she also tries to help others.

I can't decide if I like Jon or Luke better - they're both pretty great guys and have much to offer our fair Adri. Both are true gentlemen and are able to put aside their friendly competition for Adri's affections to help her in her time of need. If only all men were as chivalrous as Jon and Luke!

FYI ~ clean read
Honest disclosure ~ I received an ebook copy in exchange for my honest review.

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