Monday, April 27, 2015

Review ~ Camp in the Shadow by Catherine Green

Chloe risked her life and her love to enter the Palace. With Seth lost, seemingly forever, Chloe is determined to fight the forces of the Adversary. But with evil lurking in unexpected places, will Chloe have the strength to defeat the darkness? 

Seth will do anything to get Chloe back, even leave the world behind. As he finds his way in the Palace, he discovers that the battle is played on many levels. To win the battle, he might risk the prize. 

But if Seth becomes the man she needs, will Chloe still be waiting? 

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Warning- The Palace Saga is a series about people who choose to leave the secular world and dedicate themselves to a higher power (aka live a life of faith.) It is not necessarily written for religious people. If the occasional swear word, allusion to pre-marital sex or double-entendre involving mashed potatoes is outside your comfort zone, then this is not the series for you.

Jewelz Review~
Oh my goodness - I LOVED this book! It's the best in the series so far. I am so in love with Chloe & Seth. They are such amazing characters - in this book you get to see them both grow as individuals. They go through challenges, they do hard things, and they become strong.

Chloe has changed so much since book 1, Life in the Palace. She has sacrificed, worked hard, finished the Quest, and become one of the People. She has tried to move on since she broke up with Seth, has even dated again, but despite her efforts, Seth is always there in the back of her mind. As Chloe navigates her new life following the Quest, she finds herself wanting to do more - to do more meaningful, active service. Which in and of itself is a good thing, but Chloe eventually learns that even good intentions can lead her down the wrong path if she's not vigilant.

Seth has also grown up a lot. When Chloe broke up with him, Seth literally spiraled out of control. His reaction was nothing short of self-destructive. Fortunately, he had friends who helped him begin the long road back to "normalcy" and he was influenced by some people with great wisdom. In Book 3, Seth has decided to attend "Boot Camp" where he will be immersed in the Way with the hopes of getting Chloe back by actively Serving and living his life according to the Way. Like Chloe, he learns that all things must happen in their time and according to the will of He Who Knows.

The journey that Chloe & Seth experience was wonderful to read. I loved learning with them and experiencing their joys and triumphs along with watching them learn and grow through their trials and difficulties. I will admit I would have liked some more detail about how things went down with the Crusaders at the end, but I am thrilled with how things tied up at the end. It couldn't have been more perfect! I can't wait to get my hands on book 4!

~I received an ebook copy in exchange for my review~


Author Catherine Green 
Catherine Green writes fantasy books featuring religious characters in a brazen attempt to make the people in faith communities seem less weird. She lives with her husband, children and three marginally neglected goldfish. When she's not writing, or pretending to be one of her characters on Facebook, she has been known to cook dinner.

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