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Book Blitz - Secrets & Doors


Open the door and unlock the secrets in eleven short stories from The Secret Door Society, an organization of fantasy and science fiction authors dedicated to charitable work. All proceeds from this anthology benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in their quest to cure Type One Diabetes (T1D).
In these pages you’ll discover a modern woman trapped in an old fashioned dreamscape, a futuristic temp worker who fights against her programming, a beautiful vampire’s secret mission disrupted by betrayal, a sorcerer’s epic battle against a water dragon, the source of magical mirrors—and more. There are tales for every science fiction and fantasy taste, including new works from award-winning authors Johnny Worthen, Lehua Parker, Christine Haggerty, and Adrienne Monson.
Join us in the fight against T1D as you peek into a world of magical and mysterious doorways—if you dare.

Let's look at these authors
MERIANN BOXALL resides in the mountains of Northern Utah with her husband and two children. A work-at-home mom she has a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She finds herself teaching college courses online and writing grants for nonprofit organizations. Growing up in a small town rich with culture she developed a love for the art of storytelling. She is an avid reader who loves being outdoors, boating, and trail-running in the mountains that surround her home.

ADRIENNE MONSON is the award winning author of the Blood Inheritance trilogy and a paranormal Regency novella, Eyes of Persuasion. She resides in Utah with her husband and two children where she works on more stories to share with the world. She also enjoys reading, kickboxing, and cooking.

ANGELA HARTLEY spent much of her childhood being shuffled from house to house with only books for companionship. The magic she found in the written word saved her in many ways, transporting her into worlds far more enjoyable than the one she resided in. Literature became a passion and the idea of writing carried her through years of uncertainty. Following her father’s tragic death in 2005, she decided it was time to let go of the past and pursue her dreams. With the love and support of her family, she’s built worlds of her own full of procreating angels and demon rock stars. Her debut New Adult horror novel, Copper Descent, was released through Fox Hollow Publications in May 2014. Angela currently resides in Midway, Utah with her three children and husband.

JESSICA PARKER is a fantasy author currently working on a fairytale series. Her adventures in the written word have occurred as long as she can remember; reading stories of dragons, magic, romance, and the power of one person inspired Jessica to write stories of her own. Aside from reading and writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, camping, swimming, movies and cooking.

Let's take a sneak Peak inside!
The Red Portal
By: MeriAnn Boxall
Isabelle is tired of hiding what makes her unique. She is ready to stand out and stand up. As
the Princess of Aylan it is her duty to lead her people by exposing the biggest lie of all. In order
to do so, she must face her past and her mother’s abandonment head on. What she discovers
may be more than her kingdom can handle.

“We were once a great, happy people. We had freedom. We had courage. I want to bring that
back. Today, I return that to you by bringing back what we thought was lost.” I looked around,
Unique Thing
MeriAnn loves pushing herself to the limits through trail running and an Ironman Triathlon laterin 2015.

Room 517
By Angela Hartley
Head-strong, quirky Elise is always leaping before she looks. This time she’s landed on an
accidental time-travel adventure. Running from her controlling ex (who also happens to be a
wizard), she discovers what put the ‘evil’ in medieval, and that snakes are always better as
handbags. Join Elise on this wacky journey of self-realization, and you too will unlock her

“Kill the witch! Kill the witch!” Villagers chanted. They gathered around the house.
Great! Now they resorted to name-calling. Really mature. So I did what any strong, capable
twenty-year-old would in my position. I opened the window and shouted. “Seriously?!”
Interesting author tidbit:
Room 517 was my first attempt at writing humor, but Diabetes is no laughing matter for me.
My oldest daughter has lived with Type 1 for over 9 years. She’s my hero and my heart.

True Sight
By: Jessica Parker
Rothe has strived for twenty years to complete the spell to fix everything. Summoning a
dragon to gain the final ingredient is only the beginning.

A loud sucking noise sounded from below. Rothe hurried to the cliff edge to see
a whirlpool opening a doorway into the ocean depths. A dark shadow shifted
under the surface and Rothe moved away from the edge.
Interesting tidbit:
I have insulin resistance. While not the same as diabetes, many of the effects are
similar. That being said, it hasn't stopped me from enjoying the outdoors where
I drew inspiration for my story. I'm happy to support such a great cause.

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