Friday, October 24, 2014

Up to Date by Susan Hatler

Up to Date


(Better Date than Never series, Book #8)
Ginger knows that practical choices guarantee a stable life, which is why she chose a career as an office manager. Her job provides a steady paycheck, but it also has her snoozing at her desk. She wishes she’d pursued her passion for interior decorating rather than business.
She’s also trying to forget Greg Shaffer—the gorgeous emergency room doctor she met at a dance club last month. Her dad was an emergency room doctor and the stress of the job turned him into a raging alcoholic, which didn’t exactly create happy childhood memories.
Ginger believes donating her decorating services to her friend’s charity auction is the perfect fix for both her problems. She’ll get a break from the daily grind, get her creative juices flowing, and stay so busy she’ll finally forget about Greg.
But then Greg ends up buying the condo right above her. Even worse, he deliberately wins the bid on her auction item. Greg seems determined to prove to Ginger that practicality has nothing on passion. And as Ginger brings beauty into Greg’s world, how can she possibly resist the beauty he brings to hers?

Tifferz Take-   A flirty, sassy read filled with love, hurt and broken promises all wrapped up into a perfectly crafted book called  Up to Date by Susan Hatler. Ginger is stuck in a boring office job. She really should have stayed in art school but her mom brow beat her into going into business.  Having been in some disappointing relationships she is set up with one of Sacramento's most eligible bachelors. But finds herself thinking of Greg the ER Doctor who lives in San Diego. When Greg buys the condo above Ginger the fun beings! Weather you love sunsets or sunrises Up to Date will leave you happy with Sunshine! My favorite part is when Greg names his kitten!  I really liked the relationship between Ginger and Greg and that they had a lot of interaction and witty banter between the two.I would recommend this read to everyone! It is always a pleasure to read a book by Susan Hatler! I can't wait to get my hands on Melinda's story in Déjà Date! This book is in a series but also stands alone nicely.

Just FYI- This wonderful book does not contain any swearing or sex

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