Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ruin box set by Rachel Van Dyken

If you haven't gotten the Ruin boxed set yet, it's still 99 cents  Go's an excerpt of Toxic...the second book in the boxed set. 

"Each stroke…" His hands pressed against my hips making me gasp. "You need to feel it not just on your fingertips—but everywhere."
Holy. Crap. 
"Feel it here," he squeezed and then ran his hands lightly up my sides, then resting right underneath my breasts, he pressed again. "And here."
My breathing picked up speed, as did my music. 
"Slow down," he commanded in that same irritating patient tone. "Where is this story taking me? Where are you taking your lover?"
"Huh?" I breathed. 
"Use your hands to tell me the story—use your body to propel the story forward, what happens next, tell the story, Saylor. Make me feel it without even touching you."
"But—that's impossible."
"You can feel a kiss without touching someone's lips."
"I'm confused."
"Concentrate." Gabe's voice was firm. "I want to kiss you."
"What?" He was lucky I didn't actually collapse against the piano this time. 
"In the story." He chuckled. "I want to kiss you in this story, so kiss me."
"You want me to get up and kiss you?" Mind you, I was still trying to play a difficult piece as he was asking me this which basically meant I must have had talent because my body was on fire. 
"Without our mouths meeting."
"Through the music." I clarified in a doubtful voice. 
I could hear the smile in his tone as he answered. "Yes, through the music, show me what the kiss would feel like. I want to taste it."
"But how?"
He laughed softly. "I'm touching them."
"My lips," he countered. "They're soft, open, wet…"
I squirmed on the piano bench, squeezing my eyes shut. "What else?"
"As I part my lips…I wonder what your tongue tastes like, what type of pressure you'd use as you pressed your velvety smooth mouth against mine, I imagine exploring your mouth not just because I want to—but because I can't help it. I'm lost. And your kiss is my salvation…so Saylor, will you save me?"
My fingers glided effortlessly over the piano as I imagined his mouth—the way he smiled, the way he took his lower lip hostage when he was deep in thought. The dark look he got in his eyes when there was something he wanted. Our kiss would be epic. 
The music picked up speed as I leaned over the piano, pounding each note with the rhythm of my footsteps as I approached him. 
His hands would reach for my hips as he pulled me closer. My hands hovered over the keys making my hesitation known. 
And then I pressed softly against the ivory, leaning forward as if I was leaning into Gabe with my body pressed against his. My breasts brushed the keys I moved closer to the piano and then slowed the music. 
His eyes would close. 
His lips would part. 
And we'd meet in the middle—because both of us wanted the same thing. Both of us wanted to taste, to explore, to feel. 
I slowed my left hand as my right hand moved quicker across the keys, to show the anticipation. 
And then, our mouths would touch. 
I pounded the keys with my left hand, making it the loudest part of the piece which wasn't normally how it was done. 
Our tongues would tangle. 
I pounded the piano harder. 
His fingers would dig into my arms as he lifted me into the air. 
I pulled back from the piano, stopping the music, and then gently started the rhythmic cadence again. 
Our kiss was the perfect joining of music. 
He was the left hand, I was the right. 
Separate they sounded like silly scales. 
Together—they were beautiful. 
When I stopped the piece, I was sweating. 
"Open your eyes," Gabe whispered. 
He was breathing so heavily it looked like he'd just ran a marathon, with a smile he tucked my fallen hair behind my ear and tilted my chin toward him. 
"That…" He leaned in. "…is how you perform. Like every kiss is both your first and last—like you're saying both hello and goodbye—like you've just been born…like you've just died."

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