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Southern Born Books Christmas Blog Tour

Holidays at Magnolia Bay Synopsis: 

After a mission goes terribly wrong, ending in the death of a teammate, Navy Seal, Drew Lanham, is forced to take a leave from active-duty. Retreating to his godmother’s beach house in coastal Magnolia Bay, Drew plans to spend the three weeks R&R licking his wounds and catching some rays while the nightmares from his failed op fade. The last thing he wants to do is mingle with the locals. What he doesn’t count on is an early morning encounter with a goddess rising from the sea. His interest is piqued and his body put on alert when he finds out that same woman may or may not be after his godmother’s money. Marine biologist, Jenna Huntley, has been searching her whole life for a place to call home and Magnolia Bay is that place. Unfortunately, she’s underutilizing her education giving tours at the town’s turtle rescue center. With the help of an octogenarian patroness, she maps out a proposal to develop a turtle hatchery on-site. Everything is going as planned until the older woman’s godson arrives. Suddenly, nothing is as it seems and Jenna’s future is hanging in the balance, with a sexy warrior pulling all the strings. Her natural tendency is to help the damaged hero, but she’s sworn off letting military men in her life ever again. Will Drew and Jenna be able to put their pasts behind them and learn to trust their hearts long enough to enjoy their Holiday at Magnolia Bay?

Tracy Solheim Bio: 

Tracy Solheim is the international bestselling author of the Out of Bound Series for Penguin. Her books feature members of the fictitious Baltimore Blaze football team and the women who love them. In a previous life, Tracy wrote best sellers for Congress and was a freelance journalist for regional and national magazines. She’s a military brat who now makes her home in Johns Creek, Georgia, with her husband, their two children, a pesky Labrador retriever puppy and a horse named after her first novel. Her fifth book for Berkley, Back To Before, will be released in January. She also has a digital holiday novella for Tule Publishing's Southern Born Books coming October 20. See what she’s up to at Or on facebook at Tracy Solheim Books and Twitter at TracyKSolheim.

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Up to Date by Susan Hatler

Up to Date


(Better Date than Never series, Book #8)
Ginger knows that practical choices guarantee a stable life, which is why she chose a career as an office manager. Her job provides a steady paycheck, but it also has her snoozing at her desk. She wishes she’d pursued her passion for interior decorating rather than business.
She’s also trying to forget Greg Shaffer—the gorgeous emergency room doctor she met at a dance club last month. Her dad was an emergency room doctor and the stress of the job turned him into a raging alcoholic, which didn’t exactly create happy childhood memories.
Ginger believes donating her decorating services to her friend’s charity auction is the perfect fix for both her problems. She’ll get a break from the daily grind, get her creative juices flowing, and stay so busy she’ll finally forget about Greg.
But then Greg ends up buying the condo right above her. Even worse, he deliberately wins the bid on her auction item. Greg seems determined to prove to Ginger that practicality has nothing on passion. And as Ginger brings beauty into Greg’s world, how can she possibly resist the beauty he brings to hers?

Tifferz Take-   A flirty, sassy read filled with love, hurt and broken promises all wrapped up into a perfectly crafted book called  Up to Date by Susan Hatler. Ginger is stuck in a boring office job. She really should have stayed in art school but her mom brow beat her into going into business.  Having been in some disappointing relationships she is set up with one of Sacramento's most eligible bachelors. But finds herself thinking of Greg the ER Doctor who lives in San Diego. When Greg buys the condo above Ginger the fun beings! Weather you love sunsets or sunrises Up to Date will leave you happy with Sunshine! My favorite part is when Greg names his kitten!  I really liked the relationship between Ginger and Greg and that they had a lot of interaction and witty banter between the two.I would recommend this read to everyone! It is always a pleasure to read a book by Susan Hatler! I can't wait to get my hands on Melinda's story in Déjà Date! This book is in a series but also stands alone nicely.

Just FYI- This wonderful book does not contain any swearing or sex

Source- author for honest review

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Betraying Ever After by Kelly Martin

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Title: Betraying Ever After Author: Kelly Martin Series: A Shattered Fairy Tale Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing 

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An earl in need of an honorable wife. A servant in love with a man she can't have. An evil plan that was set in motion years ago coming to fruition. Can love conquer betrayal? Or will Emma's fairytale end at midnight?

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Miss Emma’s eyes opened, and she looked as if she had been in a pleasant daze. What, if anything, had he done to cause it? Because he would surely do it again.

“Pardon me?” she answered hoarsely, her dream-filled eyes finding his.


His breathing hitched. He tried to look away but couldn’t. Such beautiful eyes. So full of— He couldn’t place what it was. Longing, possibly. What was he saying? Oh yes. “Your head, my lady. You said you must leave because it ached so.”

She broke eye contact, making him exhale the breath he had no idea he’d been holding. Surely the old cobblestone flooring of the balcony couldn’t be more interesting to look at than he.

“Yes, my lord. It does still hurt.”

“No wonder, with so much hair piled up there. I never understood it. Why women grow their hair to such lengths only to shorten it and toss it on their heads in such elaborate ways is beyond me.” Instinctively, he reached up to brush a loose curl which had fallen around her face. Before his fingers could feel the silken strand, he caught himself, cleared his throat, and lowered his hand. What was he doing?

She smiled, and the world was wonderful again. Sadly, she took it upon herself to place the stray curl behind her ear. “I take it, my lord, you prefer a woman’s hair down about her shoulders.”

“I do.” Vaughan relaxed a bit, but only a bit. His fingers still trembled to touch her. “Just as you wore yours the first night I saw you.”

Even with the limited light, he saw her cheeks blush and her gaze fall to the floor once more. That wouldn’t do. To get through this, he needed her eyes on him. He needed it as much as he needed to breathe. Lightly, he placed his trembling finger under her small chin and tilted it slightly until her eyes locked with his. There. Perfect.

When he lowered his hand, she didn’t lower her eyes. She kept the seductive blue orbs trained on him. His pulse quickened.

Without looking away, Miss Emma nibbled her enticing lip. “That was a last-minute decision.”

“The hair down?” he said, just to keep polite conversation going. If he had his choice, she would already have his ring on her finger and her back against the far wall. His lips would be on her neck, and his hands… well, they would find their own way.

“The entire thing.” With that, her eyes shifted. No longer were they filled with what he had hoped was desire. Now they held something else. Fear? No. What could this exquisite woman have to fear? Most definitely nothing from him. Could she not see how she affected him? With all his might, he wanted to protect her from the fear. He wanted to show her what she meant to him.

But he couldn’t move too quickly. It would scare her more if he did, and he couldn’t live with himself if he frightened her off. He did what he normally did if things got worrisome. He tried to boost the mood. Pushing down all of his nerves and trepidation, he smiled as brightly as he could muster. “Nothing is gained if torture is involved. If it hurts you, my lady, take it down.”

That most certainly got her attention. Her perfect baby blues widened. “Down? My hair? No, my lord. No. There will be talk for sure. Even more than already has transpired, no doubt.”

“Perhaps, but people talk. It is what they do.” He chuckled. “Please. For me.” Vaughan had been forward with women before. In fact, in Italy, he’d made it his mission. But there had never been love involved with those women. If she wanted her hair down, then she should wear it down. If society talked, let them talk. Outside on the chilly veranda, it was only the two of them. No titles. No money. Nothing keeping them apart. Just Emma and Vaughan.

“Please,” he asked again, praying she would concede.

Her delicate lips blew out a tension-filled breath, but she nodded in agreement. Her hand rose to the painful first pin holding the mass of curls and hesitated.

“Allow me,” he whispered before she could change her mind.
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Jewelz Review~

I have read several of Kelly Martin's books and I love them all! I think this is her first regency period novel - and she does an amazing job with it! It's loosely based on the fairy tale Cinderella that we all know and love - but with a twist! This is a "shattered" fairy tale. It's not all fairy godmothers & happily ever afters, but the story will suck you in and keep you engaged the entire time.

Emma is a sweet and innocent young woman who is the victim of her father's poor choices and Dodsworth's twisted obsession.  Truly, every character in this tale is a victim of Dodsworth - he exemplifies how one man's obession and desire for revenge can literally shatter many lives.

Vaughn is our "tall, dark, and handhome" hero. Emma is his perfect match - he falls in love seemingly at first sight. Little does he know that he and Emma are merely pieces in a game of chess  that Dodsworth has been strategizing for years.

If you love fairy tales and a little bit of mystery and intrigue - make sure you pick up Betraying Ever After.

honest disclosure~ I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest review
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Author Bio

Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin is the bestselling author of heart pounding and heart-felt contemporary, historical, and YA romance. She has been married for over ten years and has three rowdy, angelic daughters. When Kelly isn't writing, she loves watching YouTube and drinking white chocolate mochas. You can follow her writing adventure at

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The King of Anavrea by Rachel Rossano Blog Tour!!!


Book Blurb –

A reluctant king, a blind queen, and a marriage that sparked a rebellion... 
Ireic Theodoric, King of Anavrea, constantly battles with his council over who will run the country. When the council insists on a treaty with Sardmara, he agrees. However, the treaty quickly becomes an arranged marriage. Ireic offers up himself for the sake of Anavrea. But after he signs, no princess appears. 
Lirth Parnan, only daughter of the king of Sardmara, survives alone in a cold, damp tower room. Baron Tor kidnapped her in an attempt to control her father. No one came to claim her. She suspects her father considers her flawed beyond use in his political games. After five years of waiting, her hope of rescue wanes with her health. 
After Ireic fights his way into Lirth’s tower, he realizes the depths of her father’s deception. Instead of being an answer to his problems, Lirth creates new ones. The council will not accept her as queen, but Ireic has sworn an oath that he will marry her. His choice could cost him his throne, perhaps his life.

Author Bio –


Rachel Rossano is a happily married mother of three children. She spends her days teaching, mothering, and keeping the chaos at bay. After the little ones are in bed, she immerses herself in the fantasy worlds of her books. Tales of romance, adventure, and virture set in a medieval fantasy world are her preference, but she also writes speculative fantasy and a bit of science fiction.

Rachel Rossano loves to interact with readers.

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Phoenix Rising by Elise Faber

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Title: Phoenix Rising Author: Elise Faber Series: Phoenix Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing Black_scroll_with_transparent_background 3rising phoenix 500x750 (1)Black_scroll_with_transparent_background 3


For Daughtry a simple brush of skin is devastating, the most innocent touch floods her mind with images of death. After months of isolating herself from everyone and everything she’d ever known, a chance encounter with a man from her past brings her hope for the first time since the visions began. But that hope comes with a price: the pursuit of vicious enemies who would force her to use her ability to manipulate death for their own gain. In an instant her entire world changes and instead of hiding from her life, Daughtry has to fight for the freedom to live it. But with the fight comes the opportunity to recognize her power’s full potential and maybe, just maybe, a chance to find her true love. 
Black_scroll_with_transparent_background 3 Handsome young man toned in blue Black_scroll_with_transparent_background 3 
"Come on," Cody said as he opened the door to the gardens. He slid off the trail, leading Daughtry down a small break in the foliage. As he held a branch aside, her eyes were drawn to the way his muscles rippled under the thin cotton shirt he wore. He was so much stronger than she, physically capable in ways she'd never be. That he could take her into his arms, throw her over his shoulder with little effort — it was intoxicating. God. Anyone would think she was a love-struck teenager, the way she was drooling after him. "Maybe lust-struck," Cody thought. "I'm no different. Christ, you're beautiful. Come here." He'd plunked himself on a bench. "No, wait. Don't. Or we'll never get around to eating." He opened the bag and pulled out the contents. "Oh." She clamped a hand over her mouth. Cereal? Really? The man was adorable. Cody's face fell, and she hurried to reassure him. "No. That wasn't laughter at you. It was happiness," she said. There was a learning curve when trying to differentiate emotions across the bond, especially when several feelings came at once. She didn't want there to be any misunderstanding between them. "It's the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me." A smirk tugged up his lips as he poured the cereal and milk into two bowls. "That's sad," he said, setting a package into her hands. "Happy anniversary." "What?" Daughtry fumbled a little to keep from dropping it. "It's our one-week anniversary." Her brow furrowed. They'd been together longer than that. "One week without a fight," he added. She laughed until her sides hurt, and when she could breathe again, he closed his hands over hers. "Open it." Her fingers tore off the wrapping paper to reveal a small velvet box. She opened it and a sigh escaped her. "Oh, Cody." "Do you like it?" "I love it." He pulled out the necklace and drew her close to clasp it around her neck. Daughtry traced the charm with shaking fingers. "A violet?" "Like your eyes." He pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Because this way I get to always give you flowers." Black_scroll_with_transparent_background 3 phoenix rising meme 3 Black_scroll_with_transparent_background 3
Author Bio

elise faber author photo
Despite moonlighting as a zookeeper and then a dog trainer, Elise decided that the only mammals she wanted to work with were her dark and sexy heroes and heroines. She inherited her love of reading from her mother and grandmother who dutifully kept stacks of romances where her teenaged fingers could easily pilfer them. She lives in Northern California with her three dogs, two energetic (read crazy) boys, and her awesome (see prior comment) husband.
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