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Review ~ Aliso Creek Series ~ Third Time's the Charm

Welcome to the Complete Aliso Creek Series Box Set

Liz, Gemma, Arie, Jess, and Drew have been best friends since creating the “Five” at Aliso Creek High School. But that was over ten years ago, and each is still trying to find that perfect someone . . . if perfect is even possible.

This box set includes all 5 stories:


THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM: Liz Carlson will settle for a normal man. A normal man with a job, that is. Married twice, then divorced twice, Liz’s rose-colored glasses fell off and shattered on the ground a long time ago. Her main focus now is raising her six-year-old daughter and surviving long days at work on her feet as a hairdresser. When Sloane Branden answers her call for help, quite literally, Liz doesn’t even give him a second glance. She’s sworn off dating for as many years as it takes, and it seems that Sloane has done the same after his own tumultuous marriage. But when Liz realizes that Sloane defies every stereotypical deadbeat she’s dated, she might just find room in her heart and discover the third time’s the charm.




heather moore
Author Heather B. Moore 

 Heather B. Moore is the award-winning author of ten novels, two inspirational non-fiction books, and two anthologies, including The Newport Ladies Book Club Series, A Timeless Romance Anthology, and Christ’s Gifts to Women (co-authored by Angela Eschler). Her historical fiction is published under the pen name H.B. Moore. She is the two-time recipient of Best of State in Literary Fiction, two-time Whitney Award Winner, and two-time Golden Quill Winner for Best Novel. Her most recent historical novel under H.B. Moore is Daughters of Jared (2012 LUW Gold Award of Excellence & 2012 LUW Best Book Trailer).

Tifferz Take~
I was enthusiastic about reading Liz's story. In the story we meet Liz's daughter Paisley who is six and  I think adds a lot to the plot. Liz has a ton of baggage and has written off men. Well that is until she meets Sloan. But even then she still second guesses herself. Sloan has his own baggage with a crazy ex-wife. I am not kidding when I say crazy. It makes for some interesting situations. I was a little disappointed that the story did not keep up with Gemma and Drew from the first book. We still see contact with Gemma but when reference was made to Drew it was as if he was still single before he got together with Gemma. It would have been nice to see Gemma, Drew, Liz and Sloan all get together.  I was left happy but wanting more. Overalll I still thought the book was tremendous! I am off the read the next installment of the Aliso Creek Series!

Just FYI~ This book does not have any sex or swearing in it.

Jewelz Review~
Third Time's the Charm is Liz's story. Poor Liz hasn't had much luck in love. Twice divorced, she's a single mom to her "mini-me" six-year-old Paisley. She has recently broken up with her last boyfriend and has decided not to date again until Paisley is 18. The best laid plans... As luck would have it, Liz's kitchen faucet is leaking and the plumber has been out twice already and it still isn't fixed. So, she decides to call her the office for the apartment building to see if they will take care of it.

As luck would have it, Sloane Branden, the owner of the apartment building, answers her call and comes up to fix her leaky faucet. Of course - this is just the beginning of a relationship even though both Liz and Sloane have sworn off dating. When destiny comes knocking you can't ignore it - especially when the kisses are so good!

While I would have loved for Drew and Gemma to have made a significant appearance in this story this is another sweet addition to the Aliso Creek Series and I loved it!

Chellz Review~
 I am enjoying the Aliso Creek Novellas.  This story is about Liz, who we met in Picture Perfect.  Liz did not get a "happily ever after" in her first couple of marriages.  Consequently, she has sworn off dating.  When Liz is unable to have the leaky sink fixed, she resorts to calling the property manager.  Little did she know the property owner would come and fix it himself.  Sloan has also sworn off dating after his divorce.  The story and romance that follows is pleasant and entertaining.

FYI ~ we received copies in exchange for our honest "reviewz"

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