Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Best Girls Giveaway

BEST LAID PLANS (Book 3 of The Best Girls) is Now Available!

Anne Best, a 45-year-old widow, and her two daughters, Emily and Charlie, find adventure, laughter, and love when they move from Weatherford, Texas to New York City.

In HER BEST MATCH, Anne Best, veteran matchmaker, teams up with Gram to find a match for her new boss, and fights a growing attraction to him while she’s courted by a handsome playboy from France.

In BEST DATING RULES, Emily Best, who loves ballet, art and reading, tries to adhere to her strict household dating rules and hold her heart in check, but she’s thrown off-balance by her crazy attraction to Spencer, a handsome, athletic, outdoors enthusiast with the reputation of a player. But Spencer has a secret . . . He’s never kissed a girl!

In BEST LAID PLANS, Charlie Best denies her attraction for Josh for two years, until unforeseen circumstances force him to find a wife immediately. So Charlie sets out to help him find happiness in someone else’s arms. Soon almost everyone is plotting and planning at cross-purposes, trying to convince Josh whom he should marry, while a buxom nurse schemes to snag the handsome doctor for herself.

The Best Girls will make you laugh and cry and laugh again, while you follow your friends on their madcap adventures to the inevitable happy endings.

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