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Last Day - Astraea Press Giveaway ~ March 8-16

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Love and Diamonds
Length:199 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-62135-251-8

Blurb:15 short love stories from the authors at Astraea Press

A challenge was made: write a short story of around 5000 words that incorporates love and diamonds. Using their varied talents and creativity, fifteen Astraea Press authors were up for the task. 

These are their stories…

Sherry Gloag “Queen of Diamonds”
Will Sybil's future be determined by diamonds?

Patricia Kiyono “Operation Rhombus”
Can a forgetful math teacher find the right formula for love?

Heather Gray “Even When It Hurts”
Will he help her...even when it hurts?

Kathy Bosman “The Engagement Ring”
Could the object of Rosalee’s pain bring hope and healing?

Jennifer Rae Gravely “Love and Diamonds"
He struck out the first time.

J. L. Salter “No Love, No Diamonds: The Story I Couldn’t Write”
Is that muscular man digging a mysterious hole next door just a distraction from Susan’s romantic story submission deadline, or could handsome Randy be her story?

Amy Mullen “The Flood”
Sparks fly as the water rises.

Vivian Roycroft “Treasure Hunt”
Men don't do romance worth a hoot. Women don't do adventure…, that is, not until challenged.

Liz Botts “Delusions of Love”
Love can make you crazy.

Zanna Mackenzie “One Of These Days”
Is losing something precious about to turn Megan’s world upside down?

E.A. West “The Heart of Africa”
Diamonds are a girl's best friend... unless they’re bloody.

Brenda Maxfield “Meet Me in the Copy Room”
Beware when your ex returns to charm you!

Kelly Martin “The Best Catch”
One man. His Boat. And the woman of his dreams.

Kristine Cheney “Facets of the Heart”
A Jewel Heist had Never Gone So...Right

Nicole Zoltack “All for Love”
Can revenge ever bring back your love?

Astraea Press Book Club

The Astraea Press Book Club on Face Book is a great way for readers to try new books and authors...for FREE! Each month one Astraea Press title is offered up for free to readers to read and enjoy. At the end of the month we have a chat with the author and a random drawing for an AP Swag Pack. Fun for all.

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