Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 4 - Astraea Press Giveaway ~ March 8-16

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Flee by Keely James

Blurb: Starting over is hard. Mateo Reyna knows this will be true when he decides to leave his wealthy and privileged existence in Mexico and begin a new life in the States. His only priorities are distancing himself and his mother from their illegal connections while he finishes high school. Until he meets Blake.  Her haunted eyes and vulnerable soul quickly capture his heart. When their pasts intersect in a dangerous and unexpected way, Mateo finds himself in a race to save her life.  Will he be fast enough?

Still reeling from the unexplained murder of her parents, Blake Alden is just trying to get through each day. And then a handsome new student from Mexico shows up and gives her reasons to breathe.  Love is healing, until it’s threatened.  With her parents’ murderers after her, Blake knows Mateo will risk anything to keep her safe.  Will she let him?

Astraea Press Book Club

The Astraea Press Book Club on Face Book is a great way for readers to try new books and authors...for FREE! Each month one Astraea Press title is offered up for free to readers to read and enjoy. At the end of the month we have a chat with the author and a random drawing for an AP Swag Pack. Fun for all.

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