Saturday, March 8, 2014

Astraea Press Giveaway ~ March 8-16

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You Me and Sweet Tea by Calico Daniels

You, Me and Sweet Tea by Calico Daniels
Contemporary Romance
Length: 77 Pages
ISBN: 9781621352440

Blurb: Paisley Archer has spent two years moving on…or at least trying to. But that is a hard thing to do when around every corner there are reminders of her marriage and its subsequent crumble. But with Matt back in town, all the old feeling are getting stirred up again and she’s not sure she wants them gone forever.
Matt Weston is still in love with his wife. They had the perfect relationship until Paisley called it quits after he became a pro bullrider. Now all he wants to do is figure out if what they had is able to be saved…or if a lonely life on the rode is all he’ll ever have.
Small town gossip, a couple who is struggling to figure out what they want, and a dog who has a way of keeping everyone on their toes. Welcome to Big Creek where everything is Redneck Fabulous!

Astraea Press Book Club

The Astraea Press Book Club on Face Book is a great way for readers to try new books and authors...for FREE! Each month one Astraea Press title is offered up for free to readers to read and enjoy. At the end of the month we have a chat with the author and a random drawing for an AP Swag Pack. Fun for all.


  1. Thanks for this post as I hadn't heard of Astraeapress and the neat thing they do once a month. I always like to find new authors.

    1. Oops, forgot to answer your question. I know Rachel Van Dyken's stories and like them. I may know more Astraea Press authors, but I can't find a list of their authors to see if I know any more of them. ?? Thanks for the post.