Friday, February 21, 2014

Surviving Scotland by Kristin Vayden

Only love is strong enough to grasp what it was never meant to have. 

Elle can’t deny that Ioan is handsome. That is, until he opens his mouth. How can someone so masculine and striking be so irritating? Yet part of her knows that if his sarcastic and teasing temper changed, she’d lose her heart. 

Ioan knows that Elle is untouchable. To protect his heart, he keeps her at arms length with incessant teasing and a quick wit. She can never know the truth. But like a moth drawn to the flame he can’t resist her. Indeed he already burned. 

When the Jacobites attack Carnasserie castle, the Black Watch come to assist. Though Elle has her own personal battle to win, they both with learn that Surviving Scotland isn’t for the faint of heart… 

Chellz Review~
KristinVayden wrote a great love story.  The love between Ella and Ioan cannot be thwarted.  Elle's Uncle does all in his power to bring to pass the marriage he wants; not just for Ella but for his own needs too.  I enjoyed the teasing and passion between Elle and Ioan. Being caught is my favorite part. Ioan's cousin Cullon  was a great addition to the story.   While I found this story somewhat difficult to read because of the Scottish brogue, and I found there were times I was not sure what was being said, I did enjoy the story of Elle as she travels thru time to find her happily ever after.

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