Friday, February 28, 2014

Soul Guardian by Tara Manderino

Lucien Marquess never liked being a vampire. His one wish, to regain mortality seems a possibility if he can obtain the secrets found in an ancient book. When Lucien’s search leads him to a small antiques store, he meets Althea Brynne, a psychic mortal to whom he’s attracted. Lucien believes the book’s secrets are within his grasp, at least until Adrian DiBartholomew, a much older, more powerful vampire, gets to the book first. When Adrian starts playing psychic cat and mouse games with Althea, games that risk her life, Lucien’s no longer sure the book’s worth the price. Too bad Althea doesn’t agree with him, and is determined to beat Adrian at his own game.

Tifferz Take~
I love a great vampire book and this one contained many twists that I did not see happening. It is purely unique!  I loved every aspect of this page turning book. I found myself entranced within the first few pages.  Lucien and Thea learn to trust as they uncover the mystery of the ancient book they are searching for. Adrian is a bad guy and I mean really bad. I would not want to cross his path. I like how determined Thea is in defeating Adrian.  I was so extremely happy with the ending for Thea and Lucien. But, I still had questions as to what happened with Adrian. I will be reading more from the very talented Tara Manderino.

Just fyi~ this does contain a few swear words and descriptive sensual content

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