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If you look up British in the dictionary…A-list celebrity Jamie Jaymeson’s name would be next to it. Along with charming, witty, man-whore, and a lot of other adjectives that he wouldn’t appreciate being attached to his name. 

He has everything in the world going for him.

Until fate decides his number’s finally up.

Caught in a compromising position that really wasn’t his fault to begin with (really it wasn’t)—Jaymeson’s been told by his agent to lay low in the one town he swore he’d never return to—the seventh circle of hell, known by its residents as Seaside, Oregon.

Two months? He can do anything for two months. Especially if it means getting a part in the new book-to-movie series that has girls all over the world swooning.

Play nice? Keep it in his pants? Please. He played an alien once—he was going to totally rock it.

Until a certain someone who he may or may not have publicly humiliated—rejected, then humiliated again, suddenly pops up next door.

Self control has a way of flying out the window when the one girl you can’t have—is suddenly dangled right in front of you.

But Priscilla isn’t just off limits—she’s a pastor's daughter and barely legal to boot. So Jaymeson does the one thing he swore he’d never do—he tries to be friends.

With a woman.

Only, it’s exactly what he needs.

Until suddenly, he craves more.

He wants to date her.

She wants to date someone else.

He wants to kiss her.

She asks him to give her lessons for her new boyfriend.

When opposites attract, sometimes the only option you have is to leap—and trust the fact that when you fall—that special someone falls too.


POV from Dani (Fall)
I was sitting next to AD2 and watching my sister get mauled by the sexiest movie star on the planet. If my ribs weren't still so sore from the accident - I'd think I was dreaming.
"Way too much tongue." Demetri shook his head, his hand still covering my eyes.
"Can you not narrate the scene?" I hissed.
"Sorry." He didn't remove his hand. It smelled good. Like coconut. Not that I was leaning into it or anything. All the boys were taken, but it still made my heart flip in my chest a bit. Demetri Daniels had his hand on my face.
My very red face, because I don't care what you say, blushing is necessary when someone as hot as Demetri Daniels is touching a part of your body.
If he was touching my pinky toe - the reaction would be the same.
Someone yelled 'cut' and a little alarm went off. The director walked up to Jaymeson and Pris and said they were going to do another take.
"Really?" I whispered, "They have to do that again?"
Alec peered around Demetri and winked. "Pretty sure it isn't a chore for Jaymeson."
"Ew." I shuddered.
"Aw little sis." Demetri elbowed me. "Not feeling it?"
I shook my head. "It's like watching your parents..." My voice trailed off as I gave an involuntary shudder. My parents weren't there... they were gone. They'd been gone for more than a few months and still... still i was hurting.
"Hey" -Alec walked around Demetri and got on his knees in front of me- "It's going to hurt."
I nodded, praying the tears would stay in. The guys had been nothing but nice to me, I wasn't sure if I was embarrassed or just tired of being sad.
Demetri's hand found mine, he gave it a little squeeze as Alec remained knelt in front of me.
"It's okay to be sad, Dani," Alec whispered, "It helps you process. One day you'll be able to talk about them without crying."
"Promise?" My lower limp trembled.
"Promise." He nodded. "Now, no tears, you're too pretty for tears."
Alec Daniels just said I was pretty. Weird. But my tears suddenly, weren't so hard to hold in. He patted my knee then rose and walked towards the snack area. Demetri had released my hand by then and was watching the scene as it unfolded.
"Quiet on the set!"
Male laughter pierced through the air. Alec was doubled over with another guy next to him slapping him on the back, both were in utter hysterics.
"QUIET ON THE SET!" This time it was screamed louder.
Alec choked and gave a firm nod towards the director mouthing 'sorry.' The guy next to him turned, his eyes twinkling with mischief.
I let out a small gasp as those same twinkling eyes landed on me. He blinked, once, twice, and then turned his mega-watt smile on me.
If I was blushing before - I was burning to death now.
My body went hot all over he was... I couldn't even describe him. I'd never seen someone so... pretty. And I mean pretty. Not your typical rough and gruff movie stars. No tattoos, no piercings, no visible scars, nothing. He was... perfection. A strong jaw lined almost perfect cheekbones. Smooth plump lips, a nose that had to be real because you couldn't fake perfection centered directly on his face. His eyes were... such a pale blue they almost didn't look real.
"Who's that?" I whispered next to me.
But Demetri had gotten up during my stare off with the good-looking guy meaning I was talking to myself.
Alec made his way over to me and sat down. The guy winked at me from the snack bar then turned back around and started talking to one of the assistants.
"Ah" -Alec chuckled- "I see you've noticed Lincoln."
"Lincoln?" I repeated, "Um sure, yeah, you mean the loud guy over there?" With perfect hair and eyes.
"Funny, I could have sworn you almost had a stroke when loud-guy looked in your direction."
I immediately looked down at my feet.
"Lincoln Greene. Angelica Greene's brother," Alec explained, "Look closer."
I shook my head 'no.'
"The reason you recognize him..."
I shrugged.
"He's the face of at least four name brands and is the epitome of a male supermodel."
Oh. That explained the beauty.
"And now he lives here."
"What?" My head snapped up.
"He's co-starring." Alec smiled knowingly. "And as of today... he's looking for a local to show him around the area and help him with his role."
"I offered you." Alec rose from his seat, I tried to trap him and pull him back down but he slipped away, just as Lincoln started walking over to me.
Keep it together, Dani!
"Hey" -he took a seat next to me- "Lincoln Greene." He held out his hand. I stared at it, then shook it, and cursed him for having such soft skin. He was a guy! It should be rough.
"Dani," I croaked.
"I know." He smiled brighter. "I hope it's not a problem, helping me."
"No." I cleared my throa, "Not at all."
"Thank you." He tilted his head as if he had like a cowboy hat or something that was missing, well that and a horse and everything else that went with a cowboy and his manners. And then he was gone. Like a dream.
"End Scene!" someone yelled.
"Dani?" Jaymeson was in front of me. "Everything okay?"
Both he and Pris were staring at me with concern in their eyes.
"Sure." I shuddered, "Just... thinking."
About a boy.

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