Saturday, January 18, 2014

EsKape Press Giveaway - January 14-19

A little about esKape Press:

Books are our passion here at esKape Press. We live and breathe them. More importantly, we love the authors who bring them to us. And what better way to show our appreciation, not only to authors but to readers as well, than with a publishing house that caters to both?

Today we're spotlighting esKape author Calle J. Brooks:

She cried 200 tears, and where they landed, her people grew…
A goddess was supposed to protect her people. Guide them. Answer their prayers. Kennera had failed them. For three thousand years, their mournful cries had twisted her heart, made her imprisonment unbearable. But she had a plan to save her Kind. Even if it meant her death at the hands of the Wolf god.
He'd had three thousand years to plan his revenge against the foolish Girl Goddess responsible for his captivity, and once they were free, Eiophon would stop at nothing to act on those plans...

Who is Calle Jaye Brookes?
Calle Jaye is fun, playful, ironic, professional, and sophisticated. She's super-educated in the field of fiction and would spend most of her time walking around in "Book World" (or "eBook World").
Her favorite color is bold purple. She likes rock like Kid Rock, Shinedown, and Nickelback. Add in a bit of Anastacia and Adelle, too.
She collects rocks. Watches crime dramas. Abhors Lifetime Movies and Titanic (especially Leo…) and refuses to read or write about sparkly teen vampires.
She's married to a cop she strongly suspects is a vampire. They've made a vampire child–who likes to howl like a werewolf.
They live in Indiana with their vampire relatives and their vampire dogs.
You can contact Calle at:

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