Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Romance at the Royal Menagerie by Ruth Hartman

Francesca Hartwell adores cats of every kind. Lions, leopards, tigers. And they all love her. Good thing she gets to see them every day, since her father is their caregiver in the Tower of London’s Royal Menagerie. She’d love to find a man with whom she could share her love of animals, but so far, no one has stolen her heart. And there’s the added snag that whoever she marries must not have anything to do with nobility, as her mother had left her and her father for an earl.

John Fairgate has three rules given to him by his uncle. Inherit the title of baron upon his uncle’s death. Give up ornithology. And marry a childhood acquaintance. The first two, John will abide by, but won’t like. But the third, marrying a shrew who makes his skin crawl, he simply cannot do. Meeting Miss Francesca Hartwell at the zoo, however, has given him other ideas for a wife. But she’s not titled or wealthy. How will he be able to convince his uncle that she’s the woman of his heart?

Chelz Review~
Attention Cat Lovers!!!!  This cute romance is for you.  Francesca Hartwell is content helping her father at the local zoo.  The big cats are her favorite and Franny has a connection with them.  When John Fairgate comes to visit the zoo, he meets Miss Hartwell.  They have pleasant conversation and she happens to save him from Belle, the leopard.  John finds himself at the zoo frequently and enjoying Miss Hartwell's company.  He compares her to Miss Cartwright, who his Uncle wants him to wed.  The story has heartbreakintrigue and a happy ending.

Tifferz Take~
Franny (Francesca) is a cat lover. Her father works at the Tower Zoo and she helps out. Her mother ran off with a titled man when she was nine. So, her father has always expressed a dislike for them and Franny is not to associate with them. Franny wants to be loved and find someone to share her love of cats with. She meets John at the zoo and they build a friendship and a whirl wind romance.
Danger lurks in the shadows and  John another women is set on marring John and will not have anyone get in her way. 

I felt the story flowed really well and the characters are likeable, well except I didn't care for the nasty Miss. Cartwright. But we aren't suppose to like her. I did find the ending a little rushed. But a fun, light story to escape the everyday. If you are a lover of romance and cats. I think you will like this one.

Just FYI~ This does not contain any swearing or sex

Source~ Publisher for an honest review

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