Monday, December 9, 2013

On the Way to a Wedding by Susanne Stengl

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Ryder O’Callaghan finds Toria Whitney on the side of a forest road with a totaled car, a sprained ankle, and a wedding dress. Both Ryder and Toria are scheduled to be married in three weeks—but not to each other.

Deep down inside, Ryder longs for the freedom and simple honesty of a less complicated life, but his pride has him hell bent on proving a point to his father. He’s building an estate home and marrying the sophisticated, elegant woman he’s chosen for his fiancée.

Confident in his conviction that love is overrated, Ryder is determined to make the lukewarm relationship work, so he denies his surprising fascination for his roadside damsel in distress.

Toria is running scared. She has called off her wedding to her parents’ idea of the perfect husband, and she needs time and space to discover what she really wants. The last thing she needs to complicate her life is the overwhelming attraction she feels for Ryder.

But sometimes love arrives in the most unexpected places.

A 66,000 word novel – Coming of Age, Sweet Contemporary Romance

– some Adult Language – features a lovable construction worker who occasionally curses when in the grip of powerful emotions, like when he duels with the heroine or hits his thumb with a hammer.

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Tifferz Take~
On the way to a wedding is a unique, witty and down right funny romantic read! Toria is getting married in three weeks to a guy she does not love and Greg is a selfish jerk. He does not listen or respect Toria. Toria meets Ryder after she crashes her car and he finds her and helps her even though she feels like she doesn't need help. Ryder is engaged to be married in three weeks to Catherine who he doesn't love and feels like getting married is a crisis. I really have no words for Catherine... Hmmm okay she is a conniving cow So, will a poodle be the last straw for them? Ryder and Toria are surrounded by a crazy supporting cast that enhance the story. I do like Ryder's mom and dad! I feel bad for Toria as her mom is pushing her into something she does not want. I also really liked Pro, Ryders lawyer! I hope Ms. Stengl will write his story. He needs to find love. Isabella is funny and I want her as my friend. So, will Toria tell Ryder she called off her wedding? Will it make a difference to him? The twist and turns and unexpected is fa-nominal is was so funny how everyone's lives become intertwined. I enjoyed watching Ryder and Toria come to find themselves and what was really important to them. This was a pure delight to read and I am hoping for more from Ms. Stengl. I really want to read Pro's story. It would be fun to catch up with how Toria and Ryder. I also need more or Isabelle and Aunt Tizzy! I hope you all enjoy this read as much as I did.

Just fyi~ Has some language I did not care for and a few swear words  but does not have any sex in it.

source~ author for an honest review

Chelz Review~
On The Way to a Wedding is a sweet read and I loved spending my Saturday finishing this story.  Toria is a great young lady who is dealing with a controlling mother and fiance.  Ryder is a very successful man who accomplishes his goals.  I loved him from the beginning and enjoyed the love that blossomed between Toria and Ryder as they individually came to realize what they each wanted.  The end is perfect and I got my happily ever after.

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  1. I can't wait to read this one of Ms Stengl's stories. I read her "Angel Wings" and loved it. She has a unique voice and puts a fresh face on sweet romance.