Friday, November 29, 2013

Like the Wind by J. Adams

Like the Wind

Mariah Kennedy and Mason Malone have been best friends since high school. And she has loved him for that long. Afraid to share her feelings with him, she buries them inside, hoping to one day find the courage to admit what is in her heart.

To Mason, Mariah is like the wind, a force blowing around him that he secretly wishes he could hold onto. Having kept his feelings for her hidden for years, he finally decides to confess his love for her.

Then something happens that makes them both wish they had not waited so long to act on a love that carries the force of a hurricane–a love forever in motion, and powerful enough to endure forever

Tifferz Take~
Really cute, sweet story with some twists that I did not expect!Mariah and Mason seem to have a natural relationship. They just never seem to tell the other that they love them. But, they show it in all they do for the other. Some times we have to almost loose the one we love to not have regrets. I liked how two best friends finally tell the other they love the other. A lovely short story that can be enjoyed anytime.

Just FYI~ This does not contain any swearing or sex!

source~ Author for honest review

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