Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just a little faith by Amy J Norris

An opportunity for love and a challenge of faith.

Paxson Taylor’s recent relocation to St. Louis leads her to a life different from what she’s experienced in the past. Through her work with a small charity, she meets and attracts the attention of professional baseball player, Sebastian Quinn. Flattered, Pax tempers her desire for the handsome playboy with her need to serve her God—a God Seb doesn’t believe exists. Through unspeakable tragedy, they grow closer and with disappointment, drift apart. How can two people from opposite ends of the faith spectrum reconnect when they need each other most?

Tifferz Take~
This is a well written story about Pax and Seb. Seb is a star baseball player who needs to do some charity work to improve his image. Pax works for the charity that Seb.'s agent is looking at going with. That is how they meet. Though to Pax's surprise, Seb found her different in a good way and wants to get to know her better. So, little by little Seb starts changing. Pax keeps being herself and inviting him to do things such as go to the hospital with him to visit kids. I think the moment goes into the hospital room impacted him more than he thought it would. I like that the kids encouraged Pax to sing. It is part of her and I don't think she really wanted to share that with Seb. But she did! It was nice to see Seb ask Pax about how important her faith is to her. I think that it was very natural.

Rangy, Linc and Traci make a fun supporting cast! Pax is a good girl and is saving herself for marriage. Seb is not sure what he wants, but has said he does not want marriage. Will Seb. change his mind?  I will say I was shocked by the news Seb. receives from Rick. That was so unexpected. Will Pax be able to help Seb? Will Seb help Pax when she needs it? You need to read it to find out what happens.A delightful and inspiring read.

Just FYI this does not have any sex or swearing in it.

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