Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hair and Makeup by Steph E Book

This e-book contains:
-Twenty picture tutorials for the following styles:

-The password for the 3 video tutorials below:
The password is located at the bottom of the Tips and Techniques page in the e-book.

Tifferz Take~
This ebook is fantastic! I was a little skeptical.  Would it be clear how to do each hair do?  Well, Steph has done a great job with simple step by step written instructions with a photo for each step.
 I have done all of the hair styles in the ebook, even the one I did not have the pomade. I still tried it just to see if I understood the process and it was a success, but would have looked better if I had the pomade.
I have watched the videos and am confident I will be able to recreate those updo's as well.
 I will state that I have  hair about to my bra strap and it is layered in the front so some of the styles my hair was not long enough in front, but I was able to adapt the hair do. For example Triple braided bun my two front braids were to short so I just made a bun with the long braid. I think it still looked smashing if I do say so myself. I also did these hair styles on my kids who are 13 and 11 years old. I think if you are looking for some new ideas  maybe for the holidays, work, prom or any day of the week, this would be a great book to have. So, over all if you are looking a hair book with easy instructions and photos to go with this is the book for you!  It also teaches you how to curl  and has a page of tips and techniques that is very helpful. I hope Steph comes out with another hair ebook!

Here is a photo of my Triple  braided bun~
I did this one wet hair by the way.

Here is the fancy side ponytail~
My hair was too short to wrap the braid around the pony so I warped some hair from the pony around the elastic band.

Chellz Take~
The e-book, Hair and Makeup by Steph, is a great book for ladies with longer hair.  The book has step by step pictures of how to do the casual hair styles.  I have medium length hair and was very happy with the Braided Bun.  It was quick and easy to do.  The suggestions at the beginning of the book were vital.  I learned about where to get great bobby pins and that these styles work best on second-day hair.  That is perfect for my work schedule and I was able to have a couple of new hair do's for work.  Thanks!!!!

author for honest reviews

you can purchase this ebook (in pdf format)  here

About the author~
I’m Stephanie Brinkerhoff, the ‘Steph’ in Hair and Make-up by Steph.  I work full time in Utah as a professional wedding hair stylist, makeup artist, and beauty blogger.  I also travel around the country for destination weddings and in-salon workshops, teaching other stylists about bridal work.
When I was little I wanted to be a hairstylist when I grew up!   I love my job so much that it never feels like a real job.  In fact, I have to remind myself that this is my job and not just what I do for fun.
It sounds cliché, but I think people are beautiful.  Nothing makes me happier than helping people see that in themselves.

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  1. What is the password for the three videos? I want to learn the Rapunzel braid but I don't want to pay ten dollars.. its just so gorgeous!