Sunday, October 27, 2013

On the Way to a Wedding By Suzanne Stengl

Ryder O’Callaghan finds Toria Whitney on the side of a forest road with a totaled car, a sprained ankle, and a wedding dress. Both Ryder and Toria are scheduled to be married in three weeks—but not to each other.

Deep down inside, Ryder longs for the freedom and simple honesty of a less complicated life, but his pride has him hell bent on proving a point to his father. He’s building an estate home and marrying the sophisticated, elegant woman he’s chosen for his fiancée.

Confident in his conviction that love is overrated, Ryder is determined to make the lukewarm relationship work, so he denies his surprising fascination for his roadside damsel in distress.

Toria is running scared. She has called off her wedding to her parents’ idea of the perfect husband, and she needs time and space to discover what she really wants. The last thing she needs to complicate her life is the overwhelming attraction she feels for Ryder.

But sometimes love arrives in the most unexpected places.

A 66,000 word novel - Coming of Age, Sweet Contemporary Romance

– some Adult Language – features a lovable construction worker who occasionally curses when in the grip of powerful emotions, like when he duels with the heroine or hits his thumb with a hammer.

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Author Bio for Suzanne Stengl

When I was a child, I shared a bedroom with three of my younger sisters. I used to tell them stories to help them fall asleep. Apparently the stories weren’t particularly interesting, because they fell asleep before the stories ended. Unaware that they were sleeping, I would keep telling the story, until my mother called up the stairs. “Sue? They’ve gone to sleep.” And then I would quietly finish the story in my head.
I didn’t start writing down my stories until much later. In my last year of university, I collected all the reports from my Marketing Group and wrote up our study like a novel. My classmates liked it, and better, so did the prof.
Finally, after getting a degree in Commerce, I found a little two-line invitation to a romance writers organization in the back of the Writers Guild magazine. And I showed up. I had found my people.
“Suzanne Stengl has a lovely voice with a subtle hint of humor.”
—A.M. Westerling, author of The Countess’ Lucky Charm
“Suzanne Stengl’s descriptions and characters are really memorable.”
—Amy Jo Fleming, author of Death at Bandit Creek

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