Monday, October 7, 2013

Clutching a beating heart by J. Adams

Sonora Kingston is a loner. She also carries a secret. After losing her mother, her younger sister takes off. When Sonora is kicked out of her home by her older sister, she starts a new life, determined to make it on her own. She has never known the love of a man and has no interest allowing one to get that close.
But that was before Kellen Youngblood.
New secrets soon surface that connect Sonora and Kellen in ways they never imagined. 
Tifferz Take~
Clutching a beating heart by J. Adams is a little different than her normal stories. It is filled with mystery, tragedy, an enormous love and much more. I truly can say Ms. Adams writes a heartfelt story that sticks with me.  Sonora's life is not an easy one and I think that made her more real to me. Bad things happen and it was great to see Senora deal with it and move on. I loved Mrs. Tilley and the connection she has with Sonora. Kellen I can't think of anything I did not like about him. He is a patient good guy! So , if you like a good mystery and a happily ever after I would pick this book up!

Just FYI~ It does contain a couple swear words, a rape scene that is not graphic ( I was comfortable with it and I normally can't read about that.) and a consummation of a marriage with no detail.

you can find our more about J. Adams  here

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