Monday, September 23, 2013

Blog Tour - A Good Lookin Man by Marcia Lynn McClure

A Good-Lookin' Man by Marcia Lynn McClure (novella) 
 However, in an instant—in less than a breath or the bat of an eyelid—the elusive pepper spray hiding somewhere in her purse was all but forgotten. For standing before her—right there before her, not three feet away—was the best-looking, most gorgeous, handsomest man she had ever seen in all her life! “No, seriously,” she thought out loud with lingering bewilderment at how perfectly stunning the man standing before her was, wearing a worn pair of Levi’s, dusty cowboy boots, and a short-sleeved, plaid-print, snap-up shirt that hung open, revealing a bronzed, perfectly sculpted torso that was simply a mass of muscles. She was so unsettled by the man’s appearance that she wasn’t sure whether she was whispering aloud to herself or her car. Either way, the man asked, “Beg your pardon, ma’am?” “Oh…oh, nothing,” Fairlee said as she began rummaging in her purse again. But the man’s presence and appearance had entirely rattled her. As her awe-inspired brain obviously quit sending out instructions to the rest of her body, Fairlee felt her purse slip from her hands—watched in humiliated dismay as its contents tumbled out and scattered over the shoulder of the road.

Author Marcia Lynn McClure 
 Marcia Lynn McClure’s intoxicating succession of novels, novellas, and e-books, has established her as one of the most favored and engaging authors of true romance. Her unprecedented forte in weaving captivating stories of western, medieval, regency, and contemporary amour void of brusque intimacy has earned her the title “The Queen of Kissing.” Marcia, who was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has spent her life intrigued with people, history, love, and romance. A wife, mother, grandmother, family historian, poet, and author, Marcia Lynn McClure spins her tales of splendor for the sake of offering respite through the beauty, mirth, and delight of a worthwhile and wonderful story.

Chelz Review~
This is a wonderful Marcia Lynn McClure story!!!!  Fairlee is such a fun heroine.  I love that she talks out-loud to herself and that she finds calm in house chores.  Lash is the perfect hero and MLM man.  He is a perfect gentleman and happens to have his shirt unbuttoned alot, which reveals a perfect torso.  I need to read a MLM book at least once a month to get my fill of good looking men and amazing kissing scenes.  My favorite part of A Good Looking Man is the water fight.  I wish I was carefree enough to enjoy one of those.  This story is the perfect length for a quiet afternoon.  I hope you enjoy this sweet story as much as I did.

Tifferz Take~
A Good-Looking Man is a sweet, fun, no drama love story. I enjoyed this one summer morning before the kids got up. It was a delightful treat. Sometimes I just want a love story without all the misunderstanding and jealousy. I have to say that my favorite part was the water fight. It was fun and silly. I enjoyed getting to know Lash and Fairlee. I liked Uncle Bean and Aunt Pearl they are a riot.They really enhance the story. So, if you need an escape from life and want a sweet romance, check out A Good-Looking Man.

I will say that I think Marcia needs to find a new editor.

Jewelz Review~
This is a typical Marcia Lynn McClure book - full of laughter, sweet romance, and one "good lookin' man". Fairlee is hilarious - the things that come out of that girl's mouth! Lash is a ruggedly handsome veterinarian who rescues Fairlee when her car breaks down 5 miles from her Aunt & Uncle's home. He can't help but be affected by Fairlee. Aunt Pearl & Uncle Bean are a riot to boot. If you want a fun, light-hearted read this definitely fits the bill.

Just FYI~ This does not contain any swearing or sex.

Honest disclosure - we received ebook copies in exchange for our honest reviews.


  1. Sounds like a good one! I'll have to check it out. Thanks! :)

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  3. I am very interested in reading a story by the "Queen of Kissing." Sounds like a great idea to write like that.