Friday, August 30, 2013

The Wedding Hazard by Regina Duke


Ashley Clair needs help. Her father has died, her estranged mother has disappeared without a trace, and now someone is after Ashley. Alone, broke, and in danger, she turns to Thor Security looking for protection, but what can she do to afford a bodyguard?

Thor Garrison moved to Colorado trying to forget the tragedy in Texas that changed everything. When the most beautiful woman he ever saw walks into his life, he vows to do whatever it takes to save her and win her heart. Too bad Ashley isn't looking for love.

Jewelz' Review:
What a fun read this was! Ashley is quite the spunky young woman. Following her father's passing, she sets off to inform her estranged mother of his death. She returns to the home she hasn't seen for 15 years - a home that holds some very unpleasant memories. After finding the home empty, with a suspicious-looking red stain on the kitchen floor, along with a hidden note that reads "witness protection - run!", Ashley heads out and finds help in the form of Thor Garrison.

When Ashley walks into Thor Security and her story pours out, he can't bring himself to tell her he works with security systems, not personal security. He has to help the gorgeous, distressed woman before him. It doesn't matter that she doesn't have the money to pay for his security services. He couldn't have planned it better himself when Ashley offers to help get his mom off his back by informing her that they are engaged.

Certainly, the premise is a bit far-fetched but enjoyable nonetheless -- it makes for quite the adventure. Britney Beth Beale, the woman that has been planning to marry Thor since high school, is a perfect antagonist for their relationship. She's beautiful, but annoying; malicious, but pitiful; and shares a secret past with Thor. This is in addition to the drama facing Ashley as she tries to find out what happened to her mother and whether her disappearance is linked to the recent events that have Ashley fearing for her own safety.

I love all the various characters in this story. While Ashley and Thor are perfectly gorgeous and perfect for each other, the supporting cast brings so much variety. Lulamae has got to be one of my favorite people, but Mina, Rudy, Karla, Minion, and even Rocky all add to the fun dynamics of the overall story.

There was wonderful development on all of their struggles & the overall pacing was great -- I wanted to keep reading late into the night. The only thing I'd change is that everything resolved at about the same time. I would have preferred that the solutions to the various issues facing Ashley and Thor had been spread out a bit, rather than everything winding up within a matter of pages towards the end of the book. I'm hoping we get a book about Uly next :)

FYI: this is a sweet romance, sex is between a married couple and closed door.
Honest disclosure: I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

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