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Review of Snuff the Magic Dragon by Leslie Langtry

Back cover Blurb
A collection of short stories from National Bestselling author Leslie Langtry...

What do the Minotaur, Rasputin, the first man hung for murder in America, and the Countess of Blood all have in common? No, they aren’t related. They all appeared on the Bombay Family’s Hit List! In this collection of Bombay Bedtime Stories, you’ll find out what Bombays did before Gin Bombay came along. From pet Dodo birds to Ancient Greece and 20th Century Russia, get the stories Bombay children have been told for thousands of years. Stories that have been shrouded in blood-sworn secrecy…until now!

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Jewelz Review~
I am a huge fan of the Greatest Hits series by Leslie Langtry. Heck, I was reading the books before the series was called "Greatest Hits". Tifferz and I would talk for hours on end about these amazing books and how they are the perfect combination of murder, mayhem, comedy, and romance. Needless to say I was excited for this latest release and the opportunity to review it.

'Snuff the Magic Dragon' is different from the previous books in the series as it isn't a novel following the escapades of a single member of the Bombay family. Instead, this book is a series of short stories chronicling specific "assignments" of various members of the Bombay family over several thousand years. Because of the format, I missed the character development and added depth that you get from a novel. This book gave me a glimpse into the lives of several Bombays, but I didn't really get to know any of them as I would have preferred. That's my preference though. Given the format, it was fun to learn about the long history of the Bombay family, how they got started in the assassination business, how the island of Santa Muerta came to be, along with the family's role in famous deaths throughout history :)

I would also say that while the stories were enjoyable, I didn't appreciate the crass language, I don't recall the language being like this in previous books. Along with that, even though the stories took place hundreds, if not thousands of years in the past, they all read as modern stories - which may be what Ms. Langtry was going for as the subtitle indicates these are 'Bombay Family Bedtime Stories'. But I wouldn't use that kind of language when telling my child a bedtime story - and I don't think the Bombays necessarily would either. Perhaps I'm wrong - maybe the Bombays teach their children "adult" language when they train them to be assassins :/

Setting my personal biases aside, I am grateful that Ms. Langtry has continued the 'Greatest Hits' series and that she is even trying different formats and styles. She does have a holiday short story coming out entitled 'Four Mocking Birds' - it sounds promising! I hope that we will continue to get more stories about the Bombays, but I do hope that there will be more novels as in the past so that I can get to know and love more of the Bombay Family:)

FYI: Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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