Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Knight of the Dead by Jennifer Gravely

Knight of the Dead

Persephone Richards is in a pinch. With a wrecked car and bills stacking up, the income from her job at the daycare isn’t enough. Mark Lawrence needs a sitter for his little girl and Persephone is perfect for the job. What begins as an employment opportunity leads to romance. However, a secret Persephone hides threatens the happy ever after and puts the three of them in danger.

Tifferz Take~
I really loved this story. It was well written and the character development was good. I also liked the unexpected and the mystery that developed. I think that Persephone learned many things and grew the most. I was surprised at how many bad and good things happened to her. Mark is a great guy and has the sweetest little girl Rose. I think Rose was enchanting and added so much to the story. Rose kinda stole my heart. Cheryl is a piece of work. I don't need to say anymore about her. One of my favorite parts was the zoo. It was just special and fun. The ending to this story was absolutely perfect! It was not rushed, it left me so happy and I felt complete! I will be reading this one again. I can't wait to read more by Jennifer Gravely. I would highly recommend this sweet romance with a sprinkling of mystery and the unexpected!

The one thing that bothered me was that Mark's divorce was not final. I personally would have loved if his divorce was final so the relationship was not tainted with him cheating.

Chelz' Review:
Jennifer Rae Gravely's debut "Knight of the Dead" is an enjoyable read. Persephone seems to have nothing but bad luck until she meets Mark. The relationship between them moves very quickly. The story flows well and there is a lot going on, not just the romance between Persephone and Mark. My favorite part is after Persephone is fired from the daycare center. Put "Knight of the Dead" on your summer reading list. I look forward to more from Jennifer Rae Gravely.

CJz' Review:
I have to admit that I thought this was a vampire book from the title! However, it turns out that I was wrong because Knight of the Dead is a romantic suspense novel sans vampires! I thoroughly enjoyed Persephone's character with all of her flaws, I was able to relate to her more that way. Rose was probably one of my favorite aspects of the book, she was so sweet and endearing. Overall this is a nice read but a bit predictable for me. The action and suspense part seemed too short and easily resolved to me. I felt like I kept waiting for something to happen and when it finally did, it was short-lived. Yet the book kept my interest the entire way through and I was satisfied with the ending. If you like romance with some action, you will probably like Knight of the Dead.

Just FYI~ This book does not have any swearing or sex.

We received a copy of this book for free in exchange for our honest reviews.

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