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Suddenly You: A Modern Retelling of Mansfield Park (The Jane Austen Academy Series #4) by Cecilia Gray

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Fanny doesn't want to be at The Jane Austen Academy. She intends to lay low until graduation when she can try out for the Olympic track team. She doesn't need friends or love. She only needs her running.

But The Academy is in danger. In an effort to save it, Fanny joins forces with the friends she never knew she wanted. Suddenly, Fanny finds herself center stage in the middle of the Academy's biggest love triangle as the lead in the school play...only this track star can't afford to break a leg.

CJz Review:

Suddenly You is a fantastic addition to The Jane Austen Academy Series!  Cecilia Gray has done it again!  A great story that grabs your attention right away and a writing style that is smooth and flawless!  I enjoyed Fanny's story and watching her learn to trust and open up to her friends.  It was great that the other characters from the previous novels were in the story as well.  Tran was a great lead character; mysterious, constant, and unwavering in his friendship to Fanny.  I loved how Josh was a part of Fanny's story as well!  Reading a Cecilia Gray novel is like sitting in your favorite chair!  It feels just right and you don't want to get out!  I am anxiously looking forward to the next two books in the series!  I am a Cecilia Gray fan for life!

Tifferz Take~

Brilliant! I think I loved this book the most because you see all the other characters from the previous books. Plus Fanny is a stellar girl and a strong character! I felt like I could relate to her. She knows what she wants a goes after it. I would like to think I am that way too. This story plot and flow of the story were so satisfying. My kids kept asking why I was smiling and I would tell them bits about the story. I love that Tran is a big part of this story.One of my favorite parts is the car scene! It just made me giggle. I was caught off guard with Josh. He is normally a jerk and he still has his moments in this book but he earned some brownie points with me in this book. I am so ecstatic to read book #5 when it comes out. I am so thrilled that Anne gets her story and we will see all the supporting cast and what they are up to. Cecilia Gray is a fantastic and consistent author. I look forward to reading many more books by her. So, please keep them coming Ms. Gray.

Jewelz’ Review:

I absolutely loved Suddenly You.  This time we get to read about Fanny, the quiet, introverted Asian-American track star. When Fanny first came to the Jane Austen Academy she was NOT happy to be there. Her mom basically forced her to attend because she had a scholarship & it would help ease the financial burdens of being a single mom to a young woman with dreams of Olympic gold. But, Fanny wanted to attend a school with a premier track program in order to pursue her life-long dream, and Jasta did NOT fit that bill.

In her third year at the Academy, Fanny begins to come out of her shell. She has always kept to herself and been completely single-minded in her pursuit of her Olympic dream. But as things have begun to change around her, Fanny finds that she doesn’t have to pursue her dreams alone. She finds that not only does she have a wonderful group of girlfriends, but there are a few guys that are important in her life too. Guys that become great friends and one guy who is just might be more important than a gold medal.

I think this is my favorite book in the series so far. I loved getting to know Fanny – she is such a great character. She really goes through a process of self-actualization that brings an added depth to this book. The other girls grow and change in the previous books also – just not quite to the degree that Fanny does. She truly is a different (and better) person at the end of the book than she was at the beginning. I loved how we learn more about Josh and how he grows too. And then there’s Tran! Who wouldn’t fall in love with that boy? Of course, it wrapped up all too quickly, but that’s how it is with these (and Austen’s) books. The book is about the process of getting the couple together, the journey – and it was a great journey!  I look forward to the final books in this series – can’t wait to find out about Anne and Emma, not to mention how they manage to save the Academy (I hope)!

 Chelz' Review:

"Suddenly You" is a great story.  Fanny is such a sweet young lady who struggles with her dream to be an Olympian and pleasing her demanding mother.  Fanny is incredibly disciplined, and with this trait she struggles to admit and go after what she wants when it varies from her long term goals.  You will enjoy Fanny's growth and learning what the "real Fanny" thinks about. 
    The interaction between these young ladies and how they "learn" to be friends is a wonderful read. These girls are more or less a melting pot from various circumstances, not just spoiled rich girls.   It would be wonderful it all junior and high school girls would read these and try to become friends, instead of judging and being cruel.
    The epilogue is well done and I hope that Emma is "off" on her match making.  I am looking forward to the next book in the series and will definitely be picking these up again before it's released.

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