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NEW RELEASE!!! The Officer and the Bostoner by Rose Gordon


Allison Pierson is a well-to-do young lady traveling by stagecoach from her home in Boston to meet her intended in Santa Fe, but instead finds herself stranded in a military fort in the middle of Indian Territory when her stagecoach leaves without her.

Given the choice to either temporarily marry an officer until her intended can come rescue her or take her chances with the Indians, she marries the glib Captain Wes Tucker, who unbeknownst to her, grew up in a wealthy Charleston family and despises everything she represents.

But when it's time for her beau to reclaim her and for Allison and Wes to annul their marriage, will she want to go with him, and more importantly, will Wes let her?

This is the first in a series of three Historical Westerns set in Indian Territory (modern day Oklahoma) in the mid 1840s.

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Cover Reveal - I Breathe You

I Breathe You by Lori L. Clark     Publication date:  August 2013         Genre: NA contemporary romance

When a tragic accident leaves Rhane Evans -- lead vocalist for the rock band Fate's Crazy -- permanently unable to speak above a whisper and kills the love of her life, she moves across the state to pick up the pieces. Shattered, Rhane struggles to understand what happened the night of the accident, an accident everyone blames her for, even though she wasn't driving the car.

Enter Ian Callahan. He's the one person who may have a more tumultuous past than Rhane. Though they try hard to deny the sizzling attraction between them, it proves nearly impossible. When Ian's troubled past threatens to tear them apart, they begin to believe happiness isn't in their cards.

Because Fate's Crazy that way...

I read, I write, I run 1/2 marathons for fun. Ten things about me:

1. I'm an only child.
2. I love dogs!
3. I was born in Iowa City, Iowa and lived in Iowa my whole life until January 2007.
4. I worked as a professional psychic reader for 2 years.
5. I'm a Pisces Sun, Leo Moon with Aquarius rising.
6. I've written 5 books and am in the process of brainstorming a 6th.
7. I don't look or act my age!
8. I ran my first 1/2 marathon at age 50.
9. I love 80's hair band music.
10. My day job is as a claims payment analyst for one of Fortune 500 Magazine's "Top 100 places in America to work."

Author links:

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A Healing Heart by Melissa A. Hanson

On a bitter cold winter night Bailey Walsh’s family was killed in a traffic accident. Two years later as she lives with her aunt and uncle in Southern California, Bailey is still plagued by the nightmares of that terrible night. Everywhere around her are reminders of what she lost. Even her aunt, in a cruel twist of fate, is not just her mom’s sister, but her identical twin. Babysitting Riley, a spunky two-year old, is a sweet distraction and one constant light in her life. One day as she takes Riley to the park she meets Collin McKenna, a senior at her high school and her life is changed forever as he helps her find herself and realize her life is worth living. As the romance between them grows her broken heart begins to heal. However, still nagging in the back of her conscious is the fear that her new found happiness could come crashing down and she could lose everything she loves, yet again. Outside forces begin to tear them apart and Bailey must learn to trust in herself and realize that she is worthy of happiness. That sometimes love and healing comes in unexpected forms.

Tifferz Take~
I felt my heart melt many time while reading this sweet romance. I clicked with Bailey right off the bat. I also liked her friends. They were a great support to her and had her back. Collin is a great guy and really did heal Bailey's heart. He was so thoughtful and caring. It was so touching. I liked how Ms. Hanson took time to build the relationship with Bailey and Collin. I did  feel moments of sadness, happiness, and then anger and sadness that filled me while reading this story. Then I got my satisfying ending. I liked that Ms. Hanson was able to invoke so many emotions throughout the story. This was a captivating story that I read in one sitting! I will be looking for more from Ms. Hanson. I hope you enjoy this read as much as I did!

Just Fyi~ This story does not contain any sex and only a few swear words.

You can pick up the kindle book here
Below is her facebook page!

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Cover Reveal - My Own Mr Darcy

After being dragged to the 2005 movie Pride and Prejudice by her mother, sixteen-year-old Elizabeth’s life changes when Matthew Macfadyen’s Mr. Darcy appears on the screen. Lizzie falls hard and makes a promise to herself that she will settle for nothing less than her own Mr. Darcy. This ill-advised pledge threatens to ruin any chance of finding true love. During the six intervening years, she has refused to give any interested suitors a chance. They weren’t Mr. Darcy enough.

Coerced by her roommate, Elizabeth agrees to give the next interested guy ten dates before she dumps him. That guy is Chad, a kind and thoughtful science teacher and swim coach. While she’s dating Chad, her dream comes true in the form of a wealthy bookstore owner named Matt Dawson, who looks and acts like her Mr. Darcy. Of course she has to follow her dream. But as Elizabeth simultaneously dates a regular guy and the dazzling Mr. Dawson, she’s forced to re-evaluate what it was she loved about Mr. Darcy in the first place.

Karey White grew up in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Missouri. She attended Ricks College and Brigham Young University. Her first novel, Gifted, was a Whitney Award Finalist.

She loves to travel, read, bake treats, and spend time with family and friends. She and her husband are the parents of four great children. She teaches summer creative writing courses to young people and is currently working on her next book.

Excerpt 1

Janessa folded her arms and looked at me for so long I started to squirm. “What?”
“I wish you’d look at yourself. You’re ruining your life with this stupid obsession.”
“I’m not obsessed.” I stood up quickly, nearly tipping my chair over. I rinsed my plate and put it in the dishwasher. I could feel Janessa’s eyes on me the entire time, but I refused to look at her. “And just because I’m not interested in this guy doesn’t mean my life is ruined.”
“Let me guess. Was he blond?”
“Knock it off.”
“Too short?”
“He wasn’t short. I’ve got to go.” I left the kitchen with Janessa on my heels.
“Was he too cheerful?”
“Oh brother. I’m not having this conversation with you.”
Janessa grabbed my arm and turned me toward her. “Yes, you are.”
“I’m going to be late for work.”
“Then we’d better talk fast.”
“I don’t have anything to say,” I said.
“Then I’ll talk. You listen. You have to start giving these guys a chance.”
I folded my arms tightly. “I give them a chance.”
“You give them one date, two at the most. But you’re not really giving them a chance because your mind’s already made up before you even go out.”
I was getting annoyed. “I don’t have time for this conversation again.” Janessa was practically reciting word for word what she’d said after my last date. And the one before that.
“Lizzie. If you don’t want to have the same conversation, do something different. Shake things up a little.” She smiled and did a little shimmy. I refused to smile no matter how silly she looked.
“How do you suggest I do that?”
“If this guy… What’s his name?”
“If Chad calls you back, go out with him again.”
“I don’t see the point.”
“Did you get a serial killer vibe from him?”
“No, I got a nice-guy-that-doesn’t-deserve-to-be-led-on vibe from him.”
“Nice guys are good. So you’ll say yes, right?”
“If I’m not interested, it wouldn’t be fair to say yes.”
“Oh knock off the baloney. You haven’t been fair to a guy since high school. You’re just afraid if you get to know a guy, you might like him. And wouldn’t that be awful? Was Chad funny?”
“Yes, he was funny.”
I sighed. “I don’t know if I’d call him handsome, but he was cute.”
“Cute is good. Especially if he was funny. So go out with him again.”
“You act like it’s all up to me.” I walked to the closet and collected my purse. Like a tiger leaping on her prey, Janessa pounced at the bowl on the entry table and grabbed my car keys. “This isn’t funny, Janessa. I’m going to be late for work.”
“Then let’s make a deal. You agree to go out with him ten times before you toss him aside and I’ll give you your keys.”
“Ten times? No way.”
“That’ll give you time to get to know him.”
“You’ve got to be kidding.”
“I’m serious, Lizzie. Ten is a good number. In that amount of time, you can make a real decision. Instead of one based on a stupid movie.”
Now Janessa was skipping through a minefield. “It’s not a stupid movie and I’ve got to go.”
“It’s the stupidest movie in the world if it ruins your life.”
“Nothing’s ruining my life and I’m going to be late. Give me my keys and we’ll talk about this later.” A little tussle ensued as I tried to rescue my keys from her clutches. I almost had them when she darted to the bathroom and shut the door hard and fast, locking it behind her. “This is real mature.”
“I don’t care about mature. You’re my best friend, Lizzie.  I love you and I’m trying to save you from yourself.”
I banged on the door. “Give me the keys. Now.” My voice had become shrieky.
“I’ll give you the keys as soon as you promise you’ll go out with him ten times.”
“I doubt he’ll ask me out again.”
“Why? Were you a jerk?”
“Are you sure?”
I hesitated, knowing I hadn’t been very good company. “I’m pretty sure.”
“If he doesn’t ask you out, you have to ask him.”
“No way am I asking out a guy ten times. No way!”
“You just have to ask him out once. If he doesn’t return the favor you can move on. But you have to be nice to him and give him a reason to want to ask you out again.”
“This is the dumbest idea you’ve ever had.”
“Listen Liz, I’m doing this for you. Give a guy a chance before you give him the old heave-ho.”
I leaned my head on the door. “Just give me the keys. Please.” Now I was whining.
“You’re the one keeping yourself from your keys. And probably true love.”
I looked at my watch. Now I’d have to risk a speeding ticket or get to work five minutes late. I wasn’t sure which was worse—a ticket from a police officer or a tongue-lashing from Delia.
“Fine. I’ll go out with him again if he asks me.”
“If he doesn’t ask me, I’ll ask him?”
“Right. And how many times will you go out with him?”
“Way too many,” I said under my breath.
“I can’t hear you.”
“Ten times. If he asks me.”
The door cracked open. “And you’ll be nice to him?”
“Whatever you say. Now give me the keys.”
Janessa emerged from the bathroom and triumphantly dropped my keys into my outstretched hand.
“You’re an idiot,” I said.
“An idiot that loves you and wants you to be happy,” she said. She turned and headed down the hall. “Someday you’ll thank me,” she sang.
“If I don’t kill you first.” I slammed the door behind me.

Excerpt 2

It was a busy Monday morning. I was looking out at the line of waiting customers when he walked in. I gasped, shut my thumb in my cash drawer, and then tried not to cry while Mr. Sandoval from a hearing aid store asked me if I was okay.
When I finished Mr. Sandoval’s transaction, I looked at him again. He was taller than anyone in the room. Of course. His hair was dark and a little disheveled. It was hard to see from where I was, but his eyes looked like they were blue. And best of all, he didn’t smile. He looked gorgeously unpleasant and impatient. He looked around the room and his eyes met mine. Still he didn’t smile. My heart was racing. He looked perfect.
I did my best to time it so I’d be his teller. I went a little too fast with one customer and accidentally shorted her a twenty dollar bill. I tried to concentrate as I corrected the transaction. I slowed way down on the next customer, but just when I thought I was finished and would be able to help him next, my customer asked me to break a ten into change. He walked up to Courtney’s window while I counted out nickels and dimes. Furious, I stomped my foot. Not too loudly but enough to release a little of my frustration.
I listened closely as Courtney helped him to see if I could learn anything, but he hardly spoke. He gave a terse nod when Courtney thanked him for coming in and turned on his heel and left. He had excellent posture and a nice, confident stride.
I finished with my customer, and then before anyone else could step forward, I picked up the phone and dialed Courtney’s extension. She glanced at her phone’s display and looked over at me curiously.
            “Who was that?” I whispered when she picked up the receiver.
“Elizabeth, look how many customers there are.”
“I know. Just tell me who that was.” I watched as Courtney picked up her last transaction slip.
“His name is Matt Dawson.”
“Is he married?”
“I have no idea,” Courtney said.
“Was he wearing a ring?”
“I didn’t look. What’s going on, Lizzie?”
“I just need to know about him.”
“Well, I don’t know anything about him and Delia’s watching us. I’ve gotta go.”
Matt Dawson. Matt. Matthew. Like Matthew Macfadyen. Dawson. It was pretty close to Darcy. The only way it could be better is if his name was Fitzwilliam but I’d never met a Fitzwilliam in my life.
Matt Dawson.
This had to be a sign.  

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Etude by Melinda Morgan


The cold rain drummed the memory of the horrible crash into my mind—mom dead, my hand ruined. Then a year later, coming out of a coma to realize my full-ride scholarship was gone and I'd never play the piano again. But the worst of it was nobody believed me—the voices, someone holding me in the mangled car, mom being ripped away from me.
So here I am in Anderson, Wyoming, living with Uncle Connor while Dad's on assignment in Europe. School started and I met Jonathan, amazingly handsome Jonathan. He made me feel like life was beginning again—until I discovered that mom's death wasn't an accident, that a supernatural realm was trying to draw me into a coterie hundreds of years old, and that a close friend wanted to destroy me.
Not the easiest way to begin my senior year….
For more information visit

Chelz' Review:
I am thrilled to be reviewing Etude by Melinda Morgan.  I instantly loved Beth, and had compassion for her challenges.  Being a pianist myself, I enjoyed the sweet way Jonathan got Beth to play again.  Mrs. Morgan unfolded the story beautifully.  There are so many amazing scenes throughout the book that I could not choose just one as my favorite; when Beth and Jonathan play Moonlight Sonata, anytime she is with Carl, and her tutoring of Justin are just a few.  The recital was fabulous!!!!!!!  I had to read it twice just to enjoy it again.  I am so glad there was not drama between Beth and Jonathan.  There is just enough scary to keep me wondering what is really going on without keeping me up at night with nightmares.  Etude is a beautifully written story.  The teaser at the end left me hanging and I am anxiously waiting for Intermezzo to be released.

Jewelz' Review:Beth Arrington is no ordinary young woman. Once an accomplished classical pianist, at 19 she moves to Anderson, Wyoming to live with her uncle and complete her senior year of high school that she missed out on following a tragic car accident. A car accident that had her in a coma for 7 months, damaged her left hand to the point that it is now useless, and left her without a mother. Etude is a very complex book - in fact, one could arguably consider it an "etude" in it's own right. It begins a little slow, with only hints of the complexity that lies underneath the story of a young woman who has recently lost her mother and moved to a new state to finish high school. As Beth gets to know more people in Anderson: Darla, Eric, Jonathan, Grace, more of the intricacies of the situation are revealed. And once questions begin to be answered, things move rapidly and then get even more complex until it comes to a climactic end. Ms. Morgan leaves the reader satisfied, yet desperate for more.I loved getting to know Beth along with her family and friends. Her relationships are dynamic and realistic. Beth is a wonderful, flawed heroine and Jonathan is perfectly imperfect. At times I think he's too good to be true, and then something happens, or is revealed that makes me remember he's not - he has struggles and weaknesses too. Carl is a breath of fresh air, a wonderful friend/cousin to Beth & even a bit of comic relief. Darla brings a much needed element of teenage normalcy to Beth's life and Eric  - he's so much more than what I originally thought. His character developed in ways I wouldn't have imagined. I love the obvious thought and care that went into plotting Etude. There are themes of music, science & spirituality; and these themes intertwine & overlap fluidly without discord and without feeling forced. The "paranormal" realm and mythology are well-constructed and have solid foundations in reality that helps to bring believability to the story and allows the reader to become immersed in the world Ms Morgan has created. I am very much looking forward to the sequel - Intermezzo!

Read an excerpt from Etude here

buy Etude on Amazon here

Eleanor's Secret FREE on Amazon

Eleanor's Secret - the prequel to Intermezzo
Two weeks... that's all Jonathan said he needed. For two weeks Grace and Jonathan would hide me from an enemy that until recently I didn't even know existed. It sounded logical, but when has love ever proved to be logical? The catch? Grace's plan involved traveling—and traveling meant taking a trip back in time to Marensburg, Pennsylvania, where Jonathan grew up more than 150 years ago. The idea was scary, but kinda cool.

Grace's plan was simple. While I hide in the past, Jonathan would stay in present-day Andersen where he'd train a special regiment of Lebas to fight against the legion of intruders who (according to Eric) are on their way to destroy me. Why me? And why a whole legion? When I finally discovered the answers to those questions it put everyone's nerves on edge. But Jonathan believed keeping me safe would help him focus, so I was willing to go.But nothing is ever simple. I knew something was wrong when I discovered my mortal body couldn't travel. When I woke up, I was in the body of Eleanor Hastings, Jonathan's first love. I admit that for the first two weeks I didn't mind being Eleanor. Eleanor was beautiful—the absolute embodiment of perfection. More, she had full use of her left hand! But two weeks became three, then four, and eventually months passed with no word from Grace or Jonathan. And where was Eleanor now that I had her body?So, here I am, trapped in 1864 with no way to return to the present. I hope someone, someday, finds this diary. I'm trying not to consider the possibilities of what went wrong, and it's unbearable to accept the only possible explanation that makes any sense—Jonathan and Grace aren't coming because the intruders won. I may never be Beth Arrington again.Oh, Jonathan....

Please note: We received copies from the publisher for our honest reviews

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Winter Queen by Amber Argyle

Blurb~~Becoming a winter queen will make Ilyenna as cold and cruel and deadly as winter itself, but it might be the only way to save her people from a war they have no hope of winning.~

Mortally wounded during a raid, seventeen-year-old Ilyenna is healed by winter fairies who present her with a seductive offer: become one of them and share their power over winter. But that power comes with a price. If she accepts, she will become a force of nature, lose her humanity, and abandon her family.

Unwilling to pay such a high price, Ilyenna is enslaved by one of the invaders, Darrien. While in captivity, she learns the attack wasn’t just a simple raid but part of a larger plot to overthrow her entire nation.

With the enemy stealing over the mountains and Darrien coming to take her to his bed, Ilyenna must decide whether to resurrect the power the fairies left behind. Doing so will allow her to defeat Darrien and the other invaders, but if she embraces winter, she will lose herself to that destroying power—forever

Tifferz Take~
Amber Argyle has crafted a story that is captivating and thrilling. I had to keep reading to find out what would happen next. This is quite the page turner. I was shocked at some of the things Ilyenna and other clans people endure while in the Tyrans land. This story is not for the faint at heart it has grit and is pretty violent, bloody and filled with abuse. Darrin had me fearful for many lives. Rone was amazing and put Ilyenna's needs above his and helped her. The love they share is unbreakable and beautiful. But remember love hurts, and choices are made. I fell in love with the fairies. I have to say the ending was my favorite part of the story. It was magical. I also found the flower from the summer queen unique. The supporting cast were great and I hope that we will see more of them in the future. I hope Ms.Argyle will be creating more stories from this enchanting world. I feel we need to find out how things go for Ilyenna's brother Bratton. You really can't go wrong with a story by Amber Argyle!

Just FYI~ This does not contain any sex.(It is all with the lights out) or swearing. It does have attempted rape, abuse, violence and war. I think it was bloody.

source~ author for review.

you can pick up the kindle book here

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Armor Up LDS Book Review and Blog Tour


“Take upon you my whole armor that ye may be able to withstand the evil day, having done all, that ye may be able to stand.” —D&C 27:15
These words are as true today as they were back in 1830 when Joseph Smith received them in revelation — almost more so as today’s youth face the growing challenges of our society. But now in this compact yet powerful book, today’s most beloved youth speakers explain how wearing that spiritual armor can not only help youth face those difficult challenges in life, but also conquer them.
  • “Girt About with Truth” by Brad Wilcox
  • “A Bulletproof Breastplate” by John Hilton III
  • “Put on Your Gospel Shoes” by Anthony Sweat
  • “Shields Up!” by John Bytheway
  • “Buckle On Your Helmet” by Hank Smith
  • “Your Spiritual Sword” by Laurel Christensen
Filled with quotable quotes and video QR codes, this is the perfect book for those who want to line up on the Lord’s side and Armor Up!

CJz Review:
Armor Up is an amazing read and I felt inspired and uplifted by each chapter that I read!  I honestly wish that I had had this book when I was a teenager.  It is full of great advice and ideas all woven together with scriptures and quotes from the prophets.  It is written in a straight forward manner and geared completely towards youth.  It is even QR codes throughout for more learning!   I loved the challenges to armor up at the end of each chapter to help you apply the principles you just read about.  My husband and I read most of this book together and we thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed out loud at certain parts.  I recommend this book to anyone who wants to become a spiritually stronger person, but I especially recommend it for any youth!  I can't wait to put on my "gospel shoes", tell my hubby that I love him "with all my brain" and "uninstall any third-party apps" that may be causing interference from receiving revelation from the Holy Ghost. Armor Up is a must read!!!

You can pick up your own copy of Armor up via Deseret Book.

Happy Reading!!!

Source:  Publisher for review

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Suit Up Book Review and Blog Tour


The Lord needs more missionaries and He needs better prepared missionaries. He needs YOU!
From the bestselling authors that brought you Armor Up! this unique little book is intended to help teens get ready for all they will encounter as they embark on the unique adventure of missionary work. There has never been a more exciting time to be alive—and there has never been a more exciting time to be a missionary.
In Suit Up, several of your favorite youth speakers share lessons about preparing for a mission based on the scriptural advice contained in Doctrine and Covenants 4. If you're thinking about a mission, if you've already started preparing, or if you've got your call, you'll benefit from the messages and advice in Suit Up.
  • “The Lord’s Marvelous Work” by Hank Smith
  • “Give it Everything You’ve Got” by John Bytheway
  • “I’ll Be What You Want Me to Be” by Jennifer Platt
  • “Thrusting in our Sickle” by Brad Wilcox
  • “The Essential Credentials” by Anthony Sweat
  • “I’m Trying to Be like Jesus” by Laurel Christensen
  • “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” by John Hilton III
Filled with quotable quotes, it’s the perfect book for those who are ready to Suit Up!

CJz Review:

Suit Up is a great read for any perspective missionary, whether they are going to serve a full-time mission or they just want to help spread the gospel!  I found many insights into studying the scriptures, sincere prayer, and showing love and serving others.  I felt like I could relate to each person who was sharing advice because of their personal experiences.  I loved the challenges at the end of each chapter, they were a great way to help prepare now.  Suit Up is a wonderful way for anyone to gear up to be a better missionary!  Truly inspiring, these authors share great tips towards being the best missionary you can be!  
You can pick up your own copy of Suit Up via Deseret Book.

Happy Reading!!!

Source:  Publisher for review

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New Release! Late for the Ball? by Heather Gray

Back Cover Blurb:

Fulfilling one's destiny has never been so…compelling.

Myra is cast aside by her parents, betrothed to a man she's never met, and forced into a life she never wanted. In the midst of it all, she finds herself strangely drawn into something she doesn't entirely understand.
The earl is mocking, demanding and entirely unwilling to break the betrothal.  He speaks in riddles, but by night's end, one thing is clear: He is not who he seems.

Follow Myra into a world of intrigue and hidden meaning. Will she unravel the mystery before time runs out?

As she reached the top of the ostentatious entrance, the Ateliers' butler announced her to the throng. "Lady Myra Sedulous." His voice rang out across the ballroom as she entered. Her name wasn't generally important enough to warrant a deluge of attention. However, being late as she was, more than the normal one or two heads twisted in her direction. Not accustomed to this amount of notice, she made her way over to the refreshments. Myra moved swiftly to avoid conversation but kept her pace unhurried. She effortlessly carried off the look of graceful purpose so many debutantes strived for but failed to capture.
Myra was reaching for a glass of lemonade when a voice stilled her.
"You must be my betrothed." The words had the slightest accent. Myra tried but could not identify it.
Greek, perchance? If a man could sound both immovable and fluid at the same time, this man did. His voice was warm like a rich cup of chocolate yet chilly as the deepest days of winter. A thought flitted through her mind. Devour the chocolate or swear it off for life?
Myra turned to look at the man. Taller than any other at the ball, he was also broad-shouldered and fearsome in appearance. His hair was indeed darker than night. A deep olive color, his skin invited her to reach out and touch it. A shadow of growth covered his jaw, showing his utter disregard for the opinions of others. Determined to smile, she shifted her attention to his eyes and instead felt the corners of her mouth droop as their inky depths burned into her, making her feel transparent and bare. "And you are?" she asked, her voice quivering despite her best efforts to keep it steady.
The man had the gall to throw his head back and laugh. This was not, however, the laugh of a man meeting his betrothed for the first time. It sounded to Myra like the feral cry of a predatory animal. Surely prey about to be devoured could feel no less cornered than she did in that moment. "Why, I am the Earl of Allegory, of course. And you, my dear, are all mine."

Author Bio:
Aside from her long-standing love affair with coffee, Heather’s greatest joys in life are her relationship with her Savior, her family, and writing.  Years ago, she decided it would be better to laugh than yell.  Heather carries that theme over into her writing where she strives to create characters that experience both the highs and lows of life and, through it all, find a way to love God, embrace each day, and laugh out loud right along with her.

Buy Links:
Available in all electronic formats (for Kindle, Nook & other e-readers) for only 50¢ from Astraea Press.!/~/product/category=662245&id=24651949 

Where to Find Me:
Goodreads –