Monday, May 27, 2013

Comes the Southern Revolution by James R. Elstad

Blurb from the book:

Just prior to his death Robert E. Lee, concerned about his grandson’s naiveté, selected twelve men from the Southern Aristocracy, to advise the lad.
These men, chosen from all walks of life were to give the young man a well-rounded, enlightened education.
It wasn’t long before “The Council”, as it came known, twisted the General’s intent and set the South on a 150 year quest to resume, “The War Between The States”.
They started out small, but as each generation built on the successes of their ancestors, they created a secret society more complex than any conspiracy buff could ever imagine. By the 1970s The Council controlled many banks and corporations. They had research and development companies working with the military to develop the latest technology. All to one end, to reclaim the South from the federal occupation forces.
After being taken to the mountain top and being offered the world, Jefferson Hampton Lee, great-great-great-great-grandson of Robert E. Lee, became totally consumed in fulfilling his destiny. He used the federal military to give him the necessary training and background. With The Council’s money and influence he manipulated politicians and special interest groups to further his goals.
Realizing the coordination of such a massive under-taking required an equal amount of influence, Jefferson set his sights on becoming the Chief of the National Guard Bureau in Washington, DC. From this pinnacle of power, he could travel around the world moving his chess pieces into place, as he progressed toward his destiny.
Understanding that dealing with the slavery issue will be crucial to his success, Jefferson offered five acres of excess federal land to any person who can prove they have at least 25% slave ancestry. Will blacks rally to Jefferson’s call? Will he be able to pull off a surprise attack that will rival Pearl Harbor? Will the Federals be able to recover from a massive blow to their military, economy, and prestige?
White supremacists, Greenpeace, The Tea Party, and the like, are all funded by Jefferson and The Council.
Only time will tell. Time, and the upcoming action/adventure novel, “Comes the Southern Revolution.”

You can find out more about author James R. Elstad via his website.

You can pick up a copy of Comes the Southern Revolution here.

Happy Reading!!!

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