Friday, May 10, 2013

A Deal with the Devil by Abby Matisse, Book Review by CJz

Blurb from the book:

A woman in trouble.
Amanda Wilson is in trouble and as usual, it has everything to do with her irresponsible brother. So she heads to her best friend’s cabin in Lake Geneva for a weekend of solitude and soul-searching. But she didn’t count on the blizzard or the unexpected arrival of the man who broke her heart. The man she's come to think of as the devil. 

A man from her past.
Fresh out of the Navy SEALs, Jake Lowell is ready to start his own business using his trust fund as seed money. But his grandfather has other ideas and changed the terms, requiring Jake to marry before he gets access. Now he needs a plan. But first, he has to head to Lake Geneva where his ex is vacationing, ignoring all the weather bulletins and her best friend’s calls, pleading with her to come home.

A deal that changes everything.
Getting stranded in Lake Geneva wasn’t part of Jake’s plan. Neither was his proposal. And he definitely hadn’t expected her to agree, but she did. Now they must deal with unresolved feelings and the issues that tore them apart a year ago. Jake’s proposal seemed like the perfect solution for both of them but it’s soon clear their harmless little engagement deal is far more complicated than either could have imagined.

CJz Review:

The book had my interest from the beginning and it ended up being an easy read.  Amanda is driving in the snow in the middle of nowhere trying to get away from her problems.  I wanted to know what problems were so bad that she had to run away from them!  Then enters sexy ex-boyfriend , recently returned Navy SEAL, Jake Lowell.  What a hottie!  Yet he broke Amanda's heart and she wants nothing to do with him...or does she?  The story was easy to follow, there were enough problems that needed solving to keep my interest.  The dynamic between Amanda and Jake was explosive at times and I really enjoyed their banter.  Faking an engagement was a crazy idea and I was surprised how quickly it was introduced into the story.  It seemed like I had barely met the characters before this hair-brained idea was brought up; I definitely think it could have waited until we knew them a little bit more. 

I absolutely loved Amanda and her best friend Kate's friendship.  Everyone should have a best friend like Kate who keeps you in line and tells it to you straight!  Kate was my favorite character hands down!  I felt like the ending was a little too neat and some issues were resolved too easily.  There were some writing inconsistencies in the beginning of the book that  bugged me.   The electricity went out and there is no generator.  Characters go out for wood and one sprains an ankle.  Then character turns on the tv?!?   It was enough to bother me, but others may not have noticed.  However,  I enjoyed the overall premise of the story and I would definitely read anther book by Abby Matisse!  Three and a half stars!

Rating:  Mild cussing/ sexual references

I received a copy of this book for free, this is my honest review.

You can pick up your own copy of A Deal with the Devil via Amazon.

Happy Reading!!!

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