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The Hunted by Peter Clenott


Searching for a downed helicopter in the primordial rain forest of the Amazon, a geological survey for the mining company Free Amazonia discovers the remnants of an indigenous tribe. All that survives of this tribe are five individuals: the elderly shaman Antanajo; two young boys, Tinqo and Ushon; Weihexa, a seven-year old girl with unusual gifts; and a newborn whose name is Suyape. Against their will, the five Ipanao Indians are brought to the nearest medical center. In depth examinations show one disturbing thing. There is something wrong with their DNA.

A half world away David and Cecelia Goncalves are studying another recently discovered tribe lost to the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Cecelia is going for her PhD studying ‘non-contacteds’, tribes with little or no contact with 21st century civilization, who happen to live in environments put at risk by the modern world. Unbeknownst to the Goncalveses, the Kerawan share a significant trait with the Ipanao. When Cecelia and David learn of the discovery of a previously unknown indigenous group from their home country, they leave New Guinea and rush to the Amazon to confront the Ipanao.

THE HUNTED is the young adult novel of Suyape Goncalves, adopted and brought to the United States by Cecelia and David Concalves. Now 17, an average American teenager, she has been protected by her adopted parents. She knows only that she was found in the Amazon but knows nothing of Weihexa, Tinqo and Ushon. But she has made accidental contact with other indigenous kids: Anana, the Inuit; Anni Kristina of the Finland Sami; Apanie, the Australian aborigine; Tran Xuan Chai of the Ruc; and Tegay, an Ethiopian Surma. They all share one genetic trait, a trait handed down for tens of thousands of years, dispersed to the survivors of those who witnessed the landing of a strange people during the time of the last ice age. These survivors, now scattered and living in the last pockets of earth free from civilization, are being hunted. For buried in their DNA, locked in the recesses of their minds, lies the secret to the forebears of humanity, forebears who want the earth back.  

In the language of the Ipanao, Suyape means ‘she remembers’. And Suyape Goncalves does remember. In fact, under the right circumstances, she can remember everything from the birth of her people to the present. As Free Amazonia begins destroying the pristine rain forest in search of precious metal, as the world’s ecosystem is endangered by global warming, and as the unseen enemy known as the hunters bear down on them, Suyape and her friends must unite, discover the truth of their past, and defeat the enemies of the earth, human and otherwise. THE HUNTED will be a series of novels each one pitting Suyape, her non-contacted friends, her fun-loving sister Fabia and her boyfriends Brian Gendron and Quasar Onyuko, against different forces that would alter the environment for profit and for survival. For the earth and all of its inhabitants, what Suyape Goncalves remembers may be all that lies between them and extinction.

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In the Spotlight by Liz Botts

When sixteen year old Hannah Brewster lands the lead in the school musical she hopes it will be the perfect chance to get the attention of her family and her long time crush, Kyle. The only problem is that school super star, Josh Larson, has been cast opposite her, and he seems to like her as more than just a cast mate.

As Hannah and Josh grow closer, things between Hannah and Kyle get complicated. When Hannah realizes that Kyle is not who she thought he was, she also realizes that she just might like Josh as more than just a friend.

Will Hannah and Josh be able to overcome their obstacles and admit their feelings before the musical ends?

jewelz:) review:
This is a fun YA novel that follows a high school junior, Hannah Brewster, as she navigates the treacherous waters of teenage love. Of course, such a journey is fraught with drama - which Hannah should be well equipped to handle since she is a "drama kid". Hannah's a typical teenage girl who has had a crush on Kyle for about 3 years now. She has loved him from afar & hopes to get his attention this year by auditioning for the female lead in the school musical that he wrote. Then there's Josh, new transfer to the high school & sports all-star who manages to also audition for the musical and land the lead male role (much to the chagrin of Kyle).

I loved that this novel had a definite "teenage vibe" going. It read and felt like a teenage romance. I think that sometimes adults read YA expecting the kids to act like adults do, when teenage romance is a completely different beast. Teens are easily blinded by love and are often fickle in love too. I felt that the plot was solid and that there was decent character development.

I'll admit that I got a bit frustrated with Hannah, but once again - it's typical teenage behavior, so it's to be expected. There was definitely some variety in Hannah's family. Drama and general family craziness kept it light and fun. I did appreciate how Hannah and her mom were able to have a conversation around Harlow and her influence on the younger girls and how their parents interacted with them. That interaction is one example that helped to give a bit of depth to the story.

What I didn't like as much: 3 things in particular. First, Grandma and Duke. It's one thing for Grandma to be dating a man 30 years her junior. It's another thing entirely when Duke meets Grandma at a strip club, where he works, when she participates in "amateur night". Not exactly something I would expect in YA clean fiction. My second beef is with the party scene. Hannah is a junior in high school. Her older sister Harlow is a junior in college. Harlow brings Hannah to a party where the first thing Harlow does is drink two shots out of another girl's belly button and then takes off with a guy, not to be seen again that night. This book is labeled as "clean", but in my opinion this is not appropriate content for clean YA. Finally, the end. Specifically the fact that a freshman girl, her upperclassman boyfriend, and then a junior along with her boyfriend all fly out to Las Vegas together. Really? Once again, just not what I would expect from clean YA.

Over all a fun and enjoyable read.

(source: picked up when it was free on smashwords)

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Comes the Southern Revolution by James R. Elstad

Blurb from the book:

Just prior to his death Robert E. Lee, concerned about his grandson’s naiveté, selected twelve men from the Southern Aristocracy, to advise the lad.
These men, chosen from all walks of life were to give the young man a well-rounded, enlightened education.
It wasn’t long before “The Council”, as it came known, twisted the General’s intent and set the South on a 150 year quest to resume, “The War Between The States”.
They started out small, but as each generation built on the successes of their ancestors, they created a secret society more complex than any conspiracy buff could ever imagine. By the 1970s The Council controlled many banks and corporations. They had research and development companies working with the military to develop the latest technology. All to one end, to reclaim the South from the federal occupation forces.
After being taken to the mountain top and being offered the world, Jefferson Hampton Lee, great-great-great-great-grandson of Robert E. Lee, became totally consumed in fulfilling his destiny. He used the federal military to give him the necessary training and background. With The Council’s money and influence he manipulated politicians and special interest groups to further his goals.
Realizing the coordination of such a massive under-taking required an equal amount of influence, Jefferson set his sights on becoming the Chief of the National Guard Bureau in Washington, DC. From this pinnacle of power, he could travel around the world moving his chess pieces into place, as he progressed toward his destiny.
Understanding that dealing with the slavery issue will be crucial to his success, Jefferson offered five acres of excess federal land to any person who can prove they have at least 25% slave ancestry. Will blacks rally to Jefferson’s call? Will he be able to pull off a surprise attack that will rival Pearl Harbor? Will the Federals be able to recover from a massive blow to their military, economy, and prestige?
White supremacists, Greenpeace, The Tea Party, and the like, are all funded by Jefferson and The Council.
Only time will tell. Time, and the upcoming action/adventure novel, “Comes the Southern Revolution.”

You can find out more about author James R. Elstad via his website.

You can pick up a copy of Comes the Southern Revolution here.

Happy Reading!!!

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The Obvious Game by Rita Arens

THE OBVIOUS GAME (InkSpell Publishing, 2013)

“Everyone trusted me back then. Good old, dependable Diana. Which is why most people didn’t notice at first.”
"Your shirt is yellow."
"Your eyes are blue."
"You have to stop running away from your problems." 
"You're too skinny."
Fifteen-year-old Diana Keller accidentally begins teaching The Obvious Game to new kid Jesse on his sixteenth birthday. As she buries her shock about her mother's fresh cancer diagnosis in cookbooks, peach schnapps and Buns of Steel workouts, Diana both seduces athlete Jesse and shoves him away under the guise of her carefully constructed sentences. As their relationship deepens, Diana avoids Jesse's past with her own secrets -- which she'll protect at any cost. Will Diana and Jesse's love survive his wrestling obsession and the Keller family's chaos, or will all their important details stay buried beneath a game? 
Praise for The Obvious Game:
"Lovely, evocative, painful and joyful all  in one ... much like high school." --Jenny Lawson, author of LET'S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED 
“I couldn’t put down THE OBVIOUS GAME. Arens perfectly captures the hunger, pain and uncertainty of adolescence.” -- Ann Napolitano, author of A GOOD HARD LOOK and WITHIN ARM'S REACH
"THE OBVIOUS GAME is a fearless, honest, and intense look into the psychology of anorexia. The characters—especially Diana--are so natural and emotionally authentic that you’ll find yourself yelling at the page even as you’re compelled to turn it." -- Coert Voorhees, author of LUCKY FOOLS and THE BROTHERS TORRES
"Let’s be clear about one thing: there’s nothing obvious about THE OBVIOUS GAME. Arens has written a moving, sometimes heart-breaking story about one girl’s attempt to control the uncontrollable. You can’t help but relate to Diana and her struggles as you delve into this gem of a novel." -- Risa Green, author of THE SECRET SOCIETY OF THE PINK CRYSTAL BALL
"THE OBVIOUS GAME explores the chasms between conformity and independence, faith and fear, discoveries and secrets, first times and last chances, hunger and satisfaction. The tortured teenage experience is captured triumphantly within the pages of this unflinching, yet utterly relatable, novel. -Erica Rivera, author of INSATIABLE: A YOUNG MOTHER’S STRUGGLE WITH ANOREXIA 

Book Information:
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
Release Date: Feb 7th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9856562-7-0 (ebook), 978-0-9856562-8-7 (Paperback)
Paperback Price: $13.99
Kindle: $4.99
Website/blog: or

And here's a short excerpt!

When we were in seventh grade, Amanda and I snuck out of her house one foggy Saturday night to meet her boyfriend, Matt. We spent more time planning our escape than we did actually conducting it.
We’d made a list while pretending to do our homework:
Wrap flashlights with black electrical tape. (check)
Make fake bodies out of pillows to hide in our sleeping bags. (check)
Booby-trap her bedroom door with string across the threshold so we could see if her mom had tried to check on us. (check)
Assemble all-black outfits, complete with stocking caps, so we would blend in with the shadows as we walked. (check)
Arrange the rendezvous point ahead of time with Matt: the third-grade playground at the elementary school. (check)
It wasn’t until we’d successfully shimmied down the fence, jogged the four blocks up the street, and seen Matt sitting there alone on the seesaw that I realized I had nothing at all to do while they giggled and kissed. I’d been so caught up in the planning portion of our escape that I didn’t notice how pathetic my part in it seemed.
I twirled on the swings across the playground and out of view, once again pretending to be totally cool with it. The thing was, though, I wasn’t cool with it. I felt about as important as the guy who wrote the cooking instructions for Pop-Tarts.
We probably would’ve stayed there for hours if I hadn’t finally strode over to the jungle gym, coughing and kicking rocks as I went. Amanda poked her head out.
“What’s up, Diana?”
“Can we go soon? I forgot to bring a book.”
Her expectant smile turned sour. “Okay,” she finally said, disappearing in the darkness. “Just five more minutes.”
I wandered to the edge of the playground, thought about turning back on my own, letting her get caught out there by herself. But I wouldn’t. That’s what friends are for. She knew it. I knew it.
Everyone trusted me. Good old dependable Diana. Which was why most people didn’t notice at first that I was in trouble.

The Obvious Game Playlist
Chapter 1: Pride by White Lion (1987) – When the Children Cry
Chapter 2: Appetite for Destruction by Guns N’ Roses (1987) – Welcome to the Jungle
Chapter 3: Scarecrow by John Mellencamp (1985) – Small Town
Chapter 4: True Colors by Cyndi Lauper (1986) – True Colors
Chapter 5: Can’t Hold Back by Eddie Money (1986) – Take Me Home Tonight
Chapter 6: Hysteria by Def Leppard (1987) – Hysteria
Chapter 7: Nothing’s Shocking by Jane’s Addiction (1988) – Jane Says
Chapter 8: Just Like the First Time by Freddie Jackson (1986) – Have You Ever Loved Somebody
Chapter 9: Use Your Illusion by Guns N’Roses (1991) – November Rain
Chapter 10: Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf (1977) – Bat Out of Hell
Chapter 11: Head Games by Foreigner (1979) – Dirty White Boy
Chapter 12: Faith by George Michael (1987) – Monkey
Chapter 13: Cuts Like a Knife by Bryan Adams (1983) – Straight From the Heart
Chapter 14: Double Vision by Foreigner (1978) – Hot Blooded
Chapter 15: Disintegration by The Cure (1989) – Fascination Street
Chapter 16: Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe (1990) – Poison
Chapter 17: Achtung Baby by U2 (1991) -- Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?
Chapter 18: Nevermind by Nirvana (1991) – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Chapter 19: Listen Without Prejudice by George Michael (1990) – Something to Save
Chapter 20: Out of Time by R.E.M. (1991) – Losing My Religion
Chapter 21: The Way It Is by Bruce Hornsby (1986) –  Mandolin Rain
Chapter 22: Infected by The The (1986) – Out of the Blue (Into the Fire)
Chapter 23: Strange Fire by Indigo Girls (1989) – Strange Fire
Chapter 24: Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos (1992) -- China

Eating Disorder Resources

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Winner of the Rachel Van Dyken Prize Pack!

Tifferz and Her Sisterz are pleased to announce the winner of our Rachel Van Dyken Prize Pack:

Congratulations Janice H.

Our winner has been contacted and confirmed and the prize pack will be mailed out this week.

Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway and make sure you "like" us on Facebook and subscribe to the blog so you can enter our next giveaway!

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Imaginable By J. Meyers

Twins Sera and Luke Raine’s unusual abilities are growing. Sera is healing vampires now, making them human again. And, at times, Luke can actually change the future he Sees.

But Sera’s healing has dangerous consequences, and though Luke is altering the outcome of more visions, he can’t control them yet.

Now Sera is in danger as the dark creatures of the Realm seek to use her. As Luke struggles to master his gift in order to save his sister, he discovers even more about his powers.

And what he learns just may put him in greater danger than Sera has ever been.

Tifferz Take~
 You must read book one first Intangible to follow this amazing story!
This is a gripping story that had me on the edge of me seat the entire time.  I loved all the magickal creatures in this book such as vampires, goblins, shadows (that are really creepy and can manipulate your thoughts) witches,humans, Regia, light elf's, dark elf's,dwarves and many other creatures. Some of my favorite parts of the book took place in the Realm. I was enchanted how everything is more vivid, beautiful and that it is a heavenly place. I like how the twins had to grow in the powers they have. They actually work at developing them!I like how bad things happen and people do get hurt. It makes the book so real to me.  I love the dynamic between Luke and Fey and then Sera and Jonas. Sparks fly!  I am waiting for the next installment and hope it does not take too long. J. Meyers has hit a home run with this book!

source~ author for review

you can pick up the kindle book here

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Turth or Date by Susan Hatler

 Better Date than Never series, Book #2)

Gina Hall is done with men who won’t commit. Ten years waiting for her ex to propose wasted her time. Never again. When her friend Kristen starts a game of Truth or Dare, she dares Gina to go on a date with Ethan, who’s amazing and total marriage material.

As Gina plans the going away party for office playboy Chris Bradley, she spontaneously initiates a game of Truth or Dare with him. When his turn comes around, he dares Gina to pose as his girlfriend to help get a flirty colleague off his back. Gina finds playing couple with Chris way too much fun.

Even though Gina and Chris are pretending, their relationship begins to feel painfully real. Fearing she might be falling for another fly-by man, Gina must focus on Ethan so she doesn’t make the same dating mistakes all over again.

Tifferz Take~

What a well written story that captured me. I think this is such a sweet story with humor! Gina writes off men after a 10 year dead end relationship. But, her friend Ellen is getting married and Gina needs a date for the occasion. What unfolds is a story that had my cracking up! But also has some hot moments with Gina and Chris!! The tension is thick as a malt shake!! Yummy! Truth or Date has stuck with my like ice cream! If you love a sweet romance Truth or Date is not to be missed. Pick it up! Ms. Hatler I hope you are writing Kristen's book as I need it!!
This book stands alone nicely but it is better to read book one!
Just FYI~ Contains NO sex or swearing

Source ~ amazon
You can pick up the kindle book here 

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Shatter Release Party!

Sometimes the only way to heal... is to shatter. Rock star Alec Daniels has it all. Love, fame, money... But being in the limelight isn't all it’s cracked up to be, and after one bad choice comes back to haunt him he is left picking up the pieces of his carefully constructed life. Now he faces the toughest decision of his life: Deal with his mistake like a man, or dive back into the dark hole of depression, drugs, and denial that have been his comfort for so long. One wrong move could destroy everything. His girlfriend, his family, and his future. And just for fun, here's a tiny excerpt: Her eyes widened a bit when I purposefully flexed my arm and then she looked down, a beautiful pink blush staining her cheeks. “Remember how I feel about your blushing?” I whispered, trying with very ounce of self-control I possessed, not to make a complete fool of myself and toss her over my shoulder cave-man style. “Is it the same way you felt last night about—” “—And we’re done.” My brother Demetri cleared his throat, appearing out of nowhere. “Can a person un-hear something? Anyone? Anyone?” He shook his head as if that would make everything go away and cursed. “Seriously, I’m almost embarrassed for the sand.” “Why the hell would you be embarrassed for the sand?” I rolled my eyes and pulled Nat into my embrace, trailing my hands down her arms. I couldn’t get enough of her. Not by a long shot. Even touching her was enough to send my control out the window. Ha, she thought I had control. No. What I had was a lot of guilt that made me feel the need to control every damn situation until I thought I was going to shatter. “Because you guys were all…” Demetri put his hands in the air and scowled. “Fornicating.” “Fornicating?” I laughed, a bit thrown off that he not only knew a four-syllable word but the meaning behind it. “How the hell does one fornicate without—” “—Okay, sorry to break this weird love triangle up…” Jaymeson stepped beside Nat and me. “But we’re supposed to go over to the bonfire and pretend to be bonding.” Jaymeson was an action star from the UK and one of our good friends. At least he was someone I could count on during all of the chaos that was our lives. I was actually relieved when they asked him to be part of the show. Against popular opinion, he was actually a really clean-cut guy. He never did drugs, never drank, and spent every Easter with his ninety-year-old grandma. Sometimes I hated that he made it look so easy. Fame wasn’t a big deal to him. Granted, he also slept with anything that looked cross-eyed at him, but whatever. He claimed it was because Americans were easy. “Ah, reality TV at its finest,” I muttered back to him. “Cheers.” Jaymeson winked at Nat and then slapped my ass. I lunged for him but Nat’s hand slipped to where Jaymeson’s hand had been, making me totally lose my train of thought. I sighed and kissed Nat gently across the lips. Her wet tongue licked my bottom lip and then slipped into my mouth. I wanted to throw her onto the ground. “And we’ve come full circle.” Demetri cleared his throat. “Back to fornicating.” I groaned against Nat’s mouth and cursed. “Do you really have nothing better to do than sit here and watch us fornicate? Really, Demetri? Is life that boring without drugs?” Because of me, my brother had nearly killed himself last year and was finally out of rehab. I couldn’t take credit for pulling him out of his funk — nope, that honor went to Alyssa. She challenged him enough to grow a pair and put on his big boy pants. Demetri’s wide smile did nothing for my mood. He pulled out a piece of taffy and winked. “Just getting you back for walking in on me and Alyssa.” It’s possible I’d been ruining my brother’s mojo purposefully just to piss him off. I’d happily take that to my grave. “Dude, you were moving slower than a snail.” I smirked and made a slow crawling gesture with my hands. Laughter bubbled out of Nat. “So true.” Demetri cursed. “If a snail is a kick-ass-ninja-track-athlete, then yeah. I was moving just like that.” “Did he just compare himself to a ninja snail?” A female voice said from behind us. We all turned. Alyssa, Demetri’s’ girlfriend, was shaking her head and laughing. “Wow, wonders never cease. What were you yesterday, Demetri? A turtle, was it?” “A turtle?” I repeated. All eyes turned to Demetri. My brother’s eyes hooded with desire. “You can ride my shell anytime, you—” “Children!” Jaymeson yelled from the bonfire. “If you’re all done getting in each other’s pants, we’ve got some fake filming to do for the future leaders of America!” “Truer words have never been said.” Nat nodded solemnly. “What we do, we do for our country,” I agreed as I grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it. “Later though?” She winked. “Oh, I promise.” a Rafflecopter giveaway

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We are so excited to participate in this blog hop to celebrate Rachel Van Dyken getting a 4 book contract with Grand Central Publishing!

Tifferz and Jewelz had the amazing opportunity to meet Rachel at the RT Booklovers Convention in Kansas City, MO 2 weeks ago. Rachel is just as amazing as we knew she would be.  We are so happy for her that she has signed a contract for The Bet & its sequel The Wager, along with Elite and its sequel Elect.

In celebration of Rachel's success we are giving away the following prize pack that includes: 2 signed paperback books from Rachel (Elite and Wolf's Pursuit), 1 signed paperback copy of Wayward Soul by Kim Bowman & additional swag that is pictured: bookmark, postcard, & trading cards . Enter using the rafflecopter below - Good Luck!
NOTE: You can enter every day during the Bloghop

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cover Reveal Working It Out by Rachael Anderson!!!

Author Rachael Renee Anderson

Rachael Anderson is the author of four books: Divinely Designed, Luck of the Draw, Minor Adjustments, and The Reluctant Bachelorette. She's the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can't sing, doesn't dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.

Working It Out
A chance encounter . . . 
Grace Warren's life is safe and predictable—exactly the way she likes it. But when she gets roped into going to an auction to help out a friend, everything changes. She meets Seth Tuttle—a guy who unexpectedly kisses her then disappears, leaving her flustered and upset. If she never sees him again, it will be too soon.

A chance for love . . .  
Weeks later, when Seth limps into Grace's rehab clinic post surgery, she immediately recognizes him. Unfortunately, he's every bit as frustrating and annoying as she remembered. Yet there's something about him that makes her second-guess her carefully placed boundaries even though he's everything she's sure she doesn't want in a man. But maybe Seth is exactly what Grace has needed all along—assuming she's willing to risk safe and predictable for a chance at love.

Giveaway Details
Enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash
Ends 5/31/13

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Elite by Rachel Van Dyken

When I won the annual Eagle Elite College Scholarship lottery, I was thrilled. After all, my grandma had just died and I wanted to take care of my aging grandpa -- he couldn't be a farmer in Wyoming forever. And graduating from Eagle Elite meant opportunity.
But I wasn't counting on meeting Nixon.

Nor was I counting on the rules of the Elect.

1. Do not touch The Elect.
2. Do not look at The Elect.
3. Do not speak to The Elect.

And worst of all? Don't discover the secret they hide, because in the end, you may just realize... it's about you.

*This is a New Adult Book, blood, violence, cursing, sexual references, and drug use. Not recommended for those under 17.*

Tifferz Take~
This is the best written book I have read all year!!!! I am totally obsessing about this book. It would make an awesome movie. I found a connection with Trace instantly! She doesn't let people walk all over her. She speaks her mind and she is feisty but naive and I would not have her any other way. Trace has flaws like all of us and I think that made her more real to me. I will be honest I did not like Nixon, Chase, Tex or Phoenix right off the bat. It took awhile for them to grow on me. I loved Monroe!!! She is so good and nice just what Trace needed in a roommate! She takes Trace under her wing.

Trace really goes through a lot of crap. I was glad Nixon mad things right. He is not perfect and has flaws and a past to overcome. Some of my favorite scenes are the shopping trip and picnic! They were so thoughtful and they really made me smile. I won't lie I did like the car chase. It was thrilling.

I will tell you all I had no idea what I was getting into with this book and I LOVED IT and am OBSESSED with it! I can not get it out of my head. I don't want it out of my head. I think I will die waiting til book two comes out in November. If you read this story you need to make sure you will not have any interruptions. This story has romance, mystery, tragedy, heart wrenching events and so many funny moments. I had moments I was sitting on the edge of my chair and moments that had me cracking up! To be honest I have not felt so many emotions reading a book in so long. This story made me want to jump inside and be a part of it! Elite is original and THE BEST BOOK I HAVE READ THIS YEAR SO FAR!

Just FYI~ does not contain any sex but does have~ blood, violence, cursing, sexual references, and drug use. Not recommended for those under 17.

Source~ author for review


OH. MY. WORD. I should have known better than to pick up a Rachel Van Dyken book to read at night. I stayed up until 1:30 A.M. to finish! Because I literally could NOT STOP READING!!!! I kept thinking, just one more chapter...that didn't happen! This story was literally a roller coaster ride that I didn't want to end! In fact, I need the next book, like last night at 1:30, hint hint Rachel! The characters were amazing, I loved Trace from the beginning, she had spunk that I admired and Nixon I loved to hate...until I got to know him! Chase and Monroe, Tex and Phoenix, they were all different and fun as well. I felt like I was a part of the Elite world that Rachel Van Dyken created. This book seriously had me crying (I don't cry easily), laughing out loud and scared as heck. I loved the mystery and trying to put all of the pieces together. I am going to read this book again...tonight! I know, but it was that fabulous! I promise this book will exceed your expectations and leave you wanting more....a whole lot more! Hurry Rachel (PLEASE) because I am dying right now, and I need more Trace, Nixon, Monroe, Grandpa, Chase and Tex. I cannot get this world out of my head, it was so realistically created! The story keeps re-playing in my mind like a movie. BEST BOOK I HAVE READ THIS YEAR! Can I give a book ten stars? I want to, but five is the max so five bright shiny stars for an awesome read!!!

I was lucky and received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. I would have gladly paid for this book!

Rating: Cussing, violence, sexual references.

 you can purchase the kindle book here

For more infor on Rachel Van Dyken click here

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A Deal with the Devil by Abby Matisse, Book Review by CJz

Blurb from the book:

A woman in trouble.
Amanda Wilson is in trouble and as usual, it has everything to do with her irresponsible brother. So she heads to her best friend’s cabin in Lake Geneva for a weekend of solitude and soul-searching. But she didn’t count on the blizzard or the unexpected arrival of the man who broke her heart. The man she's come to think of as the devil. 

A man from her past.
Fresh out of the Navy SEALs, Jake Lowell is ready to start his own business using his trust fund as seed money. But his grandfather has other ideas and changed the terms, requiring Jake to marry before he gets access. Now he needs a plan. But first, he has to head to Lake Geneva where his ex is vacationing, ignoring all the weather bulletins and her best friend’s calls, pleading with her to come home.

A deal that changes everything.
Getting stranded in Lake Geneva wasn’t part of Jake’s plan. Neither was his proposal. And he definitely hadn’t expected her to agree, but she did. Now they must deal with unresolved feelings and the issues that tore them apart a year ago. Jake’s proposal seemed like the perfect solution for both of them but it’s soon clear their harmless little engagement deal is far more complicated than either could have imagined.

CJz Review:

The book had my interest from the beginning and it ended up being an easy read.  Amanda is driving in the snow in the middle of nowhere trying to get away from her problems.  I wanted to know what problems were so bad that she had to run away from them!  Then enters sexy ex-boyfriend , recently returned Navy SEAL, Jake Lowell.  What a hottie!  Yet he broke Amanda's heart and she wants nothing to do with him...or does she?  The story was easy to follow, there were enough problems that needed solving to keep my interest.  The dynamic between Amanda and Jake was explosive at times and I really enjoyed their banter.  Faking an engagement was a crazy idea and I was surprised how quickly it was introduced into the story.  It seemed like I had barely met the characters before this hair-brained idea was brought up; I definitely think it could have waited until we knew them a little bit more. 

I absolutely loved Amanda and her best friend Kate's friendship.  Everyone should have a best friend like Kate who keeps you in line and tells it to you straight!  Kate was my favorite character hands down!  I felt like the ending was a little too neat and some issues were resolved too easily.  There were some writing inconsistencies in the beginning of the book that  bugged me.   The electricity went out and there is no generator.  Characters go out for wood and one sprains an ankle.  Then character turns on the tv?!?   It was enough to bother me, but others may not have noticed.  However,  I enjoyed the overall premise of the story and I would definitely read anther book by Abby Matisse!  Three and a half stars!

Rating:  Mild cussing/ sexual references

I received a copy of this book for free, this is my honest review.

You can pick up your own copy of A Deal with the Devil via Amazon.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Release, Suddenly You by Cecilia Gray!!

Blurb from the book:

Fanny doesn't want to be at The Jane Austen Academy. She intends to lay low until graduation when she can try out for the Olympic track team. She doesn't need friends or love. She only needs her running.

But The Academy is in danger. In an effort to save it, Fanny joins forces with the friends she never knew she wanted. Suddenly, Fanny finds herself center stage in the middle of the Academy's biggest love triangle as the lead in the school play...only this track star can't afford to break a leg.

This is the newest release in Cecilia Gray's Jane Austen Academy Series!  I highly recommend this series or anything that author Cecilia Gray has written!  You will find her books are easy to read and leave you satisfied yet wanting more!  

You can pick up your own copy of Suddenly You via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

You can find out more about author Cecilia Gray via her website!

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our winner is....

gfc daveshir2005

Congrats and I hope you enjoy Every Girl Does It By Rachel Van Dyken!!!

A HUGE Thank You to all who entered and Rachel Van Dyken for the donation.

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Tifferz And Her Sisterz!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

FREE Truth or Date by Susan Hatler!!!!!


 (Better Date than Never series, Book #2)

Gina Hall is done with men who won’t commit. Ten years waiting for her ex to propose wasted her time. Never again. When her friend Kristen starts a game of Truth or Dare, she dares Gina to go on a date with Ethan, who’s amazing and total marriage material.

As Gina plans the going away party for office playboy Chris Bradley, she spontaneously initiates a game of Truth or Dare with him. When his turn comes around, he dares Gina to pose as his girlfriend to help get a flirty colleague off his back. Gina finds playing couple with Chris way too much fun.

Even though Gina and Chris are pretending, their relationship begins to feel painfully real. Fearing she might be falling for another fly-by man, Gina must focus on Ethan so she doesn’t make the same dating mistakes all over again.

Check to make sure it is still FREE before you buy!
kindle book here

Edenbrooke By Julianne Donaldson

 Marianne Daventry will do anything to escape the boredom of Bath and the amorous attentions of an unwanted suitor. So when an invitation arrives from her twin sister, Cecily, to join her at a sprawling country estate, she jumps at the chance. Thinking she’ll be able to relax and enjoy her beloved English countryside while her sister snags the handsome heir of Edenbrooke. Marianne finds that even the best laid plans can go awry
From a terrifying run-in with a highwayman to a seemingly harmless flirtation, Marianne finds herself embroiled in an unexpected adventure filled with enough romance and intrigue to keep her mind racing. Will Marianne be able to rein in her traitorous heart, or will a mysterious stranger sweep her off her feet? Fate had something other than a relaxing summer in mind when it sent Marianne to Edenbrooke.

Chellz take:
 I loved Edenbrooke!!! I have always enjoyed Regency Romance books and I was in no way disappointed. I enjoyed the easy read and the story flowed easily from chapter to chapter. I found I could identify with Marianne and being one of 4 girls I totally could follow her thinking/feelings about being the “moon” to Cecily’s “sun”. I do wish there was more to the last 2 chapters. The story seemed to wrap up quickly and I found myself re-reading them just to enjoy the “happily ever after”. Definitely pick up Edenbrook and add it to your “books to read.”

There is no language and no sex.

get your kindle copy here

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Nerd Blast for Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck


Back in Oregon, Kelsey tries to pick up the pieces of her life and push aside her feelings for Ren. But danger lurks around the corner, forcing her to return to India where she embarks on a second quest–this time with Ren’s dark, bad-boy brother Kishan, who has also fallen prey to the Tiger’s Curse. Fraught with danger, spellbinding dreams, and choices of the heart, TIGER’S QUEST brings the trio one step closer to breaking the spell that binds them.

 Winner of a Parent’s Choice Award!
Colleen Houck’s New York Times bestselling Tiger’s Curse series has received national praise with the fourth book, Tiger’s Destiny, debuting September 2012. Colleen is a lifelong reader whose literary interests include action, adventure, science fiction, and romance. Formerly a student at the University of Arizona, she has worked as a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter for seventeen years. Colleen lives in Salem, Oregon, with her husband and a huge assortment of plush tigers.


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