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Legend of the Forbidden by JF Jenkins and Legend of the Tribes by JF Jenkins

Danielle Inero is the only female dragon in existence. Destined for greatness, her parents have done everything in their power to keep her grounded and in the dark of the true power within her. She’s in an arranged engagement with her best friend Tyson of the Terran, but in love with her other best friend Ethan, who is Oceina. Her fiancĂ© Tyson doesn’t seem to mind because his eyes are on a beautiful girl named Maya. Ideally, there shouldn’t be a problem.

But politics soon turn everything ugly as the three friends must find a way to make their dreams come true, as well as dodge the backlash of their actions. The governing officials of the dragon world know about the three youth’s destiny, one that is based on an ancient prophecy. While some nations will do everything in their power to make this prophecy a reality, others will do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn’t.

Jewelz’ Review:
Legend of the Forbidden is a bit of a transition novel. It focuses on the next generation of dragons and their relationships. 18 dragon years have passed since the end of the previous book and the “kids” Ethan, Danielle, and Tyson are all getting together with family to celebrate Ethan & Danielle’s birthdays. There are all kinds of love-triangle-type stuff going on which is at once enjoyable and frustrating, but in a good way. Ms Jenkins doesn’t follow the road oft travelled with these relationships.  This adds an element of anticipation and keeps the reader engaged in the plot.

Since the previous book tied up the myth regarding the “touched” dragons, this book begins to address the myth regarding the coming of the “Great Dragon” who will be a pure-blood dragon born of Inero blood in the city near the sea. The Great Lord of the Terran will do all in his power to ensure that Tyson, a Terran, marries Danielle (the only female dragon) and thus the Terran help bring the Great Dragon. However, it isn’t just politics and love that are at play here. The “Great Evil” is still lurking, laying his own plan to prevent the coming of the Great Dragon.
I really enjoyed this book. It had a slightly different feel than the previous books – which is appropriate as we are reading from the perspective of the next generation.  Considering 18 dragon years is equivalent to 72 human years, a lot of time has passed and the world is a very different place. The kids are not aware of the prophecies that foretell their destinies and affect their parents’ and leaders’ decisions. There are definitely some themes running through this book, such as the importance of communication, not jumping to conclusions, being honest, and the ever-presence of “evil” (even when we’ve forgotten about it and it hasn’t “reared-its ugly head” in some time). The themes aren’t delivered in a “preachy” way, but they were definitely there, and appropriate to the story. I look forward to the conclusion of this engrossing series.

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Two short stories from The Dragons Saga.
Two more tribes are explored.

“Legend of the Aero Dragon”

Etzli is the youngest son of the Great Dragon Lord of the Wind. Per the traditions of his people, his whole life is planned out for him by his parents -- including his future bride. At first, he dreads the idea of marrying a woman he’s never met. Then he lays his eyes on his betrothed, Itotia. After one dance, he’s convinced his family finally got something right for him. Little does he know that the woman who claims to be his future bride is actually an imposter.

“Legend of the Terran Dragon”

Single father, Taj, has done his best to adapt to his new life after the tragic death of his wife. With the pressure to remarry, on top of being thrust into a political game he doesn’t want to play, Taj is close to having a mental breakdown. The light at the end of his tunnel is his co-worker, Romina. But the closer he gets to her, the harder it is to keep his biggest secret from her.

Jewels’ Review:

This is a great addition to the Dragon Saga. The two short stories give us much needed background on both “Touched” dragons from Aero and Terran. They are stories that are not essential to the main plot line of the series, but readers want this stuff. They are perfect as “bonus” material that fleshes out background information and minor storylines that don’t fit within the confines of the main plot. Of course, I would have loved for them to be longer, but I really can’t complain. The stories are well developed and each is unique. The little bit we see of Etzli and Taj in Legend of the Touched isn’t much – but we do get a taste of their personalities & that each has a “story”. This answers all those little questions we had like “WHAT is Etzli’s problem? And what happened to Taj’s wife?”

If you’re a fan of the Dragon Saga, it’s definitely worth reading.

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you can pick up the kindle book here

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