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The Secret Trinity: Ignite (Fae-Witch Trilogy)

Book 2
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If time heals all wounds, then Aria Darwin’s clock has stopped. No amount of magic elixir can repair a broken heart. In the aftermath of untruths and tainted love, Aria is unsure if she will ever recover to see the light of her destiny.

Now living in the enchanted city of DraĆ­ochta, along with her two best friends, Aria struggles to find her place in the Kingdom. A plan must be set to ensure the safety of her people, but how can they believe in her if she can’t believe in herself.

With the assistance of her Guard Keeper, Clay, she slowly develops her powers, but will she be strong enough to destroy her enemy? Will she ever remember what was once ignited in her soul, and the real question is will she run or will she fight?

Tifferz Take~
Book two in The Secret Trinity: Ignite is so freaking amazing. Most of the story takes place in DraĆ­ochta. Which is a amazing place. My favorite spot is the tree house.  The adventure continues and we see how things have changed in a short amount of time. What is Liam really up to? We find out more. Clay and Ari. The sparks fly. I found the sealment so cool. Soul keepers are very important. I also like Grant and Morgan's relationship.  We find out more about Famorii and Adam. We see some black magic and some unique abilities! Ms. Bernel has a magical gift of writing! I just can't get enough of this series. I am off to read book three. This does contain some swearing sprinkled throughout. No sex.
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Title: The Secret Trinity: Ignite
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-”The book was well written and very imaginative. I literally did not put my kindle down until I finished the second book of the trilogy… I love that each character has a very distinct personality; yet I cannot predict what will happen next. I would recommend this book, as well as the first, to anyone with a taste for fantasy.” -C.C. Lynch on

-”I loved the way the characters were developed in “Ignite” a way that remained consistent with their individual personalities in “Unearth”. I felt their emotions as I read, their anger, confusion, pain, joy, sadness, and fear…very compelling. I love that I’m still not able to guess what’s going to happen in this trilogy–the twists and turns continue. I cannot wait to find out what happens with Ari and her friends in Book 3!” -SuspenseFictionFan on

Fae-Witch Trilogy

About the author:

Jenna Bernel lives tucked along the bluffs, spending her days lost in the world of fantasy. When she’s not writing, she’s reading and drinks way to much caffeine to satisfy her love of both. Growing up she traveled extensively through the competitive dance circuit, unaware that at the time it would provide her future career an endless stream of inspiration for the captivating drama of Young Adult Fiction.

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