Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pull by Rachel Van Dyken

Pull (A Seaside Novel Book 2)

Demetri Daniels...lead singer of the band AD2...certified drug addict and recovering alcoholic who's slightly obsessed with taffy and terrified of ostriches.
He can't seem to catch a break when it comes to women, but maybe that just because he's cursed to be constantly chasing after those he can't have.
His music is his life, but for the past few months, he hasn't been able to write one single song. He blames Nat, but really he knows its because his head hasn't been clear enough to write anything this past year considering he fell off the deep end.
Finally taking responsibility for his actions, he tries again, only this time, he's decided to be a stronger better version of himself.
His favorite taffy flavors are the ones that are alcohol flavored, for obvious reasons.
His lucky number is 1 because according to him, he's first in everything regardless of what Alec says.
He kisses like a god--and he knows it.
His dimples are to die for.
Rumor has it that his smile caused an elderly woman to go into cardiac arrest, though he claims it wasn't proven.
And he currently feels like a chick because his emotions are on overdrive from being clean for almost a year. Oh ya, and he just fell in love. Again. Only this love triangle is a lot harder to break through.
After do you fight a ghost?

Review by jewelz
“Sometimes when love pushes you, it’s time to pull until you snap.”
I have been waiting for Pull to be released since reading Tear back in November. I’ve been teased mercilessly by the little “teaser” quotes posted on Facebook by Rachel VanDyken over the past few months that I was near ready to pull my hair out. Finally, it’s in my hands (well, on my iPad) and I read it straight through in one day. True to the style and feel of Tear, this sequel is a gritty, emotional, true-to life and angsty romance that I couldn’t put down. 
While in Tear, I felt a few plot lines were "rushed" at the end and that there were some inconsistencies in Nat's character - Pull didn't have these issues. Yes, the "climax" kind of hit all at once, but it wasn't forced and it played out in very realistic way. I didn't feel that any of the plot lines were condensed inappropriately. Everything was fleshed out nicely.
Our main character this time is Demetri, the slightly ADD, recovering drug and alcohol addicted brother who’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow now that he survived a near-fatal car crash. Nat cons Demetri into working at Seaside Taffy to help keep himself out of trouble while Alec & Nat are in LA. He sits on the corner singing the jingle and passing out taffy samples.
Enter Alyssa, the taffy girl from the store across the street. If Alec and Demetri had emotional baggage, Alyssa has a truck-full. At least in her view. Truly her baggage isn’t much different from what Demetri is carrying, but she hasn’t dealt with it as well. Not that drugs and alcohol are a good way of dealing with past pain – but Demetri has grown up in Pull. He is staying clean and even though he questions his value as a friend and his worth as a person, he has that “rock star ego” that keeps him putting one foot in front of the other. He also has a wonderful support system in Alec and Nat, and has actually learned a thing or two from Mrs. Murray (Nat’s mom and Demetri’s psychiatrist).
The fragile relationship that grows between Demetri and Alyssa unfolds beautifully. It’s complex and fraught with emotional outbursts and tender moments. The two of them are so much alike and yet so different.  They carry similar pain but Demetri has reached a point that he can help Alyssa deal with hers. He knows when to push and when to pull, and he knows when to give her space. Through their experiences together they learn that “…love, the type of love that’s real…it’s selfless, it’s persistent. Real love pushes your boundaries, it pulls you until you snap, and then when you think you can’t take anymore, it’s relentless in its pursuit of your body, soul, and heart.”
Shatter, the third book in the Seaside series, can’t come soon enough.

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