Monday, February 4, 2013

Azure by Cheree Alsop

Azure (The Silver Series Book 5) 
Azure, the fifth book of the Silver Series, is about an alpha werewolf who rescues a human from the vengeful grasp of his pack. Nora is the only person who is not afraid of Vance’s size or strength, and in return she gains his respect. When Vance is pushed to the edge of survival, his heart is torn between loving Nora and a werewolf who befriends him with the kindness that is greatly lacking in his life.

Azure is a story of strength beyond the endurance of the body. In a world turned upside down by violence, the choice between what the heart wants and the safest solution can be the most important decision of all.

Tifferz Take~
I really enjoyed this book because it was so different. Vance has a complex relationship with the wolves he lives with and everything shifts once he meets and stands up for Nora. I instantly enjoyed watching the interaction between Vance and Nora. They don't always agree/ get along and sparks fly. I found them so real. I could see myself doing and saying some of the same things Nora did. I also liked Gem right away. She is sweet and full of hope. I think Vance needed that. I was surprised at some of the turns of events I honestly was not expecting. I really like the smore scene! Azure is a thrilling read that got my heart pumping and had me rooting for Vance and the others. It is hard when people you care about betray you so watch your back! I loved reading this adventure and meeting new werewolves.  I will say the last fighting scene was a bit over the top for me. But other than that this is an amazing read. I will tell you I was surprised at what was revealed in the end. I just did not see that happening!  I saw some very cool surprises along the way! I hope you all enjoy this read as much as I did!

Just FYI~ This does contain some violence.

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