Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Witch Born by Amber Argyle

Brusenna thought it was finished.

She defeated the Dark Witch, saving the Haven Witches from imprisonment and death. She found love and a place to belong.

She was wrong.

Haven is not the sanctuary it appears to be. Even love is in danger of slipping away like water through cupped hands.

Some things can't be saved.

A new threat merges with the old as the Witches’ dark history begins to catch up with them. Only Brusenna knows the extent of the danger and how to stop it, though doing so might cost her everything.

Including her life.

Will Brusenna be required to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Tifferz Take~
Book two in the Witch Song series was an addictive read for me. Amber Argyle delivers another fast-paced, exhilarating novel of  betrayal, romance, and love that had me turning the pages to the very end. I connected with Brusenna as she has many choices to make that I found to be huge for her age. These choices no only effect her but many other Witches, Guardians, Poggs  and Tartans. I like how Senna wants to help others. She has a good heart but things do not always fall into place as she would like. This journey that Senna embarks on is life changing and she passes through many unexpected trails.
Seeing Senna grow and change throughout the book. I felt Ms. Argyle nailed the descriptions of  this book especially the emotions and characters! Is this the end of this series? It could be...but I hope that it is not. I was happy with the ending but I think the author could very easily make a book #3. Pretty please Ms. Argyle write book #3...I want MORE!!!! I would recommend this series to anyone.

Just FYI~ This book does not have any swearing or sexual content.

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