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Devon's Dream by Anne Ashby

Devon's Dream

Time reveals all secrets.Single mum Devon fled Auckland as a pregnant teenager and made a life for herself and her daughter, Trix, in Australia. With her musical career blossoming their future is set. But a car accident while visiting Auckland puts Devon in intensive care and she awakens to learn she has sent Trix to her father. Ignorant of Trix's existence, widowed Rick is bewildered and angry at losing twelve years of his daughter's life. He will not be denied another day with Trix.Trix loves being part of an extended family. To her mother's consternation she tricks Devon into accepting an invitation to stay at Rick's house after release from hospital but will her plan work? Could her scheming bring her parents together?

Tifferz Take~

I was completely captivated with the story and characters in Devon's Dream. Ms. Ashby has weaved an emotional love story with unforgettable  people. It is amazing what one phone call can do. It can change your whole life and it does for Rick. I think that Trix and Davey characters were perfect. Trix is so feisty and Davey in need and awe.   Devon and Rick  are more complex and Ricks parents are so fun. They all seemed to come to life and I felt a connection with them.  I like to feel a connection to the people I read about. Ms. Ashby totally delivers.  One of my favorite parts of the book was the mess that Davey gets himself into and how Devon helps him out! I honestly think this is a must read story! I can't wait till Ms. Ashby's next book! I know it will be awesome!

Just FYI~ This does contain a few swear words.

Source~ author for review

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Violet by Cheree Alsop

Violet (The Silver #4)

 Violet, the fourth book of the Silver Series, is about a teenage girl who awakens to the harsh reality of life as a werewolf. Protected by a wild werewolf with golden eyes, Colleen finds solace in his forest and control over her rapidly changing life. But Colleen’s control is put to the ultimate test when her loved ones are in danger, forcing her to choose between freedom or returning to the source of her nightmares.

Violet is a story of love amid loss and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. It is a story of finding a kernel of hope within a life torn apart by an accident and a cruel twist of fate.

Tifferz Take~
Ms. Alsop has crafted another masterpiece. I love this series and how each book is unique. I understood how Colleen was feeling and seeing how she grew and learned throughout the story. Colleen's story is one that sticks with me. I simply had to finish once I started. I also liked seeing all the other characters from the previous books.  I enjoyed seeing the bond grow between werewolves and how they take care of and welcome others into the pack. I can't seem to get enough of this series. I always want more! I can't tell you how excited I am to read book 5 Azure. These books are ones I will read again and have my kids read!

Just FYI~ This book does contain some violence.  Does Not contain any swearing or sex.

Source~ author for review

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our last winner is...

 Congrats and all winners have been emailed the smashword coupon for Hunter by Cheree Alsop! Hope you all enjoy!
Happy Reading!


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we have two of the three winners and they are...



Crystal Gillette

I am still waiting for one more person to confirm if they do not I will choose a new winner and announce it! Check your emails to see if your are my other winner!

I just want to thank all who entered and Ms. Alsop for your donation! Happy Reading!


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Touching Evil by Amber Garr Blog Tour!!

Touching Evil (Leila Marx, #1)
With one touch, Leila can see it all.

Leila Marx is trying to put her life back together after her fiancé is murdered. When Detective Garrick Pearson enlists her help with a difficult case, she is thankful for the distraction and the opportunity to use her talents as a touch clairvoyant. Leila and Garrick delve into the mystery behind a series of missing teenage girls and mummified corpses while discovering their own growing attraction to each other.

Conner Hoffman is an intriguing lawyer and striking half-demon who enters Leila’s life unexpectedly. Although her visions are terrifying, she is fascinated by his charm and his legacy. When it becomes evident that the murders are linked to a paranormal event, Conner introduces Leila to a world unbeknownst to ordinary society. She suddenly finds herself immersed in supernatural politics, sorcery, and danger as she becomes the killer’s next target.

Staying alive will mean relying on friends, accepting the unbelievable, and trusting in her heart again

Tifferz Take~

Touching Evil is a intriguing mystery that captured my interest and held it till I read the last word. It totally exceeded my expectations. I was thrilled  that we get to meet mediums, fae , vampires, a werewolf,  some sorcerers, witches, clairvoyants, and cambions throughout Touching Evil. I really liked that each character was important and unique. I enjoyed how I kept guessing who was kidnapping the girls and  how the story progressed. I like how Leila uses her gift ~that when she touches someone or something  she gets impressions from them~ Leila helps others and I found her act of selflessness endearing. 
I found Conner and Garrett excellent helping Leila heal her heart. I was okay with the ending but my mind is still filled with questions. I am thirsting for more.

I honestly think I am becoming obsessed with this series as I just finished the book I find myself really wanting to read it again and again. I can't stop thinking or talking about it. I sure hope Ms. Garr is currently working on book two and is almost done so I can read it!! This is a MUST READ series. 

Just FYI~ This does contain some violence and a few swear words.

Source~ Blog Tour

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Elise and Gallus marched back into the room. An undersized old-fashioned doctor’s bag dangled in Elise’s hands. Made of aged leather, it had two small handles and a tension opening with a gold clasp. I felt pretty sure they didn’t make those anymore, so I wondered if this was a family heirloom. She dropped it onto the table on the opposite end from King.
“Okay. I don’t know if this is going to work, but perhaps with all of the magic and supernaturals in here tonight, we’ll get lucky.” Her voice had taken on a professional tone and I became instantly drawn into her show. “Just let me get set up.”
The bag opened with a snap and she began to pull out several objects. The first was a candle wrapped in black velvet. The large red cylinder must have consumed most of the space in the bag. She smoothed the velvet piece out on the table and placed the candle in the center directly in front of her. Next, she pulled out some type of dried herb that may have been sage, but really it could have been anything- I was no expert. Surprisingly, the only other object she collected was a lighter and after placing the bag on the floor, she lit the candle and the dried plant material.
Taking a deep breath in, she closed her eyes. I found myself doing the same although I couldn’t keep them closed for very long in fear that I would miss my first séance ever. She stayed in this trancelike stage for several minutes. Slowly breathing in and out, hardly moving at all. When she began to speak, it was quickly evident to me that she wasn’t talking to anyone in the room.
“Thank you for coming.” Pause. “Yes, I need your guidance tonight.” She shook her head. “Not going to happen no matter how many times you ask.”
The one-way conversation proved difficult to follow, but I think we understood well enough. Apparently she was asking someone for help. I remember she spoke about the spirit guides in the cemetery, so I assumed that one of them was the object of her exchange.
“No, I don’t have a name,” she explained to the empty space above the table.
“Miranda Jefferson,” Terez interrupted. Elise looked over sharply at her and then gave a curt nod.
“You heard her. Miranda Jefferson. Buried at Louden Cemetery, section 15, plot 84.” There was another pregnant pause. “No I don’t have a date.” But she looked questionably at Terez who shook her head. “No. No date of death.”
Another pause. Elise rolled her eyes in frustration. “Can you help me or not?” She quickly turned to look behind Gallus who stood at her side. “George,” she said in disgust. “I’m not having this conversation again. You’re dead, he’s not. End of discussion.”
Gallus looked over his shoulders uneasily as Elise continued arguing with the spirit. “He’s not dead dead.” She faced the candle again and snapped, “Well, at least he has a body.”

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About the Author

 Amber Garr spends her days conducting scientific experiments and wondering if her next door neighbor is secretly a vampire.  Born in Pennsylvania, she lives in Florida with her husband and their furry kids.  Her childhood imaginary friend was a witch, Halloween is sacred, and she is certain that she has a supernatural sense of smell.  She writes both adult and young adult urban fantasies and when not obsessing over the unknown, she can be found dancing, reading, or enjoying a good movie.

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Dreaming of Books Giveaway Hop!!!!

Welcome to my giveaway!
                                                       This is open to the Everyone!
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One entry per person! This is a giveaway for a 3 EBOOKS Copies of
Hunter by Cheree Alsop
 I will send you an email you need to reply and I will send you the
smashwords couopn
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I will email you a Smashwords coupon to download your copy of
Hunter by Cheree Alsop!
The contest is open when this post goes up
 and will run till midnight on Jan. 24th  any and all comments after midnight will not be counted.  When you sign up you agree to these terms
 Good Luck...the 3 winners will be picked randomly by  my three children!
A huge Thank you to Cheree Alsop for the generous donation.

Hunter, the sixth book of the Silver Series, is about Dray, a werewolf who feels trapped and alone in his small farming town. Dray’s world is shaken when a cute girl shows up the same time as a vengeful wild werewolf pack. With Jaze’s help, Dray fights to protect his town, but when Jaze is in trouble, Dray puts everything on the line to help the werewolves who changed his life.
Hunter is about finding the courage to step into the unknown.  It is a story of risking life for love, and discovering the truth about one’s self in the heart of adversity.
Bio: Cheree Alsop is the mother of a beautiful, talented daughter and amazing twin sons who fill every day with light and laughter. She married her best friend, Michael, who changes lives each day in his Chiropractic clinic. Cheree is currently working as an independent author and mother. She enjoys reading, riding her motorcycle on warm nights, and rocking her twins while planning her next book. She is also a bass player for her husband’s garage band.
Cheree and Michael live in Utah where they rock out, enjoy the outdoors, plan great adventures, and never stop dreaming.
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Fair Maiden by Cheri Schmidt is FREE!!!

Fair Maiden
It's the Victorian era in England, but Tessa is from the medieval past. She awakens within a castle she has never seen before. Knowledge of her name also evades her. However, even worse than not knowing who or where she is, she cannot recall how she died or why she is dressed as a bride.

Along with Christian, the earl of the castle she haunts, Tessa tries to discover who she is and break the spell holding her in a prison of death. They never imagined the curse keeping them apart is the only thing protecting her, until it's too late.

Kindle book click here!!

Zombie Love Trilogy

Amy Love, a high school junior, plays a Ouija board with friends one night and unintentionally connects with someone whose, well, not visible to the naked eye. When her body’s taken over and her soul is stuck watching helplessly—she’s terrified. When the zombie guzzles bologna that she will have to work off at the gym—she’s angry. And, when her zombied bod pulls up a news article on her laptop about a boy named JJ Miller who was recently in a car crash—she’s . . . intrigued.
When the zombie chooses another host, Amy learns that the zombie is actually teen JJ Miller, the famous son of Maisy Meow comic creator Jonathan Jacob Miller Sr. JJ tells Amy he doesn’t know whether he’s dead or alive, only that when he’s not in a body, she is the only one who seems to know he exists.
Amy decides to help JJ discover what happened to him and, when they can’t find his body, they try to find a substitute—preferably one that isn’t occupied. On the journey, JJ leads Amy into all kinds of danger. To her surprise, he also leads her heart to somewhere unexpected. She’s always heard of love at first sight, not love at first fright, but how can Amy be falling for a boy she’s never even seen?
***** Coming soon!! *****

Check out Ms. Hatler's website here

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Heartless by Jaimey Grant

A dark stranger....
Finding herself abandoned after the death of her father, Leandra Harcourt takes the greatest risk of her life. She accepts the marriage proposal of a complete stranger, the Duke of Derringer—a man the world calls Lord Heartless.

A heartless proposal....
A desperate girl with no prospects seems the perfect solution to Derringer's most recent problem: marry before his 30th birthday to gain his rightful inheritance, though marriage is the last thing he needs. The need to find his missing cousin takes priority over any silly marriage and he quickly abandons his new bride in the wreck of his family estate.

A perfect love....
Two people were never more suited for each other than the duke and his wife, but will they discover it before it's too late? With an assassin dogging his heels and a suitor wooing his wife, love will not have the luxury of time.

Tifferz Take~
I loved Heartless the first time around but I have to say the changes that Ms. Grant made me LOVE the story so much more! Lord Heartless is haunted by his childhood and Leandra has her own set of family issues. I enjoyed watching Leandra and Hart fall in love. I like that Ms. Grant has her characters experience hard things.I feel like it is more real.   I still stand by my first review which states~This story is my favorite out of all the stories that I have read of Jaimey Grant! The characters were very well developed and I became attached to them as well as caught up in their emotional struggles from start of the story. This book is filled with romance and mystery that I could not put it down.

The only thing that bugged me was about the will it is a big deal and we never find out what it contains.

 Just Fyi~ This story does have a few swear words sprinkled throughout. All love scenes are behind closed doors no detail.

Source~ author for review

you can pick up the kindle book here

you can pick up the paperback here

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Did you know???

Returning Kindle Books

Books you purchase from the Kindle Store are eligible for return and refund if we receive your request within seven days of the date of purchase. Once a refund is issued, you'll no longer have access to the book. To request a refund and return, visit Manage Your Kindle, click the actions tab for the title you'd like to return, and select "Return for refund."

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So, do you have a kindle? Have you ever returned a kindle book? If so, why? Please leave a comment below!


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Free on Amazon 1/10 &1/11 only!

Free on Amazon 1/10 &1/11 only! Last chance to snag your copy before this book goes off promotion!


Do people prove their self-worth by strength, or by character?

A Romany leader confronts the English heritage he has denied when he lands, beaten and powerless, in the path of a high-spirited young widow. Will the prim countess agree to hide the charismatic rogue in her home and jeopardize her safety while her stepson accuses her of murdering her elderly husband?

Patience Blakwell is not beautiful. As a dutiful young countess in Regency England, she endures her husband’s cruelty. She struggles with her faith, trying to understand why God is not following the plan she had for her life—to be loved and cherished by her husband. After her husband’s unexpected death, her grown stepson charges her with her late husband’s murder.

Luca Boldor, more Gypsy than English, is determined to prove that he is strong and capable and doesn’t need anyone. But once he is forced to depend on Lady Patience Blakwell, a woman who represents all he loathes, he must decide whether he should turn away when she needs him, or risk his most vulnerable, forgiving self to keep her safe. By denying his English heritage, has he denied a part of himself?


England, 1813

Luca Boldor had made a mistake—a big mistake.

“May God strike you all,” he whispered under his breath at the murderous band of rival Roma tribesmen gaining on him, ready to attack. He’d merely been looking for food for his tribe.

He pulled his ragged overcoat around his shoulders and made his getaway through the snow. Snowflakes fell thick and heavy, twice as fast as earlier that evening. Wind carried the drifts in wayward, wispy circles and thankfully concealed his tracks.

He could escape unseen. He’d become good at that.

Slipping on a patch of ice, he stumbled and hit the ground face first.

His voice broke in agony. A scream he stifled, because a man never screamed. Certainly not a Roma man.

Relying on sheer muscle to raise the lower half of his body, he dug his elbows into the gritty, wet snow and crawled forward. Aye, a man did not crawl, either.

But sometimes a man made exceptions to his own rules.

Advancing shadows split the stretches of dull white snow. Desperately, he searched his surroundings, knowing he was too easy to find. His body shimmered with the pain of a cruel beating. His breath, so cold a moment ago, burned in his chest.

Give up.

But the thought was inconceivable and Luca pushed it from his mind.

Instead, he envisioned the elders of his tribe foraging for food. They would starve without his hunting skills and perish in a sennight. Long ago, he’d taught himself not to think of anything except their desperation, to protect the tribe no matter the danger. If he could only get them through another winter, he could improve their lot by moving them to the coast. Food was more plentiful by the sea, and they wouldn’t need to steal to survive.

Heavy footsteps crunched through the snow and Luca risked a swift glance over his shoulder. Marko, the leader of the rival tribe, and his men drew closer. Blind panic rushed through Luca’s limbs.

Past a swell of blackthorn trees, he spotted a ravine. He dropped to his knees and burrowed into the snow. Faster. Deeper. His nerves pinched in short, silent spasms.

Curse the frost for numbing his fingers. Curse his senses for deserting him.

Snapping off brittle tree limbs, he lowered himself into the hole and threw the branches on top. Then he peered through the branches and waited.

The bleary figures of Marko and his tribesmen approached. A glimmer of moonlight lit the darkness and threatened to expose Luca’s meager covering.

A persistent voice whispered in his mind. Run. There is time. They will not see you.

Run. He grimaced. His restless body shifted. His battered leg stiffened, a reminder of his helplessness.

“Luca shall not escape me.” Marko’s rough tone severed the cold night air. “He claims he disappears like a spirit, but he is just a man.”

A few men spoke uneasily and Luca recognized their voices. Killing was a sport for them.

Despite the numbness consuming him, tiny hairs on his nape stood on end. He was obviously their intended sport this harsh January night.

Marko’s booted toes stopped within a few feet of Luca’s makeshift hole. The stench of his unwashed body filled Luca’s nostrils. He held his breath until he thought his lungs would burst. His eyes watered from the cold, but he kept his gaze on Marko.

“Luca wants everything of mine, but I had her first. Nadya learned her lesson and so shall Luca.” Marko didn’t speak, he growled. He wiped his sweaty face with dirty gloves, then kicked the blackthorn trees, rustling the branches of Luca’s covering.

In silent rage, Luca squeezed his eyes shut to blot the unsettling images racing through his mind. Marko’s cold-blooded beating had crushed Nadya’s body. The woman he had once thought he loved.

Although she betrayed him by luring him into a trap by promising food for his tribe, he had tried to protect her. She didn’t deserve to be beaten so harshly by Marko. But Luca’s strength was no match for a tribe of enraged, jealous Roma.

He tightened his fists, defying the impulse to shake off the burdensome branches and pummel the rival lord’s head into the snow. He would not allow Marko to escape punishment for senselessly abusing a woman.

Nay. Not now. He swallowed to quell the pain feeding his anger.

He was a half-breed—half-English, half-Romany. But when his strength returned, he would seek justice the Romany way—swift and sure.

At thirty years old, he chose his way of life. A leader. A legend to fear.

It suited him.

“Nanosh,” Marko shouted to one of his men, “I will rejoin you at sunrise. Keep searching.” Marko’s footsteps receded. His men obeyed without complaint.

Luca waited an interminable minute before he pushed the branches off his snowy covering. He heaved his body out of the hole and sucked in a sharp groan at the needle-like pain piercing his leg. Then he crawled away from Marko’s men like a helpless, despicable cripple.

If he did not find shelter soon, he might lose his leg. Then he would no longer command the respect of his tribe. Then he’d sink deeper in his English father’s eyes—if such a thing were possible.

Every few feet, Luca stopped to catch his ragged breath and control the shivers wracking his limbs. He tried to flex his fingers but they had no feeling, stiff and frozen sticks that hardly moved. Wryly, he thought about the leather hawking gloves, an unexpected treasure he had found on a dirt road months before. The English dandy who dropped the gloves in a busy London marketplace never missed a step, never bent to search for them. Just kept walking, probably to Bond Street where he could spend more coin, whilst his rich, ruby cloak billowed behind him.

Those precious gloves. All smooth black leather and cream silk lining.

Luca had left the gloves back at his camp for an elderly tribesman to wear. He’d assured the tribesman he would not need them. But foresight had never been his forte.

Throughout the night, he pondered the ironic joke the fates had played on him as he blew on his cold hands, though it had stopped amusing him many hours ago.

He crawled, then limped through the snow, grabbing a tree branch to steady his gait. Beyond, a large, ungated manor house loomed. He focused on the flicker of oil lamps in the windows, the tall chimneys standing as sentinels on either side of the house.


Last time Heartless by Jaimey Grant will be free!!!,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-66,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_.jpgclick here

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New by J. Adams


 Cosset is a lost soul with nothing left to live for. Chance Hunter is a man on a mission. Desperately in love, he is willing to do anything, be anything, and give everything that he is to show Cosset that life is still worth living. He is bound and determined to heal her battle-weary heart and claim it as his own.

Open the pages of "New" and watch love happen.

Tifferz Take~

This is a touching love story about over coming trails, making change and choices! I love a second chance and seeing people overcome bad things that happen. J. Adams has created a lovely novella that will leave you with a smile on your face. I always look forward to a story by J. Adams!

Just FYI~ Does not contain any swearing or sex.

Source~ author for review

you can pick up the kindle book here

Free!,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-66,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_.jpgclick here

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The Guardian by Gerald Lund‏

The Guardian

When Danni McAllister receives an antique pouch as a birthday gift from her 
grandfather, her first reaction is disappointment. 
"Don't assume that something is empty, just because there's nothing there,"
her grandfather warns. Danni learns that for nearly two hundred years,
the mysterious pouch-with its astonishing hidden secrets-has been handed
down from generation to generations, and each new owner has had to discover
for themselves how to access the power it holds, or suffer the penalty of using 
the pouch unwisely. While Danni struggles to understand the power of the pouch, 
her father's discovery of a rhodium mine makes her parents the targets of a deadly
extortionist plot and the strange pouch is Danni's only hope of saving her family.
 Jewels thoughts:
 I have read several books by Gerald Lund - and I have enjoyed them all.
 He has a way of telling a story that truly brings it to life for the reader.
 This book is no exception. I'll admit that when I bought this book I did it
 without really knowing what the book was about and bought it solely on the
 knowledge I had of the Author's previous works I have read. 
 I don't regret that decision at all.
 As a reader, I appreciated how the book begins 150 years in the past to give us
 information about the pouch, without revealing too much. 
 The reader ends ups learning about the pouch along with Danni, 
 even though you "feel" like you know more than she does.
 The main conflict of the story caught me a bit off guard - which is good, 
 I like to be surprised! The element of the pouch adds so much uncertainty
 to what happens that I literally couldn't put the book down because I had
 to know what would happen next.
 This is the kind of book that can be read and enjoyed on multiple levels. 
 You can just read it for the fun and adventure of the story, or it can make 
 you think. What does the pouch represent? Did Mr Lund want the reader to see 
 it as a symbol for something specific, or is it even a symbol at all? Along with
 the pouch Danni is given four "remembers" (things to remember about herself),
 do they apply to just Danni or can we apply them in our own lives? Then we can 
 also analyze Danni's relationship with the pouch - how she perceives it, uses it,
 relies on it and how that changes throughout the book. And finally, there are the
 relationships Danni has with the members of her family and Rick (her best friend)
 and how those change. There's so much to think about - I love it! 
 This book can be enjoyed by adults, teens, and even Tweens 
(those who aren't afraid to tackle a 600+ page book). 
 It's clean, it's fun, it's suspenseful, and a joy to read.
 I will add my one disclaimer - I have one irk with this book. 
 It's really a minor thing, but it's a mistake that I think should have been caught
 and it bugged me. Here it is: Mr Lund, you CAN'T take the battery out of an iPhone
 and then put it back in. The battery is sealed inside the phone.
 I understand that not everyone owns an iPhone, but someone involved in the
 publishing process should have had that knowledge and caught the mistake. 
 The story could have remained the same and not caused me grief if they had just
 changed what type of phone she had. Sorry, I know it's nit-picky, but it bugs me.
 Don't let it keep you from reading the book though - The Guardian is truly one of
 the best books I have read recently.
you can pick up the hardback here

you can pick up the kindle book here

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Susan Hatler's An Unexpected Date is Free!

An Unexpected DateClick Here

Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft #1 by Jody Gehrman

Falling in Love, baking a magical cake, fighting an evil necromancer—it’s all in a day’s work for Audrey Oliver, seventeen-year-old witch-in-training.

When her mother goes missing and her twenty-one-year-old witchy cousin shows up out of the blue, Audrey knows something’s gone horribly, dangerously wrong. Now it’s up to her to get her own magical powers up to speed before everyone she loves is destroyed by the sorcerer intricately connected to her mother’s secret past.

Tifferz Take~
I absolutely LOVED this book! It is so fun and witty filled with deep characters. I loved Audrey's perspective. I also liked that she has her doubts about herself and seeing her grow in self confidence. I also like the effects that Julian and Audrey have on each other.   It is simply magical.  A couple of my favorite parts are the kissing scene and the books! I also really liked the "casserole" conversations and every time they say it. It cracks me up. I loved the dangerous adventure that we get to experience! I  liked learning how each witch has talents that are unique to each witch! If you want a awesome magical read filled with danger, romance,  and a witch learning to use her talents. I highly recommend this read and am eager to see the next book!

Just FYI ~ This does contain swearing and some violence. But no sex.

Source~ author for review

you can pick up the kindle book here

you can pick up the paperback here

for more info on Jody Gehrman go here

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Witch Born by Amber Argyle

Brusenna thought it was finished.

She defeated the Dark Witch, saving the Haven Witches from imprisonment and death. She found love and a place to belong.

She was wrong.

Haven is not the sanctuary it appears to be. Even love is in danger of slipping away like water through cupped hands.

Some things can't be saved.

A new threat merges with the old as the Witches’ dark history begins to catch up with them. Only Brusenna knows the extent of the danger and how to stop it, though doing so might cost her everything.

Including her life.

Will Brusenna be required to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Tifferz Take~
Book two in the Witch Song series was an addictive read for me. Amber Argyle delivers another fast-paced, exhilarating novel of  betrayal, romance, and love that had me turning the pages to the very end. I connected with Brusenna as she has many choices to make that I found to be huge for her age. These choices no only effect her but many other Witches, Guardians, Poggs  and Tartans. I like how Senna wants to help others. She has a good heart but things do not always fall into place as she would like. This journey that Senna embarks on is life changing and she passes through many unexpected trails.
Seeing Senna grow and change throughout the book. I felt Ms. Argyle nailed the descriptions of  this book especially the emotions and characters! Is this the end of this series? It could be...but I hope that it is not. I was happy with the ending but I think the author could very easily make a book #3. Pretty please Ms. Argyle write book #3...I want MORE!!!! I would recommend this series to anyone.

Just FYI~ This book does not have any swearing or sexual content.

Source~ Publisher for review

you can pick up the paperback here

you can pick up the kindle book here

for more info on Amber Argyle click here