Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What the Heart Sees by J. Adams

What the Heart Sees


Vashti has had it with her brother trying to rule her life. Taking a spur of the moment hike to calm her temper after a major argument, she has no idea of the consequences this choice will bring, or the life-changing joy. Ever since an explosion left half of his face scarred and disfigured, Liam Kinkade has been a loner. At six-feet-ten, he has always been as a giant with a big heart, but now most people won't even come near him. When he stumbles upon the unconscious woman, his heart goes out to her. Literally! But will Vashti be like the rest of the world and only see his scars or will she look upon him with her heart?

Tifferz Take~

What the Heart Sees is a wonderful story about finding love when you least expect it! Vashti is a strong women who is done with her brother trying to take over her life. Vashti has had a rough childhood and her brother means well. But Rob her brother does not listen. 
Liam has suffered a loss with his family and is unsure of himself. Vashti is a great match for him. But will things work. You must read this short story to find out! I would like to see this put into a full length novel!
Just FYI~ This story does not contain any swearing or sex!

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