Friday, November 2, 2012

Four Times the Trouble by Tara Taylor Quinn

Girl trouble. Jacob's seven-year-old triplets are a handful. Allie is organizing her teacher to death. Jessie is crying in class. Meggie is becoming almost reclusive. Jacob is told what the triplets need is a woman in their lives. But the last thing Jacob needs is to exchange girl trouble for…

Woman trouble. Jacob's gone that route before. All it did was get his daughters' hopes up—his hopes up—only to end in disappointment. Maybe the answer is to enlist the help of a friend, someone like his partner, Michelle.…

Big trouble. Unfortunately, what Jacob begins to feel for Michelle is more than just friendship. And while Michelle's willing to be a surrogate mother to Jacob's children, it's going to take a lot of convincing for her to consider the idea of being a wife to him.

Tifferz Take~

I absolutely love this cover. It screams sweetness and I just had to read this book. I found this story endearing and very real. I felt like I was reading about a friend. It takes place in sunny California. I am from California and it made me miss it. Anyways, I found this book so fun, romantic and it had me laughing out loud. I was cracking up when Michelle takes Jacob's girls to the store by herself. I thought it was great how she thought it would be a piece of cake. I also like Jacob he is a really good father and loves his girls. I think Ms. Quinn did a smashing job with the characters, developing them and the blot so fun!   I found myself rooting for Jacob and Michelle and the girls. They all seem to  just click. But will things work out? With awkward moments  between Jacob and Michelle, a ex-wife,oh yeah and three little girls? A lovely read. I also loved, loved the ending. I have had a smile on my face for days after reading this story! I will be reading this story again and more from Ms. Quinn!

Just FYI~ No swearing or sex in this book!

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